28th May, 1995

In the morning while praying, an Angel appeared. He smiled and said to me, “Come with me. Our Lord wants to explain things to you which you don’t understand as yet.”
In a split second, we were out of my house. A beautiful pure white staircase appeared in front of us. From the very first step, there were Angels, clothed in a myriad of soft pale colours, kneeling or sitting on each side, looking up to Heaven and smiling as the Angel and I walked up. I felt very privileged and happy to be on these stairs as I had heard so much about them. I thought, ‘This is a reality.’

The Angel with me was also very joyous. As we approached very high up, I noticed a beautiful building with a wide gothic door, opened wide, at the top of the stairs.
In front of the doorway, Our Lord was seated on the sapphire throne surrounded by the seven Archangels. He was dressed in royal garments of a dusty blue in colour. They were all laughing as we approached.

Our Lord smiled and held out His holy arms to me. I fell down, glorifying Him saying, “Praise to You, Lord Jesus, may You be praised forever.” I stood and placed my hands in His and He said, “See, My child, I want to explain things to you that you don’t understand yet. See, every night in your prayers you thank Me and you offer everyone to Me and ask Me to bless them. And again, in the morning in your prayers, you offer them again to Me and then you say to Me, ‘let it be Your holy will’ and then you go about your daily tasks, to Mass, then you gather with your friends. They talk, sometimes they argue and you withdraw from them, praying, ‘Lord, please give them peace. This is not Your holy will what they are doing.”

Our Lord then stood up and said, “My child, don’t be upset. Whatever you encounter through the day is My holy will, whether good or bad. Each time you pray to Me, or you want to tell Me something, you ascend these stairs to speak to Me. Sometimes you are only halfway down when you remember something which you forgot to tell Me, so, you run back to Me.”

Our Lord and the Angels started laughing and I laughed with them. He then said, “My child, I wish all My children on earth were like you, always running to Me. I would be the happiest God. You see these stairs. Sometimes you are running up and down a hundred times, telling Me all. Sometimes I am waiting here, because I know you are coming back.”

He pointed to the Angels seated on the stairs. I say to them, “Move, here she comes again. So they move to left and right to allow you space to approach me.” At the same time, Our Lord showed me in a vision how I am running up and down. I am looking at the Angels as much to say, ‘it is not you I want to see, it is My Lord.’ Then Our Lord said, “I guarantee you, My child, it is My will, whatever you are doing, don’t be afraid.”

After all this, the Angel accompanied me back down the stairs. On the last step he stopped, smiling, and said to me, “You know, my Lord laughs many times on your account. You make Him very happy. Momentarily, you make Him forget about the bad things happening in the world. The Lord Jesus says He wishes that we would all be like little children and come to Him, because this pleases Him very much.”

I said, “My Lord, where can I turn or where can I go when my heart aches and it is sorrowful and full of misery? When things go wrong in my everyday life, only to You, my heart runs to You, and I trust only in You. When I lament myself to You like a little child to a father, when I tell You all that is, I know You are merciful and full of love towards me.

Thankyou, my loving God for so many graces and infinite love and most of all for Your patience toward me. I will love and praise You forever, my Lord.

My Lord, I will run everyday to You no matter how silly it may appear to the Angels. I will offer everything to You and tell You everything, and pray for everyone. So many people are suffering and they need Your help. Most of all I will ask You to have mercy on all of us. Nothing will stop me, until one day, You will say to me, ‘My child, this is your last journey. You can stay with Me.’ That will be the happiest day of my life.

21st April

Blessed Mother appeared saying, “My dear children, I your Mother want good for you and to lead you to My Son the Saviour of all, but you don’t listen and obey Me. Time after time I come to remind you to pray and to turn away from the worldly materialism You are so preoccupied with it that you give God so little attention. My child, you see disasters that people experience, killing innocence. The devil is strong in these times and tries to posses souls. I must remind you that these disasters will continue, not only in America but everywhere in the world.

