As soon as I arrive at Church before Mass I offer everyone to the Lord at the foot of the alter. He specifically asks me to offer Him.

During Mass our Lord spoke. “Offer Me America. Maybe, with My
sacrificial love I can still be merciful to the United States of America.”

The Angel of the Lord appeared to me this morning and told me, “Write
this down. Tell the people of this world, God is not pleased. There is not
one nation in this world obeying God’s law. Their behaviour is
uncontrollable and sinful. Right now, America is doomed and will be
punished severely because they disobey God’s commandments. They
will suffer until they fall on their knees and beg God’s forgiveness.”

“Pray for changes in humanity. Only God can change all this through His
Mercy. The time has come for all nations to wake up and change from
pride. Tell the people to turn back to God. Only He can save you.”

Lord be merciful to us.