13th November, 1995

When I was praying and I consecrated my heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary came to me, she was very joyous and happy and them she said: “In some of my previous messages you saw my Immaculate Heart and I explained it to you, but today you are honoured with a great grace – that you will experience the interior of my Immaculate Heart.”

I felt so privileged, as though I was the only blessed child in the world loved by our Blessed Mother for that moment.

Then Our Lady said, “Look, I am feeding you and nurturing you as a little infant and protecting you an so many graces are pouring out of my Immaculate Heart into yours. I want you to tell all my children what you experienced today. I receive each individual with a pure heart, everyone will be worthy of this grace.”

I was in an aura of light and we were so united, when the Blessed Mother spoke to me, and she spoke to me I could hear the most beautiful angelic singing I had ever heard, although I could not see them, I could hear and was overwhelmed with joy as the angels glorified Our Lord and the Holy Virgin Mary.

The holy Virgin Mary was dressed all in white with a blue sash tired around her waist.

I wanted to stay with her forever in the glorious state of joy that I felt in our intimate unity. She said, “Do not be afraid of what comes into your life because you know where to come for my protection – to My Immaculate Heart which is your refuge. My wish is that you sincerely consecrate your heart to mine every day. That means that you belong to me, My children.”

She smiled with great love and said, “My wish is that My children’s hearts are united with mine and through me, to My Son, Jesus’ Sacred Heart, which are one heart.”

Thankyou Blessed Mother for loving us so intimately, we love you too.

19th September

Today when Our Lord appeared to me He was very cheerful and happy. He said, “My child today I came to embrace you. I embrace all my children. Tell my children that I love them all. I want you all to be tolerant and patient. Soon I will open the Gate and release you all out of prison.” When Jesus mentioned “prison” I thought to myself, what prison? but then suddenly I could understand, yes, we are in prison under the influence of sin and evil. Jesus continued, “I will give you freedom, joy and happiness and you will all rejoice in My infinite Love. I love you My children and I bless you all.” I answered, “Thank you my Lord Jesus, how I love you and I thank you for all the hope that you give us and for Your infinite Love.”

18th September

Our Lord came to me when I was praying and said, “Turn to Me my child when you are sad. Give all your problems and sadness to Me. Don’t look for human consolation, but look only to your Lord and God. Consolation will come only from Me. Trust Me! Trust Me! You know there is no justice in this world. Justice is only in My Presence. So trust only in Me, Your Lord and God I love you my children.” I said, “Thank You my Lord Jesus. I love you too.”

13th September

Message 1:

Just before the Consecration, Our Lord appeared and He urged me to offer all to Him. And said, “My child,” He said, “Raise your heart to Me, elevate all to Me, the sick, the poor, the dying, the needy, the sinners, the souls who are most in need of my mercy, give Me the lot. I will pour My grace and mercy upon them all.” Our Lord then said, “that just before the Consecration, we should offer all our petitions up to Him. It is very important that everyone should know this because many graces are received by offering all to Him. Then Our Lord showed me the forgotten Souls in Purgatory. He said these are the Souls that have no one to pray for them. They are forgotten souls.”

Jesus then showed me a park full of white crosses. I understood that these were the soldiers who died during the war. Our Lord pointed with His holy Hand and said, “These are forgotten Souls and nobody offers anything for them. Please offer all your sacrifices and prayers and tell others to do the same.” I answered, “Thank you Lord Jesus, have mercy on us, have mercy on the Holy Souls.”

Message 2:

I was kneeling down and praying before receiving Holy Communion when suddenly Our Lord appeared in front of me. He spoke to me saying, “My child leave all your worries and all your problems behind you. Come step into My Presence, at least for a moment.” I cannot describe the happiness and joy that I experienced at that moment being in His Presence.

Our Lord continued, “Valentina I wish that today you receive Me in the Holy Eucharist and offer to Me for all those who are present here and are not worthy to receive Me. Pray to My Divine Mercy for all, so that I may be merciful, because I am gravely offended.” Our Lord explained that we must go to Confession and be in the state of grace before we receive Him. I answered, “Have mercy on us all, O Lord.”

10th September

I had a vision of our Lord Jesus sitting on a throne as a king. He looked worried and very sad. His face leaned on His right hand as He said, “Look at your crucified King, your resurrected King. King of Kings in a victor and glory forever. Your King not recognised by the world but hated and denied.”