My children, guard yourselves with the Holy Rosary. Pray, pray. Don’t waste your precious time with useless things, which are no good for you. I beg you My children, listen to me and my messages as a true word from God. I love you and I want good for you.” She smiled and I replied, “Thankyou Blessed Mother for your care towards us.”

20th April

The Blessed Mother appeared with baby Jesus, they were both very wet. I asked, “Blessed Mother, why is baby Jesus all wet?” Blessed Mother replied, “I was waiting for you to ask me that.” I said, “did baby Jesus fall in the water?” Blessed Mother said, “My Son did not fall in water. We are wet from our tears. We are both crying and weeping all over the world but you are so blind not to see.”

She made me see Jesus with all His tenderness of an infant in Her arms, weeping. Our Blessed Mother then showed me a lifeboat in which there was a Crucifix and a Rosary. She softly spoke, holding out Her arms saying, “I am bringing you your salvation.” She said this in offering this life saving image to us, but it is up to us to accept it or not.

23rd March

An angel came, tall and slim with blonde curly hair to his shoulders and smiling with a leaflet in his hand and said, “See I bring you good news” it had writing of our Lord on it.

Then he smiled and started singing, “Praise the Lord, people. Praise Him and thank Him for not sending the wild storm and be glad. Praise Him and give Him thanks every day.” The angel smiled and said, “The people are angry with you because the storm didn’t come. Our Lord sends me to give you this message.”

Together we were singing and praising the Lord and again the angel said, “Sing to the Lord, people, for His great Love, Goodness and Mercy.” I was caught up in this praise. Finally, he said, “Read in the Scriptures, Daniel 3, 51-90.”

I replied, “Thank you Lord Jesus for Your great love.”

22nd March

While in prayer to the Holy Spirit I prayed, “Lord Jesus, come.” Jesus spoke, “Valentina My child, tell the people of this world I, your Lord, am speaking.” He spoke with firmness. I will come like a thief in the night. None will expect Me. Tell them once and for all, justice for all humanity is about to come. Look how sad I am. How greatly they offend Me, these disobedient children of this world, they are beyond disobedience. They disobey all My commandments, even in My churches this is taking place and they choose to do only what pleases themselves. How falsely they are misled by the evil one but he only makes them empty promises. Remind them that there is only one and true road, which leads to heaven and eternal life. Pray My children and don’t be afraid. Pray! Pray and I will always be with you and bless you, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I concluded, “Thank you, my Lord Jesus, I love you. Have mercy on us.”

26th February

JESUS IS COMING! Two angels appeared clothed in white, with a hot pink sash across the chest, they had wings, and said, “We were preparing you yesterday and today, we come to give you a message of our Lord’s coming. Our Lord sends us to proclaim His coming. His coming is very near at hand.”

They continued, “You, yourself, must call Him to come and praise Him. You must tell others to call Jesus every day. Call Him – Come, Lord Jesus. Come! This must be repeated all throughout your day and be excited and happy and prepare the way by proclaiming His coming.”

This is not the first time I have received a message like this but before I was silent. Now, it seems urgent that we prepare for and proclaim that JESUS IS COMING.


5am in the morning. Waking suddenly, I started praying the Holy Rosary, sitting up in bed. During my prayer, a little dark haired boy, about 9 years old appeared to me. He literally touched me on the shoulder and said, “Lift Me up” several times. I reached out and stroked His shoulder, thinking He was one of the Holy Souls.

I said, “I don’t know who you are.”

He said, very sadly, “Every day, you praise Me and you tell Me you love Me, and you don’t know who I am?”

Then I realised He was the Lord Jesus. I had never seen Him like that before. He said, “When you go to people’s places, speak about Me. Don’t be afraid. Introduce Me to everyone you meet. Tell them to praise Me and love Me, because I love everyone.”

