In St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands.

I offered all the people to our Lord. He said, “Don’t worry, My child,
what they say to you or condemn you. You are one with Me and We are
one. This is the most important.”

“My churches are all disrupted because My Bishops and Priests don’t
worry at all to try and please Me. No one likes to sacrifice and carry My
Cross anymore. The people avoid speaking the truth about repentance
and behaviour and the way of dressing and modesty. So many times My
Heart grieves to watch this happening in My churches.”

“Most of My Priests turn away and deny Me like Judas.”

Our Lord was very sad and angry when He spoke to me of these things.

“I shall strip them of their garments because they are not worthy of them.
My child, don’t give up easily. Hope.”

“In the very near future I shall raise a new generation of My religious
order. They are here already, living on earth. They will be My future
Priests and Bishops. They will serve Me at My altars and praise Me and
love Me like never before. They will know the true meaning of the
sacrifice of the Mass with true devotion and purity of heart. My children,
pray for this intention. This, I promise, will come.”

Smiling, our Lord was more cheerful and happy.