The He took a calendar in His Holy hands and the year 1995 was written in large numbers. Our Lord said, “Look, after 1995 it will get worse and worse in the world and you know what is coming. I spoke to you previously and will not repeat it again. I have already told you in other messages. Look, Valentina there is big hope after the catastrophic purification, a new world that I preparing for my people.” Our Lord became more cheerful after He spoke these words. Then He criss-crossed the world and said, “Look, from the four corners of the world I will reunite the world to My Holy Cross. The world will become united in one religion, one Lord, your King that all nations will praise and glorify forever. Valentina My child, everyone will recognise Me, Hindus, Moslems, etc, that I am the one, Your King of Kings of everlasting glory.”

Let us prepare the road for our Lord and King who is coming and be joyous about His coming. In this vision our Lord was wearing the most unusual robes in three colours, red, white, purple and trimmed with gold. He was seated on a throne as a King. In the vision that I had of the illuminated cross that appeared in front of Our Lord Jesus, I was how He reunited the world, coming form four corners into a Holy Cross. All nations will be united into one with one religion, one belief. Hatred and sin will be defeated finally, there will be such a joy, peace and love among people that we have never experienced before.

Our Lord told me, “There will be such happiness, heaven and earth will be united.” That is a feeling that our Lord has given me, so we must always have hope and trust in Him.

3rd July

An angel appeared saying, “Come, I will shoe what will happen in the very near future. The persecution of the churches.” I was shown three churches. In one church I saw people waiting for Mass to begin, but as the Mass didn’t start the people were confused and anxiously conferred with one another. I saw the altar around which, six ladies were sitting. A priest was sitting in the midst of them, talking and laughing with them in a light hearted manner.

I asked the angel, “Who are those ladies?” He answered, “they are the ministers of the Eucharist. They forced themselves into the church long ago. The priests no longer care to do anything anymore in the church and they leave all to these ladies. The devil gives all the power to these ladies”.

The people were in panic. There was no Mass, just a reading, all-sitting down. One of the lady ministers at the alter said, “The Mass is not necessary anymore, nor Holy Communion.” The Tabernacle was completely removed from the church. They continued, “No need to worry about this. Jesus is in your heart, no need to receive Him, that is old fashioned. We live in the modern world.”

On the altar I saw a bottle of wine and a Chalice. Without any ceremony, the ladies held out the Chalice and said, “you can still receive the wine if you want to.” But the people didn’t go to receive it. The lady ministers drank the wine themselves, while talking and laughing amongst themselves. Among the people many were crying at what was happening. They started leaving the church, empty and unsatisfied. I was taken out of the church and around to the side where I saw these lady ministers drinking the wine among themselves, making a mockery of Jesus” precious Blood. Some, they gave to their own friends to take and drink with their meal. I heard them saying, “Why should we give this wine to all of the people when we can drink it all ourselves.”

I cried and cried at what I saw. I said to the angel, “Why does Our Lord allow this to happen? This is the worst thing that can happen.” The angel said to me, “The earth will be dry, there will be no more Eucharist. So will be the souls be dry. Go now, receive while you still can. Tell people how precious is the Body of the Lord. Receive Him and appreciate Him while you still can because the time is very near for all these events to happen.”

MID 1995

During the war in Bosnia and Hercegovina

At 2:00am I started to receive suffering all over my body. The Holy Angel came and told me, “Tonight you will not sleep. Our Lord Jesus gives you very deep suffering for the people. Don’t worry I will stay with you. The suffering was excruciating, I was screaming from the pain all over my body. My body was cut all in pieces.

The Holy Angel explained the reason behind the suffering of each part of my body. The right arm was cut in three parts. He said, “This is for the people who died without being baptised.” But still he said, “God tried to save them.”

The left arm equally cut in many pieces. It was more painful. The Angel said, “This is for the people who were cursing God and swearing. They offended Him terribly.”

The right leg, the suffering I received was for those who were murderers and robbers and disobeyed God’s Holy Commandments. The left leg, the suffering was for those who did not know God and who were. The rest of the body the suffering was for Bosnia and Hercegovina where the war was happening.

I then said to the Angel, “Wouldn’t it be better to cover up my bleeding and chopped up body? It looks horrible.” The Angel replied, “It doesn’t bother me”.

It was about 5 :30am and the Angel said to me, “Now our Lord Jesus will come and He will put you back together and everything will be back to normal.”

Then our Lord did appear. He stood next to me. He then placed His Holy Hand on my face and moved His Hand gradually right down to my legs and feet and everything came back to normal. My body became one. Our Lord smiled and said, “Now you can rest and sleep My child.”