He looked at me sadly and said, “Not everybody loves Me. Lift Me up, high up, above everything in the world. Praise Me and love Me for I am worthy of all praise and love.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

Our Lord comes to me in different ways. That is the reason I found it hard, only after He spoke to me did I recognise Him as a young boy. He is full of surprises!

16th October

Our Lord Jesus came to me in a vision while I was reciting the Holy Rosary and said, “Valentina my child, today you are being honoured and I raise you up on the most high. Come I will show you and explain things which you are not familiar with and do not yet understand.” Our Lord Jesus and I went all around the world. We were high up above the ground. Our Lord Jesus showed me all the Churches. I asked Our Lord Jesus, “How do you know about all these churches. They are hardly visible in some areas and are in very remote places in the world”. Our Lord Jesus smiled at me and said, “I know about all things and everything. It is visible for Me but hard for a human being to understand, but for God it is all possible.” Again I asked Lord Jesus, “Do you mean if I go into that strange place right now and I step into the Church, would I find you there?” He replied, “Yes my child, there you would find Me, no matter how remote the place or how small the Church, there I Am.”

I cannot describe the joy of being in Our Lord’s presence. I then told Him, “Lord how happy and joyful I am, my heart is rejoicing in Your presence” Lord Jesus was smiling and He said, “I too am joyful.” When Our Lord was guiding me high up I noticed beautiful green nature with trees and a castle next to every Church. I asked Lord Jesus why is there a castle next to the Churches, was there a king living there and did he build the Church and what does it all mean?” Our Lord replied, “I was waiting for you to ask Me all this. The Castle represents the Church, the Church is not an ordinary house, the Holy Church is my kingdom and inside lives your King. I am your living God in the Most Blessed Sacrament. There I am night and day. There is the Most Holy Trinity. There is also my beloved Mother Mary Most Holy and there are Angels who praise Me constantly. But you my children take all this for granted. How many times I am so sad and offended. But how I love you all and I never stop loving you. So little I receive in return. No gratitude.” Our Lord was so sad and I felt so sorry for Him that I cried.

I continued with questions, “Lord Jesus over there I can see, a cemetery not far from the Church. Do you know about all those people who are dead?” Our Lord Jesus smiled and He replied, “Valentina they are not dead, they are sleeping and resting. One day I will awake them and they will live. This will not be now but at the end of time when I will judge the living and the dead and when the New Jerusalem will come down from heaven.” Now Our Lord Jesus was looking at me and He said, “Valentina, how I love you. Would you do something for me today? I wish and desire that you receive me without eating or drinking anything. Will you do this for Me.”

I replied, “Yes My Lord Jesus I will obey whatever you ask of me. Our Lord said, “This is what I wish.” He then brought me back just in time for Sunday Mass. This was for me a very special Sunday I understood that Our Lord Jesus wishes us to receive Him in Holy Communion without eating or drinking beforehand. I concluded, “Thank you my Lord and my God for all the graces and blessings that you give us. I love you, how I love you.”



During 11 am Mass for Catechists. I thanked the Lord for the Holy sacrifice of the Mass and lamented to Him for not being so peaceful, being distracted by the many faces opposite.

He replied, “Without Me, you are nothing. Say to yourself, ‘but Jesus was there to give me graces’, be always grateful, My children and peaceful knowing that 1 am there.”

Then He said, “Lead others to come to My Holy Cross. Without the Cross there is no life. The Cross that I carry and I on it was for all of you to be saved. The world must look at My Cross. It is the sign that 1 am there. Wherever is My Cross, in this country or in that place, 1 bless, but this world of yours tried to remove Me and deny Me. The more they deny Me, the more trouble will be in the places and the world.”

“My Cross is a visible sign for you to repent. It is a sign of My love and what I have done to save you.”

“Since people don’t love Me, they reject My Holy Cross instead of embracing Me.” His manner became more serious. He said, “I tell you, I will make My Cross appear in the sky for you all to see and realise that I exist. ”

“Let them know that I, the Holy Lord, have spoken My true, Holy word.”

We bless You and praise You, Holy Lord and revere your Holy Cross.

