3 November 2017

3 November 2017


The angel appeared and said to me, “Come with me. I will take you to meet some suffering souls. They need your help.”


We came to an open place that looked very barren and drab. I could see many, many souls there. We were walking among them. The angel said, “See how they suffer. They have been here for a long time. You can talk to them and give them a little relief from their suffering.”


The souls were telling me that they committed many sins while on earth and did not have the chance to repent before they died.


One particular lady asked me to come near her. I did so and sat down next to her. She told me that she had been in hospital and was very sick. She was showing me some sort of legal papers and then said, “They are supposed to be resolved in court and dismissed but I never had the chance to do that. That is why I ask you to stay one more day and this will be resolved and cleared up. But you have to stay here with me one more day.”


I understood that I will have to offer her up during Holy Mass, but for more than one day. Only then will she be purified.


The angel then said to me, “Come, we have to go and see another part where Holy Souls are waiting.”


As we came to this other part, I saw many men in a group. They ran over to me. A couple of them spoke to me and said, “We know you do not like us because we were very rich while living on earth.”


I stopped and said, “I have never said that. I have never met you. I never knew you.”


They said, “Come here, we want to show you something.” All of them approached me, each with a green paper in their hand. On each paper, written in black, were names and petitions for what they were asking.


In an instant, my hands were full, holding all these green papers. They said, “Please help us and don’t neglect us.”


The colours green and black represent suffering. It means these souls are still being purified.


I took all their papers and offered them to our Lord during Holy Mass.


2 November 2017

2 November 2017

All Souls’ Day


Today I had the intention of going to the Cemetery to visit my late son and late husband.


I was preparing to go to the florist to buy some flowers. My brother-in-law offered to drive me. He waited outside with the car and asked if I was ready to go. I said to him to wait a few minutes so that I can get my wallet from inside my home.


I rushed into my house to get my wallet. When I came to the kitchen our Lord said to me, “You cannot do that. There is a much more urgent need for you to go to Mass right away! Offer Me all the souls that were amongst during the night and for whom you suffered.”


All night I suffered the most terrible pain on the right side of the back of my neck. No matter which pain killers I took, nothing reduced the pain. I had to endure the pain for these souls.


Jesus said, “These souls have been retained in Purgatory for a long time. They were making reparation for the debts attributed to their sins while they were still alive.”


“But today their liberation is coming. That is why I urge you to go to Mass. You have to offer them to Me so that they can come into the Light. Most of these souls will go to Heaven today. Quickly, go to Mass and offer them to Me, they are waiting to go to Heaven.”


Our Lord Jesus said, “While your intention was to go to the cemetery, you can go another time. Your family and relatives are safe. They are already with Me.”


A minute later, my brother-in-law walks into my kitchen and says, “Sorry Valentina, I cannot go anywhere. My car will not start.” He then ran out.


I exclaimed, “Lord Jesus, what are You doing?”


Jesus answered, “I had to stop the car because your priority is to go to Mass and offer Me the Holy Souls. This is very urgent.”


I did what our Lord asked me to do and walked to the bus stop to catch the next bus to Parramatta.


I arrived at Mary Mackillop Chapel before Mass had started. I was just in time to pray and to offer the Holy Rosary and Litany to our Blessed Mother for the Holy Souls. These prayers, in union with the Holy Mass and physical suffering all benefited the Holy Souls.


In the meantime, my brother-in-law organised for his car to be fixed. I said to the Lord, “Lord, that will cost him a lot of money.”


Lord Jesus responded, “Do not worry, I shall compensate him.”


Our Lord said that when we attend Mass and offer our prayers and sacrifices on All Souls’ Day, many, many souls go to Heaven. This is a special Grace and Mercy given to them by God.


Lord have Mercy on the Holy Souls.



27 October 2017

27 October 2017

Talk given by Father John Rizzo about our Blessed Mother

St Patrick’s Cathedral Church Hall


While Father Rizzo was giving his talk, all of a sudden Blessed Mother appeared beside the Statue of our Lady of Fatima.