I was very drawn from the experience. I was left like someone who was anaemic. Our Lord and the Angel them went away and let me rest.

4th June

The promise, our Lord Jesus gave to me.

“Tell everyone to venerate my Sacred Heart. Tell them to place My picture of the Sacred Heart in their most visible spot. Tell them to come to Me and to pray to Me. My Sacred Heart is full of mercy and lave for all. I give this promise – who ever will venerate my sacred heart and pray sincerely that person will receive special graces. For instance if the whole life the person was smoking, drinking or was a drug addict and had any other bad habits which they themselves cannot rid themselves of. When that person will sincerely ask me and honour My Sacred Heart, that person will be cured instantly and not remember or desire these things, because the desire to have them will Be taken away. I would urge people to honour Me more and not only now during the month of June – But every day! I bless all the families and their homes who ever venerate and glorify Me.”

I replied, “Thank you My most Sacred Heart of Jesus full of mercy and goodness.”

28th May, 1995

In the morning while praying, an Angel appeared. He smiled and said to me, “Come with me. Our Lord wants to explain things to you which you don’t understand as yet.”
In a split second, we were out of my house. A beautiful pure white staircase appeared in front of us. From the very first step, there were Angels, clothed in a myriad of soft pale colours, kneeling or sitting on each side, looking up to Heaven and smiling as the Angel and I walked up. I felt very privileged and happy to be on these stairs as I had heard so much about them. I thought, ‘This is a reality.’

The Angel with me was also very joyous. As we approached very high up, I noticed a beautiful building with a wide gothic door, opened wide, at the top of the stairs.
In front of the doorway, Our Lord was seated on the sapphire throne surrounded by the seven Archangels. He was dressed in royal garments of a dusty blue in colour. They were all laughing as we approached.

Our Lord smiled and held out His holy arms to me. I fell down, glorifying Him saying, “Praise to You, Lord Jesus, may You be praised forever.” I stood and placed my hands in His and He said, “See, My child, I want to explain things to you that you don’t understand yet. See, every night in your prayers you thank Me and you offer everyone to Me and ask Me to bless them. And again, in the morning in your prayers, you offer them again to Me and then you say to Me, ‘let it be Your holy will’ and then you go about your daily tasks, to Mass, then you gather with your friends. They talk, sometimes they argue and you withdraw from them, praying, ‘Lord, please give them peace. This is not Your holy will what they are doing.”

Our Lord then stood up and said, “My child, don’t be upset. Whatever you encounter through the day is My holy will, whether good or bad. Each time you pray to Me, or you want to tell Me something, you ascend these stairs to speak to Me. Sometimes you are only halfway down when you remember something which you forgot to tell Me, so, you run back to Me.”

Our Lord and the Angels started laughing and I laughed with them. He then said, “My child, I wish all My children on earth were like you, always running to Me. I would be the happiest God. You see these stairs. Sometimes you are running up and down a hundred times, telling Me all. Sometimes I am waiting here, because I know you are coming back.”

He pointed to the Angels seated on the stairs. I say to them, “Move, here she comes again. So they move to left and right to allow you space to approach me.” At the same time, Our Lord showed me in a vision how I am running up and down. I am looking at the Angels as much to say, ‘it is not you I want to see, it is My Lord.’ Then Our Lord said, “I guarantee you, My child, it is My will, whatever you are doing, don’t be afraid.”

After all this, the Angel accompanied me back down the stairs. On the last step he stopped, smiling, and said to me, “You know, my Lord laughs many times on your account. You make Him very happy. Momentarily, you make Him forget about the bad things happening in the world. The Lord Jesus says He wishes that we would all be like little children and come to Him, because this pleases Him very much.”

I said, “My Lord, where can I turn or where can I go when my heart aches and it is sorrowful and full of misery? When things go wrong in my everyday life, only to You, my heart runs to You, and I trust only in You. When I lament myself to You like a little child to a father, when I tell You all that is, I know You are merciful and full of love towards me.

Thankyou, my loving God for so many graces and infinite love and most of all for Your patience toward me. I will love and praise You forever, my Lord.

My Lord, I will run everyday to You no matter how silly it may appear to the Angels. I will offer everything to You and tell You everything, and pray for everyone. So many people are suffering and they need Your help. Most of all I will ask You to have mercy on all of us. Nothing will stop me, until one day, You will say to me, ‘My child, this is your last journey. You can stay with Me.’ That will be the happiest day of my life.