12 September

Our Lord Jesus appeared in a vision looking very sad. He said, “Valentina, my child, I come to tell you why I asked you yesterday to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet in the Church before the Blessed Sacrament at the end of Mass”.

With great sadness and tears He said: “I am so sad. My Sacred Body and My Precious Blood is so little honoured today among people. They do not even think anything of it anymore, much less do they venerate it. In some places I do not any longer exist on the main altar but am on the side or completely removed from sight. In the Church, people come with little thought of showing any reverence in front of Me. Often, they do not genuflect and they talk in full voice to the distraction of others who would otherwise like to be with Me in silence. In the world, blasphemy, sacrilege, ridicule pushes Me aside more and m o re every day. Deeper and deeper they go into the abyss of sin. This offends Me so much. I am so sad. I beg of you, my child, help Me. Spread this message to people so that they will honour My Sacred Body and My Precious Blood which was sacrificed on the Cross for all of you and is sacrificed daily still.”

Very sadly He said, “Pray the Divine Mercy chaplet every day as often as you can, I beg you, and repeat this prayer as often as you can throughout the day for the forgiveness of sin”.

“Tell people to honour My Sacred Presence in the Blessed Sacrament abiding in their Churches. I also wish My priests to speak about this Holy Mystery so that people will know Me more. I am your Lord and your God and I desire that you all come to Me.” He had become more cheerful as He opened out His arms and lots of little lambs gathered around Him. Embracing them He smiled and said: “I am your Good Shepherd. Amen.”

I have never seen Our Lord so sad, so tearful and I too was crying in receiving this message.

I answered, “Thank You, My Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.”

11 September

St Raphaels, Merrylands:

During the Mass when I received Holy Communion Our Lord urged me to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet. I didn’t understand why but I felt an urgency to pray this chaplet. I felt that there must have been a need for it. He rushed me and then went away. After Mass I stayed and prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet.

15th AUGUST, 1994


In the church of St Margaret Mary, Merrylands. Our Blessed Mother appeared to me smiling and said, “My children, today is the very special feast of My Assumption into Heaven. It is very important for you to give Me a great honour of My Assumption. Your Heavenly Mother ascended into paradise, Soul and Body on this feast. The Saints and Angels constantly rejoice and praise Me for who I am, the Mother of My Son Jesus.”

“Constantly, the Saints and Angels, all Heavenly Beings leap for joy, singing and praising Me for they are so happy to be with Us in Heaven. Also, many souls, on this special day, come to Heaven. God gives many graces. They are overwhelmed with joy.” (These are souls lifted up from Purgatory )

“Now, I come to give you good news, My children. I come to announce to you that Jesus will soon reign on earth.”

“He will come in His Glory.”

“He can no longer watch so sinful and corrupt a world. He lowers His hand to purify the nations. Many catastrophic disasters are happening and will persist very frequently one after another. Once they get over one disaster another is happening. Until mankind realises God is letting His anger on His children on earth, these things will continue to happen.

They are not obedient to His will.”

“Lose no hope, My children, when you see all these disasters happening. Pray and have faith and trust in Jesus. Jesus will soon reign on earth. Be happy and grateful for He is preparing for you a new era of peace and will establish a Kingdom among His people. He will finally chain the devil and he will no longer be able to deceive you.”

“My children, don’t lose hope. Keep praying, have faith in Us, My children. I bless you all, My children. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Thankyou, Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

We must pray the Holy Rosary daily for World Peace.

10th May

Blessed Mother appeared to me with little baby Jesus in her arms. Se smiled at me and said, “When people beg you to pray for them and ask Me favours on their behalf, tell them in my name to pray the Most Holy Rosary – the Joyful mysteries. These are My favourite mysteries because I am holding My little Son Jesus in My Holy arms. Lord little infant Jesus, my little “bub” My Beloved Son. He brings such a joy to my Immaculate Heart, the little baby, the Saviour that I bore for all of you.

