30th JUNE, 2006

Lord Jesus said this morning while I was praying, “Take care of Me, My child. I take care of you all your life.”

“With My precious love I will never leave you.”

“Spread My blessing wherever you go among My people.”

“Many don’t know Me yet.”

“Love can go round the world and can vitalise and give unseen joy and power.”

“Tell them how I love them. Don’t be shy. How this unseen love can put joy and happiness in everyone’s heart.”

“My Sacred Heart is a fountain of unending love that never ends for all My children.”

“The hate and the wars and all evil can be changed to this wonderful love that I give you.”

“All things are possible with God.”

“Be compassionate to sinners, to the sick, give them courage and hope.”

“Help Me to save souls. Console them and speak of My infinite love.”

“Tell them to come to Me to be nourished and tell them of My love and mercy.”

Help us Lord Jesus, to give us courage and to teach us to love You.