I nearly called out, “Our Blessed Mother is here!” but I realised that no-one else could see her.


Suddenly, she then appeared standing right in front of me. She was smiling and said, “Do not be sad.” She said this because I was feeling a bit of sadness for my son Frank. She said, “Trust only me and my Son.”


Our Blessed Mother continued, “Live for today. Do not worry about tomorrow and do not worry about the future. I am so happy and so pleased that Father Rizzo speaks so beautifully about my Son and myself. He teaches and explain so beautifully to people. He is our beloved son. We love him so much.”


I had tears in my eyes while she was telling me all of this.


She said, “I will tell you a little secret. Soon you will speak to a lot of people and you will tell them about the spiritual secrets that we teach you and that we show you.”


I said to Blessed Mother, “I do not have anyone to spiritually guide me.”


She smiled and said, “Do not worry. Soon you will have a very nice priest who will guide you and help you. Right now he is in the process, from my Son and me. Be happy and courageous. We never leave you. We are always with you.”


Our Blessed Mother then moved towards Father Rizzo and stood right next to him and smiled at him. She was listening to every word he was saying. She was smiling and was radiantly joyful.


At the end of the talk Father Rizzo gave all the people a Final Blessing. Our Blessed Mother stood beside him with her hands joined in grace.


I felt that a blessing had also come from our Lady to Father Rizzo and then to her children that were present in the room.


Our Lady was wearing a white garment with a beautiful electric blue mantle covering her. She came as the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.


Thank you Blessed Mother for being present with us. Thank you for Father Rizzo that he brings to us such a beautiful teaching. Bless him and protect him always.

13 October 2017

13 October 2017

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


During Holy Mass, after I received Holy Communion, I went back to my pew, kneeled down and as I closed my eyes, I experienced a most beautiful vision.


Lord Jesus appeared in front of me clothed in white. He gestured with His Hands and then He changed His appearance over and over until finally He appeared as the Crucified Lord. Everything was so real and so alive.


He said, “My child, when you receive My Body, I possess you and we become one.”


I Am the Author of Life.”


“To experience this you must repent and be free of sin and be in a state of grace.”


Thank you Lord Jesus.




13 October 2017

13 October 2017

Fatima Day


While praying my morning prayers, our Blessed Mother appeared with the Angels. She was very joyful. Smiling, she said, “You receive a special grace to come with me, to see and witness something for which you have offered in your prayer and in your suffering. A suffering which my Son permits you to have.”


Suddenly, we were in a large place, an open space where I saw many souls. They were all dressed in long, white robes. Their heads were crowned with a garland of flowers. The garlands are a gift from God. They are the crown of eternal life.


Holy Mary smiled and said, “Today, on the anniversary of one hundred years of Fatima, this is the biggest miracle: that all these souls are going to Heaven. They are all purified, and are ready to meet my Son Jesus, their Saviour. They can hardly wait.”


“You can see, how on this day, throughout the world people gather together on pilgrimages, expecting to see a big sign to appear. Many people go out of curiosity. My children, do not always be curious. The many souls being raised to Heaven on this day, like a huge unending procession, this is the big miracle which is not visible to the world. I am the one who leads them to Heaven. My Son delights in the souls when they come, and He greets each soul individually.”


Among all the souls that I saw today, there was one lady that I knew while she was alive on earth. She had only died very recently. She did not spend much time in Purgatory.


We embraced each other. I was really surprised to see her because she had only died about 3 weeks ago. She looked so beautiful and young, all dressed in pure white.


Holy Mary explained, “She lived a very simple, humble and charitable life during her time on earth. Some souls spend only a short time in Purgatory because they lived simple and loving lives while on earth.”


Lord, have mercy.

5th January 2017

At a meeting a father and two of his sons came all the way from a country town to Sydney. When I met them we were with a large group of people that it was difficult to speak privately to them. However, the man did ask me to pray for him and his family.