Our Blessed Mother continued, “Tell people that when they pray these mysteries sincerely from their heart, they will receive many graces and their petitions will be answered. Why do I hold My Son Jesus in my arms? Because I am constantly offering Him to you and I want to place Him in the arms of each and everyone of you My children.

Tell people to trust me and to come and seek my aid. I am your Mother and I love you all very much and I want you to love My Son Jesus who also loves you all very much.”

Thankyou my beautiful Holy Mother for loving us so much and for giving us your Son Jesus.

22 April 1994

This morning whilst I was praying my morning offerings, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me.

He said, “I am the Angel of the Lord.”

“I came to refresh your memory about the catastrophes that you already know about and that our Lord had revealed to you.”

The Angel said, “The time is very near. The prophecies that were foretold are coming true and will be fulfilled. The Chastisement is meant for the whole world.”

The Angel showed me how the earth and the heavenly sky will tremble. Severe weather, earthquakes so powerful that the earth will be thrown out of orbit. “People will think that it is doomsday, that it is the end of the world,” said the angel.

I asked the Angel, “What is the meaning of doomsday?” It didn’t sound good. He explained to me that it will not be the end of the world but that it will be severe.

The Angel said, “All will go to dust and to ruins.”

He showed me how the earth will open up and fires will spit out. Whatever will be in the path of the fires will be destroyed. There will be destruction everywhere. Darkness and despair will spread all over the world.

The Angel then said, “Those that survive will lose all hope and be full of despair.”

I witnessed all that the Angel was showing me. I was shown that when the earthquake struck, it was so powerful, that all the houses were instantly flattened to the ground. All I could see before me were mountains of dirt.

I saw my house sliding forward about one hundred metres. It was ripped from its foundations but was intact the whole time.

At that moment, I said to the Angel, “I can see death at my door.”

The Angel then raised his hand and said, “No, you will not die in this.”

All of a sudden I saw my house pulled back to its original foundations. It was as though it was sitting on a huge rug and then supernaturally the house slid back to its original position.

At the same time, I could see people coming out from where they had been seeking refuge. I saw two ladies coming out of a kitchen cabinet. The house had all gone, apart from the kitchen cabinet. They appeared very shaken and frightened, still holding on to each other. They both survived.

I saw people crying and panicking in desperation. I saw my house, all the doors wide open and inside I could see the statue of the Blessed Mother surrounded by many lit candles.

I was very courageous at that moment telling people to kneel down and pray the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The Angel told me, “Your house will be a refuge for people. Tell people only through prayer and begging God for mercy that they will be protected. You will console people.”

I felt that I had a great strength coming from God. I did not feel any fear and I had no sadness but amazing strength to console people around me.

The Angel said, “When you pray, say to the Lord, ‘May Your will be done my Lord’. Repeat this, because this must come to purify the world. It cannot be stopped.”

“Tell people that after the Purification there will be a new beginning, a new spring of peace, love and joy in the world.”

“You have no idea how beautiful it will be.”

The Purification must happen for the world to come back to God.

I asked the Lord many times, “Can you avoid punishing and chastising the world?”

He said, “Valentina, my child, how can I purify the world unless I chastise it.”

Our Lord said, “Tell people there is always hope after the Chastisement. There is always hope for a beautiful future if they trust in Me.”

15th April

An angel appeared and spoke, “I am the angel of the Lord, sent to tell you that the Lord will soon give a mini-judgement to the world. In a moment, people will feel a spinning in their heads. They will not understand what is happening to them. They will feel they have lost control of their minds. Then, they will see, like in a flame, their entire life pass before them. At first they will not realise but they then will know that it comes from God. They will panic, they will try to adjust their lives, this will come as a great surprise and very soon.”

Our Lord appeared, sitting on a throne, and spoke, “You must pray with love. Your prayers are not wasted. My children. Tell my children that My coming is very soon. Tell My children to call me to come. Praise Me. Pray and praise!