8th October

St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands.

In the Church before the Mass began today I thanked our Lord for everything and especially for giving us so many graces for the Olympics, that everything went well. I praised the Lord and thanked Him for protecting everybody. I said, “You’re such a good God and I love you so much.”

All of a sudden a vision came to me and I saw an Olympic arena full of people. Then I saw a flag raised up and some people carried it high up in the air. On the flag I saw fire rings. In a split moment the rings disappeared from the flag and in the middle I saw the word ABORTION in very big letters. I was shocked and said, “I don’t understand this y Lord. What is the meaning of this in this Olympic place?”

After a minute our Lord explained “The vision you see in this place is a butchery of abortion. Here they used to slaughter animals and now they are aborting babies. My child it is not all so beautiful the way you think and see. Here I was offended very much by moral sin of the flesh. These gatherings will bring many abortions for the sins committed during the games by the competitors. Abortion is one of the sins that offend me the most. For this crime the world will be punished and this city (Sydney) too. My children do not be so proud of this sinful city. Pray, pray, ask for forgiveness and My mercy because My just hand shall come above all soon.

I concluded by saying, “have mercy on us all my Lord Jesus.”

5th October

Lord Jesus said today, “My child learn to invite me everywhere you go. Take me with you. Speak my word to people. To those who listen and accept my word, this will be good for them. For those who ridicule you when you speak my words, this will be bad for them. They put their judgment on themselves.”

“Today you walk straight into the devil’s trap My child if I was not there what would you do without me? Remember you cannot do anything if I’m not there to protect you this is alack of full trusting in your Lord. Be always united to me.”

21st September

Lord Jesus said today, “Peace be with you My child. Go to places an speak to people of My coming. I tell you my coming is very near. My time is not your time but you have never been so close to my coming as now. The history which was prophesied long ago is upon you and the changes will happen and hey will fulfil My prophesy. Tell y faithful to be ready, to be in a state of grace, ready to go through many trials, which await you all. Never lose hope. I’m always with you to help you.

I concluded by saying, “Thankyou Lord Jesus, We love You.”

8th September

The blessed Mother said today in a vision when I prayed the Holy rosary, “Tell my children all throughout this century I continue to come to your aid on earth and try to help you, my children. I always fulfil the duty for my Son, Jesus. Wherever He sends me I try my best.” Here she was looking at me with such gentleness and love and then she added, “You know my daughter, I’m here on earth more than in Heaven. I’m very tired. Soon I will stop coming to earth, and I will have a holiday in heaven.” She smiled and hugged me.

I replied, “Oh, Blessed Mother, I will miss you very much. Please do not leave us.” She replied, “I will never abandon you my children. I will carry you all in my Immaculate Heart. Through prayers you will all receive graces and know of my Holy presence. Pray very much my children for these end times. Encourage one another to pray. Do not be afraid my child to speak the truth that We tell you. We are always with you. I bless you in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I bless you all, my children.”

14th August

Feast of St. Maximillian Kolbe

This morning when I prayed our Lord Jesus came to me in a vision and said, “My people, hurry, hurry, you must prepare and be ready. There is not much time left for my coming. I shortened the time I’m coming to free you and to liberate you from all this evil in the world. You must listen and obey Me Prepare yourselves and be ready for I will cleanse this earth soon. I am the King and I will make all things new so my people will live and rejoice in a peaceful paradise. Hurry, hurry, prepare and be ready. Believe Me for My prophesies are all true. What I promise will come true. I am the King of Kings.”

Our Lord was wearing a beautiful crown with coloured stones. I replied, “Oh, my Lord, you are the King.” Then I saw two angels standing one on the left and one on the right side, placing the beautiful crown on our Lord Jesus” head. Our Lord was happy and smiling.

I concluded by saying, “We love you, Lord and King.” Thankyou my Lord Jesus and God.”

10th July

Three days later when I prayed the Holy Rosary an angel appeared and said, “The suffering that you offered tot he Lord bears many fruits. I came to show you in a vision.”

I then saw 26 young boys aged 18 to 20 years in purgatory waiting to o to heaven, They were all dressed the same, smiling and happy. The angel said, “Look in front of your eyes, they are now taken to Heaven.” I saw a beautiful beam of light surrounding them and they were al at once lifted up in this glorious and brilliant light and then disappeared. Then the angel said, “See what the fruits of sufferings produce. Tell everyone to offer their sufferings, nothing is wasted. Our Lord uses everything to save other souls.”

I concluded by saying, “Thankyou Lord, thankyou angel for saving souls.”

7th July

St. Patrick’s Church, Guildford.