21st April

Blessed Mother appeared saying, “My dear children, I your Mother want good for you and to lead you to My Son the Saviour of all, but you don’t listen and obey Me. Time after time I come to remind you to pray and to turn away from the worldly materialism You are so preoccupied with it that you give God so little attention. My child, you see disasters that people experience, killing innocence. The devil is strong in these times and tries to posses souls. I must remind you that these disasters will continue, not only in America but everywhere in the world.

My children, guard yourselves with the Holy Rosary. Pray, pray. Don’t waste your precious time with useless things, which are no good for you. I beg you My children, listen to me and my messages as a true word from God. I love you and I want good for you.” She smiled and I replied, “Thankyou Blessed Mother for your care towards us.”

20th April

The Blessed Mother appeared with baby Jesus, they were both very wet. I asked, “Blessed Mother, why is baby Jesus all wet?” Blessed Mother replied, “I was waiting for you to ask me that.” I said, “did baby Jesus fall in the water?” Blessed Mother said, “My Son did not fall in water. We are wet from our tears. We are both crying and weeping all over the world but you are so blind not to see.”

She made me see Jesus with all His tenderness of an infant in Her arms, weeping. Our Blessed Mother then showed me a lifeboat in which there was a Crucifix and a Rosary. She softly spoke, holding out Her arms saying, “I am bringing you your salvation.” She said this in offering this life saving image to us, but it is up to us to accept it or not.

23rd March

An angel came, tall and slim with blonde curly hair to his shoulders and smiling with a leaflet in his hand and said, “See I bring you good news” it had writing of our Lord on it.

Then he smiled and started singing, “Praise the Lord, people. Praise Him and thank Him for not sending the wild storm and be glad. Praise Him and give Him thanks every day.” The angel smiled and said, “The people are angry with you because the storm didn’t come. Our Lord sends me to give you this message.”

Together we were singing and praising the Lord and again the angel said, “Sing to the Lord, people, for His great Love, Goodness and Mercy.” I was caught up in this praise. Finally, he said, “Read in the Scriptures, Daniel 3, 51-90.”

I replied, “Thank you Lord Jesus for Your great love.”

22nd March

While in prayer to the Holy Spirit I prayed, “Lord Jesus, come.” Jesus spoke, “Valentina My child, tell the people of this world I, your Lord, am speaking.” He spoke with firmness. I will come like a thief in the night. None will expect Me. Tell them once and for all, justice for all humanity is about to come. Look how sad I am. How greatly they offend Me, these disobedient children of this world, they are beyond disobedience. They disobey all My commandments, even in My churches this is taking place and they choose to do only what pleases themselves. How falsely they are misled by the evil one but he only makes them empty promises. Remind them that there is only one and true road, which leads to heaven and eternal life. Pray My children and don’t be afraid. Pray! Pray and I will always be with you and bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I concluded, “Thank you, my Lord Jesus, I love you. Have mercy on us.”

26th February

JESUS IS COMING! Two angels appeared clothed in white, with a hot pink sash across the chest, they had wings, and said, “We were preparing you yesterday and today, we come to give you a message of our Lord’s coming. Our Lord sends us to proclaim His coming. His coming is very near at hand.”

They continued, “You, yourself, must call Him to come and praise Him. You must tell others to call Jesus every day. Call Him – Come, Lord Jesus. Come! This must be repeated all throughout your day and be excited and happy and prepare the way by proclaiming His coming.”

This is not the first time I have received a message like this but before I was silent. Now, it seems urgent that we prepare for and proclaim that JESUS IS COMING.


5am in the morning. Waking suddenly, I started praying the Holy Rosary, sitting up in bed. During my prayer, a little dark haired boy, about 9 years old appeared to me. He literally touched me on the shoulder and said, “Lift Me up” several times. I reached out and stroked His shoulder, thinking He was one of the Holy Souls.

I said, “I don’t know who you are.”

He said, very sadly, “Every day, you praise Me and you tell Me you love Me, and you don’t know who I am?”

Then I realised He was the Lord Jesus. I had never seen Him like that before. He said, “When you go to people’s places, speak about Me. Don’t be afraid. Introduce Me to everyone you meet. Tell them to praise Me and love Me, because I love everyone.”

He looked at me sadly and said, “Not everybody loves Me. Lift Me up, high up, above everything in the world. Praise Me and love Me for I am worthy of all praise and love.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

Our Lord comes to me in different ways. That is the reason I found it hard, only after He spoke to me did I recognise Him as a young boy. He is full of surprises!