Soon after I came home I offered them to the Lord and asked our Lord to help them. I offered the whole family. I asked our Lord for graces and blessings for them, that the Lord would give them graces for whatever they needed in life.

Our Lord responded, “tell the father and the boys that there is a blockage between them and Me. what I would love them to do is to repent from their hearts, to make a good confession and not to dwell on the pain and suffering that they carry in their hearts. They should not dwell on the past but always surrender to Me and trust in Me. Healing will slowly progress through Confession.”

26 November 2004

Dangerous weapons planned to destroy the Population

While praying at home this morning. Our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “My children, I come to you in My love and peace to warn you of the dangerous threat and planning for you in the future. Be aware and take seriously My word that I come to you ahead of time to warn you that soon they are going to use very dangerous weapons and bio-weapons to kill and destroy the population. It will not destroy the houses only human beings in a large area, wherever they will be used. This will happen in many parts of the world.”
“My children, if you could see with My eyes you would come closer to your Saviour who loves you so much. He will protect you from your evil world. I tell you that ‘jumbo dumbo’ the devil who never sleeps but continuously plans how to destroy you, he hates good, he hates God and His people.”

“My children, pray more. Stay close to Me and My loving mother, Mary most Holy. Renew your daily consecration to Our United Hearts. That way, the evil won’t have power over you and your family. Fear not, for fear comes from the opposite direction which is evil. Have confidence in Me and I will give you peace.”
“I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I said, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for everything. Your warning and protection. My Lord, warnings are important to us, so we can ask for Your merciful love and protection in our daily lives.”

10 February 1997

In Memory of Father Valerian’s Late Mother

When I was praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, our Lord Jesus suddenly appeared. He was so beautiful, but even more so because of His joyfulness. His radiance was overwhelming.

Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, today I come to reveal to you about the Holy Mass that your priest, Father Valerijan, celebrated and offered for his beloved mother. This Holy Mass was not ordinary, but very special. I give you an example, this does not happen every day, but very seldom, occasionally, that a son is offering Holy Mass for his beloved mama.”

Our Lord said, “See Valentina, the whole of Heaven was present at this Sacrificial Mass. I give grace to all the angels and the saints to be present. They were all united, rejoicing joyfully and admiring his (Father Valerijan’s) mother, for giving her son to the Priesthood, and for him celebrating the Holy Mass. She, herself, offered her son to God. She sacrificed everything for her son and prayed for him daily. She received a great reward in Heaven. Now, she is enjoying herself with all the saints in Heaven and for the love and praise for her Lord and God.”

“All the Holy Masses that are offered in Churches are, together, united with Heaven, and all the celebrations and offerings go to Me, your God and all Glory and thanksgiving,” our Lord said these words while pointing towards Himself.

“She received a big reward in her Heavenly home, for all the sacrifices and graces she offered during her life on earth.”

This vision was indescribable, it was so overwhelming to watch this beautiful and joyful event. As I watched this Holy Mystery, I shed tears of joy.

All the saints and angels were rejoicing happily in the Lord’s presence. They constantly praised and glorified Him.

I said to Father Valerijan, “Jesus is very proud of your mama. I saw her standing right next to our Lord, on His right side. She was so happy, smiling and joyous. She looked young and beautiful, wearing a white, flowing garment. Her hair was loose, shoulder length. Everyone in Heaven was so happy for what she had done. She sacrificed everything and did good deeds in her life, but most of all offered her son, as a child, to God, and that her son was a faithful and devoted shepherd to his people and to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I said to Father Valerijan, “I congratulate you. You should be proud that you received such a beautiful grace to become a priest, and also you should be proud of your mother, that she herself is now rejoicing with our Lord Jesus, and I know she will pray even harder for you now. Be happy, our Lord Jesus really loves you.”

Father Valerijan said, “You never met my mother, you never knew anything about her, but what was revealed to you is all true.” He was deeply touched by this message about his beloved mother.