I glorified our Lord and thanked Him when I arrived from Mass and Holy Hour and said, “I almost didn’t come here, as it was not possible. Now that I’m here I’m so happy and grateful to you my Lord and I love you for all the graces you have given to me.”

Our Lord came almost instantly and smiled saying, “My child, nothing is impossible for Me to provide and bring to you here.” I replied, “Oh, my Lord how good a God you are and I love you so much.” Our Lord continued, “Will you permit Me my child to use all your suffering you had this past week with your grandchildren?” I replied, “Oh yes, my Lord, you can have all.”

Our Lord was joyous and happy. He respects our free will but He likes when we offer everything to Him. I concluded by saying, “Be merciful to us Lord Jesus when we don’t think to offer everything to you. Thankyou for being so patient with us and loving us.”

15th April

St Patrick’s Church, Guildford.

Our Lord said, “I reveal myself to those who listen to me and love me. To be my true disciple you must bear all kinds of trials I send you, even when people ridicule you. Don’t let that worry you. I am with you always. Confide and trust in me only. Proclaim my word and witness my name to all in public. Don’t be afraid of those who try to stop you. Wherever you speak of me, I bless the place and people who are around you, and I pour many graces on them.”

I replied, “Thankyou, Lord Jesus, for encouraging us. I love you.”

12th April

During Mass at St Patrick’s.

During the consecration Our Lord appeared to me looking very sad. He said, “My child, how sad and offended I am. Even in my Holy Churches people don’t kneel any more to give me reverence. They stand up. All over the world I see most of the modem churches don’t have kneelers any more. Priests don’t care much any more. They don’t think to teach people and to remind them that they are all sinners. You come beg me for forgiveness before my Heavenly Throne. You must humble yourselves and beg me to be forgiving. Please, my child, speak in My Name that I am very sad to see you all standing, even during the Consecration. This is the most important moment when you should all plead for my mercy.”

9th April

St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands, Sunday.

After Holy Communion I was thinking of Our Lord Jesus. He appeared in a beautiful aura of light. He was very happy and said, “Since you offer me everyone and thank me, you forgot the prisoners. The souls in prison need to be offered and prayed for too. Send me there so I can bless them. They are very dear to my Sacred Heart, for I love all my children, even though they offend me, but my love still burns for them all. I want to pour all my love and graces on all my children in prison.”

That moment, I said to my Lord, “I do offer all your children in prison.” I saw in a vision Our Lord showed me, inside a prison, high up inside the building. He was blessing them and beams of light were coming down on the people. Our Lord smiled, as He was very happy to bless them.
Our Lord would often ask me to offer Him the sick, dying, oppressed and all the disadvantaged souls. He loves everyone and wants us to pray for them.

I said, “Thankyou, my loving Lord, for loving us so much”.

14th February

At 3am, I woke with a severe pain under my ribs. It was like a knife piercing me and the pain was unbearable. I was in tears and didn’t understand why I was experiencing this. I tried to get up and walk, but couldn’t move and kept calling to Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord to help me. All was silent and very peaceful around me and I even thought that I would die, because of the persistent pain. After a while, during this severe agony, Our Lord Jesus appeared to me, very sad.
He spoke and said, “My child, the pain that you have I gave to you. Please accept with love. Bear it for me and please console me for I am gravely offended. I suffer for so many offences I receive from mankind. Look at my Sacred Heart. It is pierced daily and I am crucified over and over again. The suffering I give you is for impurity, the sin of the flesh of mankind.”

He looked at me very sadly and said, “my child, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t give you suffering for them, but to console me, your Lord. You know, my child, they have to answer for all and give an account for all the sins they commit. See, my child, no one cares any more for the sin of the flesh, or any sin. The priests in the church don’t teach people any more about purity these days. Everything is accepted. Mortal sin is no more counted as a sin.”

Then Our Lord showed me in a vision how dirty the sin is on our souls. He gathered all the darkness together. He mixed the substance to a paste and when the filth became hard, like plaster with green and black spots, he told me that when this covers our souls and mankind slowly cannot recognise mortal sin and no longer has remorse in their conscience as a sin. Our Lord was so sad, he was in tears while giving me this message and explained so that I would better understand.
Please console Our Lord. Stop offending Him for He is already offended too much.

The Angel stayed with me when Our Lord left. He said, “Mankind do not understand the love of God, but keep on offending Him. If only they would understand. I tell you, nothing in this world matters, no matter how great it is, nothing can compare to the beauty of God’s glory, that is in Heaven.”

I said, ‘My Lord and my God, have mercy on all mankind.”

13th February

At a Mass for St Raphael.

