14th November

At 2.45am, our Lord Jesus woke me and said, “Valentina, My child, look at Me. Look how sad I am in the world today. Nobody loves Me.”

Our Lord was standing near the rock where He sweats blood and suffered in the garden of Gethsemane. The garden surrounding Him was dark. Jesus was surrounded by an aura of brilliant golden light, I could make out of the olive trees, which were very big but old and gnarled.

My Lord was very sad and said, “look this is the rock where I suffered and sweated blood for all sinners in the world.”

“You know when I suffered, it was unbearable pain. Everything around Me was mourning for Me.
Even this rock where I knelt and prayed was sorry for Me. The nature, the birds, the trees, the moon and stars mourned with Me and were sorry for Me, except the people. The rock where I sweated was sorry for Me and permitted Me to inscribe these words – “Jesus, I love You,” but humanity had no remorse in them and it is the same today. No one thinks of Me, only a few who really call to Me and say “Jesus, I love You! How sad I am.”

Jesus always laments because humanity offends Him too much and they are ungrateful to Him.
I was so sorry and sad and I cried when I saw how much our Lord suffered.