Our Lord appeared to me in the morning with a piece of crocheted work.
It was in the shape of a leaf, about one metre 20 in length. It was worked
in a thick lacy pattern, white in the centre with a forest green edge on it.

He smiled and said, “Look how much work you have done during the last

I looked at Him and said, “I didn’t do that.”

He said, “Yes, you did, the whole month of August you were working
very hard. Look at the work you have done and I am very proud of you.
You were running to the calendar, looking at the dates appearing on it.
The most of it you were worried why didn’t our Lord give me any
messages?’ Do you know what I am going to tell you now? The

message I give you is very powerful for the whole world to think about
because you are living in a disastrous and most difficult time. I want the
world to turn to Me and stay very close to Me. For you, Valentina, I want
you to stay very close to Me to console Me and love Me.” Our Lord wants everyone to love Him.

What our Lord means about working hard means praying for His Holy
intentions which are the relief of the Holy souls in Purgatory. We must make a daily
offering often through the day.

I love You my Lord Jesus and thankyou.