During the Mass, I offered everything to the Lord and asked Him to have mercy on all of us.
Then Our Lord replied “Aren’t you going to thank me for this grace that you are here? Offer me everyone and ask me to have mercy on them, my child. For so many offences I receive and ingratitude, especially in the Holy Eucharist. So many receive me so unworthily, full of unconfessed sins. Console me, my child.”

Most of the time, Our Lord asks me to offer everyone and ask for mercy for everyone. Too many times Our Lord is offended by those approaching Holy Communion when they are not in a state of grace. We should approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation often to keep our souls in a state of grace to receive Holy Communion worthily.

8th February

After a gathering of a small group in the Botanical Gardens after 10.30am Mass at St. Patrick’s Church, Our Lord asked me to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet on the way home on the train. He said, “My children if you think that today’s gathering was organised by you, think again. It was I your Lord who organised it all. Nothing is by chance or your doing. It is all my work and plan. Today I led you to this garden and you were all happy and joyful. You were all admiring the beautiful view and when you prayed the Holy Rosary, my children, you were all united in thought to Me. People were passing by but it did not worry you. You continued to pray. You all felt in your heart, joy and peace and you all also felt my presence.”

Then I said, “Yes my Lord, we really had a strong feeling of your presence.” Jesus smiled and replied, “I led you under a very old tree and I gave you a very strong feeling that it was the same as when I used to bring my twelve chosen ones, and I taught them and spoke to them away from busy crowds, in solitude, so that they could learn more. When I finished they each went their separate way. Many times I was alone and sad and had nowhere to go. My children it is the same today in this busy and noisy world. I cannot communicate with you my children, you are all distracted by the material things that are around you. For this reason you should meet and gather in prayer in quiet places, away from noise.”

Then He said, “Valentina, Lucia was very interested to hear My word, she absorbed every word you spoke. So now she can tell her people when she returns home to her native land. Tell my children to never doubt Me but to trust Me and love Me for I never leave you. Be at peace with one another. My blessings go with you. Your Lord Jesus.”

I said, “Thank you my Lord for I love you and I thank you on behalf of all your children.”

31st December, 1999


11.30pm. While praying in my room for peace in the world and asking God the Father, ‘Have mercy on the whole world and grant us peace, harmony and goodwill during the year to come.

Suddenly, a beautiful vision appeared. I could see a beautiful hill with trees, covered with fresh green leaves. A lot of pure white doves suddenly appeared and kept coming and coming, covering the trees. The vision was bright, filled with light. As I admired this beauty I heard a voice which was God the Father.

He said, “My daughter, I heard your prayer and plea for the world, but I am very sad to tell you that from now on there will be no more good wishes for the world. People offend Me too much all over the world and they must come to turn and to change and repent of their evil doings.”
“About the doves which I sent to you, My daughter. They were to cheer you up.”

I had felt initially deep sadness and tears upon hearing this message that I would never forget. Our Heavenly Father made me happier when He explained the vision of the doves.

15th December

Today I was praying and thanking the Lord and I felt very happy. I started to sing “Born is the King of Israel, Noel, Noel.” I kept repeating this beautiful song and when I stopped I really heard my heart repeating this song. My Lord, you are the King of Kings, no one is greater than you on earth or above.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus came, smiled and said, “My children of this world, I want you to be a little more patient and persevering in all your trials and continue to pray, build up your faith every day. I know the world is so corrupted and sinful. If you could only see my point of view, you would console me (he looked very sad), for I am so gravely offended. But I tell you, my children, the way I came to you and was born to this world to save you all, so I will come in my splendour and glory for my second coming. My second coming is very near. I will defeat all evil and surprise many. Woe to those who do evil and are non-believers. For this, My faithful children, trust me, trust my beloved Mother, for she works so hard. Please help her to save many souls. Trust in all heaven, for they pray for all of you. In this dark time you
live in, we all love you and will never leave you.

Prepare to greet me pure and holy for my birth in this holy Christmas. Go often to confession, so you will not be tempted by the devil. As you are now preparing for my birth, rejoice, because soon you will rejoice in my second coming in splendour and glory and you will all live in a peaceful paradise. This I promise you.

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” I replied, “Thank you, my Lord and my God. Have mercy on us all.”

The moment Our Lord stopped talking to me. Blessed Mother most Holy came smiling and said, “My child, you must always thank my Son for speaking to you, and when He gives you a message, you must kneel right down. This means that you highly honour Him when you are in His presence. Thank Him always and love Him for the graces He gives you.”

Blessed Mother also told me to tell people who are very sick to accept the suffering, so they save many souls through their suffering and they are very blessed by our Lord. He helps them.

I concluded by saying, “Thank you, my beautiful Mother and Queen. We love you. Your children!”