Father Valerijan told me that when he was a little boy he was very sick, but that he did not know his mother offered him to our Lord so that he would recover from the sickness. He did recover and his mother continued to pray and was grateful to God.

After studying in Vienna as a student, he came home one day and told his mother that he decided to enter the Seminary.

His mother was overjoyed and happy to hear this decision, it was like Heaven opened up to her. She only then revealed to him that when he was sick she dedicated him to God, and God accepted him.

The angel later revealed to me that this message is a teaching from our Lord Jesus about how great a blessing it is for a mother to offer her child to God, to the Priesthood, a great reward awaits her in Heaven.

29 October 1996

The Love of our Lord Jesus
(not previously published)

This morning while I was praying our Lord Jesus came. I was praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

He said, “When you are meditating and praying the Sorrowful Mysteries, and when you step into My Passion, and you become very upset, and you even cry, because you see your Lord how He suffers for everyone, it is I Who places in you this feeling of sadness. Everything comes from Me.”

My child, I want you to be happy in My Suffering and even joyful, because I have done all of this out of love for all of you. I suffer so much because I want to redeem you all because I love you. I want to save you all,” He said.

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.


The Talking Dog
(Not previously published)

I was walking on my way to church when suddenly an angel appeared. He had short blonde hair. He said, “I am an angel of the Lord and I will accompany you to wherever you are going.”

All of a sudden, a dog appeared; he looked like a beagle. The angel was holding the dog on a leash. The dog barked as if ready to attack me.

I said to the angel, “I have always been afraid of dogs.”

I scolded the dog, “Don’t you dare attack me!”

When I said these words, the dog stopped barking. The angel assured me that he would not attack me. The dog then spoke and asked me, “Where are you going?”

I responded, “I am going to church.”

The dog said, “Good on you, kiddo!”

I exclaimed, “You talk!”

He said, “Yes, I am talking.”

The angel explained, “You see, you are surprised the dog speaks to you, but God gives them the knowledge to understand humans. They talk in their own language amongst themselves.”

24 October 1994

Vision of our Lord Jesus
(not previously published)

This morning while I was praying our Lord Jesus came, and in His Holy Hand, He was holding a plate of sliced bread. He was wearing a long white tunic with a red mantle.

Our Lord came close and sat right next to me while I was on my knees, praying. I thought to myself, ‘Gee, He is Almighty God, and He sits right next to me on the floor.’

Our Lord was very joyful and smiling when He spoke to me. He said, “Look at this bread, take it! Take it in your hands.”

I said, “Thank you, My Lord Jesus,” thinking it was for me.

He asked me, “What would you do if you were among your friends? Would you share it, or would you eat it all by yourself?”

“It wouldn’t be very nice if you did not offer it to others. It wouldn’t be nice if you would eat all of it by yourself. That would be selfish, Valentina, do you understand Me?” He asked.

I answered, “Yes, yes, My Lord. I understand You.”

He then asked, “Do you know that I want to save as many people as I can. I love everyone. Do you understand Me?”

I replied, “Yes, yes, My Lord, I understand!”

I was given the grace to understand that sharing the bread means sharing His Holy Word and nourishing people with His Holy Word.

Then our Lord said, “I want you to share this bread, with all the people that you are in contact with.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, people ask Me, to ask You, when are You coming? How near is Your arrival?”

Our Lord smiled at my question, and He answered, “Tell people My Coming is very near, but before I come, the world must know Me! That is why I ask you to spread My messages and to talk to people and introduce Me to people for then they will recognise Me all over the world! Evangelise My Gospel to all and do not be afraid, I Am always with you, and nobody can harm you.”

Smiling, our Lord continued, “Valentina My child, when people ask you of My Coming, tell them that I Am always among you, even now, I never leave you. Be at peace and spread My Holy Word.”

I said, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, I love You. Have mercy on us all.”

December 1993

Do not Dwell on the Past
(not previously published)

Today our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, do not dwell on the past, but always in the present time. Tell all other people too. I also want you to tell people never to despair in their lives, even if things are not good, and there is no way out.”

“Observe these Times; they are changing. These are the Times that I am preparing. Do you know that I Am Almighty God, and I can change things, even the most stubborn heart of a person?” He said.

With a gentle smile, our Lord continued, “Of course, with your help and your prayers, I can change nature that you all admire, and that is so beautiful. In the same way, humanity can experience inner beauty, joy and peace, and they can rejoice in My Love.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, I too, see the beauty in nature. This divine nature, so green, and full of flowers of all varieties. Oh, how I admire all this wonderful nature of Your creation.”

Jesus was smiling and listening to me, and then He responded, “Yes, this is the living nature of My Life. See how happy you are in My Presence and My Love.”

He proceeds to make the Sign of the Cross over me. He said, “Now I will bless you + in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

I said, “Thank you, Lord, for teaching and revealing to all of us Your true Love and Mercy.”

Our Lord is teaching us not to lose hope when we are in despair when things go wrong in our lives, we must turn to Him and ask Him to help us, and He will help us.

9 January 1993

The Water of Life
(not previously published)

When I prayed this morning, the angel of the Lord came. The angel was so beautiful and young looking, with the most beautiful eyes.

He said, “I was sent by our Lord Jesus, and I have a message for you to tell you that you must come with me.”

In a split moment, accompanied by the angel, I found myself in a most beautiful place with lush green grass and lovely trees. I had a strong feeling that I was in a heavenly Garden and that I had been here before. In the middle of the Garden, on the green grass, I saw a beautiful, elegant chair, that looked like a Throne Chair.

The angel said, “Today, you are worthy that you are to sit on this High Chair.” I obeyed the angel and sat on the chair. In an instant, I felt such inner joy and happiness.

The angel then said, “Now, you will drink the Living Water that our Lord is giving you.”
Next to the High Chair was a softly running stream of crystal clear water. In his hand, the angel held a dish made of grey pewter material. With the dish, he scooped up the water from the stream and gave it to me to drink. He said, “Now you are drinking the Water of Life, and today you are worthy of drinking this Water of Life, our Lord Jesus is cleansing you and giving you life.”

The Water was so tasty and refreshing. The angel gave Me three scoops of the Water to drink. I felt so blissfully happy and joyful, like a little girl, of about seven to eight years of age. At that moment, I did not understand; I only gave praise and thanks to our Lord for the beautiful gift and love that He shared with all of us. Everyone can share in this when you love Jesus. The Water of Life is a purification of our soul, and as our soul is purified, it comes closer and closer to God.

Thank you, My Lord and My God, that I was worthy to drink the Water of Life.

23 November 1991

Preparation for the Sign to come from Heaven
(not previously published)

At eight o’clock this morning, when I said my prayers Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy and young Lord Jesus appeared to me.

They said, “We come to give you a message and to tell you that soon God will be giving a Sign to the whole world.”

Blessed Mother said, “This is the first Sign that we foretold in Medjugorje, for the whole world to see, and no one can deny it and say that it is not from God. No Science nor astronomers, no one can say that it is a planet or a star. It will be visible for the whole world to see it.”

She said, “Those who will come back to God, they will be very privileged to see Me and My Beloved Son, but I tell you also, for the ones who will not return to God, they will not see Me nor My Beloved Son. We will both stand beneath the Cross. Tell people to wake up from their sleep. There is not much time to sleep, only time to pray and pray.”

“Be prepared for when the Sign comes. This is a secret and is not to be revealed, only when Heaven decides to reveal it. Be ready and prepare,” Blessed Mother said.

Blessed Mother Mary and our Lord Jesus were both very sad when they were telling me this. Our Blessed Mother wants people to be ready, to go to confession, to be in a state of Grace before the Sign is revealed and appears.