16th August

Our Lord Jesus came to me this morning when I was praying. He said, “It is I, your Lord who speaks. I come to give you God news of My coming. (Jesus was smiling) My coming is ever so near. I will come to free you from all your sufferings and slavery of evil.

I will gather all My sheep in one pasture. There they will be safe forever. I will soon open the gate to freedom. The people will jump for joy. They will know that I, their Lord and God has done this or them. I know My sheep and they know Me too, and I will lead then to a beautiful green pasture. My people will sing for joy and they will praise their Lord for He has kept His promise.”

He continued, “Tell My people to sing a canticle to the Lord for He is good. His love and mercy never end. He is coming.”

Then he said again, “See I am coming, rejoice and be glad. Alleluia, Alleluia. These are My Holy Words. Tell My children not to be sad and never despair, but to have hope and trust in their Lord.”

I said, “Thankyou Lord. Come Lord Jesus Christ, come soon. You always say You are coming but how soon are you coming? People are waiting for your coming.” He smiled and said, “I am coming soon. In your times.”

12th August

The Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary said, “My daughter I come to warn you again. How sad I am to tell you this message. I wish you to speak to all my children and tell them how essential is prayer and sacrifice in these critical times that you live in. There is no peace but corruption everywhere. The dragon, the evil one is raging, he succeeds. He tries to destroy everything. So easily people allow him to lead them. In his cunning way he is offering them all the goods of this world. People are becoming more and more materialistic. Their greed, pride and all their pleasures and entertainment these are their Gods. But for their souls, they give so little thought. They do not think about when this life ceases on earth what will happen to them. For this life is short, it ends quickly and you have so little to offer to God.

See my child how hard I try to persuade my children to change their lives for the better, to pray and to sacrifice something for God. Let people look at their lives and change and not live in sin, but to adjust and to live more in holiness and chastity. God is purity and chastity, He wishes that his children be the same and live by his Commandments.

It is useless if a person gains the whole world and loses with sin, his soul. Then he loses eternal life in God. My Son is so offended, how much He is offended. How long can He hold back. Only through your conversion and prayer He can be merciful and you can be saved from punishment. People think if they pray one “Our Father” and one “Hail Mary”, their petition will be granted right away. No, my children, God wants you to sacrifice more, convert and pray from your heart. Only then are graces given out of His love and mercy. God chose you Valentina to speak the truth that We tell you. We are always with you, I bless you. Go in peace.”

I replied, “Thank you my loving Mother, please pray for your children.” Then she turned around and smiled at me and she said, “Pray the Holy Rosary every day. That way you will defeat all the evil that is around you.”

2nd August

This morning when I was praying, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me and he showed me the map of the world. He told me that many disasters will come from now on in the world. Storms, earthquakes and mudslides and too much water. These catastrophical events all have to do with the weather.

I was shown the map of the world and the Angel explained to me where these events would take place. He showed me many places where disasters will happen and then he said, “You must tell people to pray more. People should pray more and stop offending God. Tell them to convert and change their way of life.”

3rd July

Message 1:

During Mass, St Patrick’s, Guildford.

Our Lord said, “Unite your sufferings to mine. Console me for I am gravely offended by the sin continuously committed in this troubled world. Tell me you love me. Accept the suffering I give you. They are the blessings from Heaven given to you, my child. Pray for all and ask me to have mercy on all.”

Message 2:

Today, I had a very difficult day with many troubles. Our Lord said, “My child, don’t complain when things go wrong. Accept them with love. I still gave you good weather today. Be always grateful for all my gifts.”

I replied, “Sorry, my Lord, for offending you. I offer everything to you and I thank you. I love you very much.”

1st July

Lord Jesus came to me in the morning waking me suddenly. He smiled and said, “Good Morning, My loving child. Last night, I blessed you so you could have a good nights sleep. While you were sleeping, I watched over you to protect you. I place you in my Sacred Heart so you can rest safely there, and while you sleep, I prepare a new day for you so you can be happy and rejoice. Then you wake up like a little child in my arms. Like a little child I take care of you as a father loves his children.”

I replied, “I love you, my Lord, and I thank you for all your blessings and most of all, because you love us so much.”

25th June

Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, my child, do not ask where to go or what to do. I choose you to do my will. Go My daughter to places wherever you can, even to the end of the world. People must know Me and recognise Me before it is too late. You are all living in times when you can no longer survive without Me. I am your God and your Saviour, supreme above all beings. The times are near, very near, for my intervention, for so many are deceived by the evil one.

Tell people my love for all is beyond comprehension. I love you all. Please return to your God and Saviour of all. Do not be afraid my child. Speak the truth that I teach you and tell everyone of my infinite love. I am always with you to guide you and protect you. I am your Lord, your teacher and your God. Go in peace. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, thankyou for your Holy Words. I love you.” Before our Lord came to give this message, Blessed Mother appeared to me to prepare me. Se said, “My child you must kneel when My son is talking to you and you must write kneeling down, because My Son is so Holy.”

20th June

I was thanking Our Heavenly Father for the day and offering Him everything, when suddenly He appeared to me and said, “It pleases Me very much when you offer everything to Me and also that you trust and confide in Me. My children you must pray constantly now. This year is consecrated to Me. You must have a great desire that I will soon change this world, so that you will then be living in my Divine Will.”

Our Heavenly Father then said, “I give you this prayer so that you can recite it every day.”

My Father, Our Father, I thank You for this day and every day on behalf of myself and all your children on earth. Please Father hear our prayer and make soon, a new world, so that all will recognise You and love You as their Father and Creator of heaven and earth, and may Your will be done. We plead You hear our prayer and answer us. AMEN.”

I replied, “Thank you dear Father, we love You. Please come quickly.”

7th June

Our Lord Jesus came to me and said, “My child, write this word of mine and tell everyone how we love to be together. How we share all our secrets. How happy you are when you see me and when you don’t see me you still confide everything to me and you tell me everything. How happy you make me. I forget the troubles of the world and my sadness turns to joy and laughter. Even the Saints and Angels present laughed with me and were very happy for me. I wish if my children of this world would do the same, I would be the happiest God in Heaven. For a while they are with me but they quickly go to their worldly way and forget about me. How sad I am.”

He continued, “They do not trust in me completely, Pray, I hunger for your love! Console me and tell me you love me for others. Tell me you love me and together we will rejoice.”

3rd June

This morning during the Mass at St. Raphael’s Church, Our Lord Jesus said to me, “Today my children you celebrate My Holy Body and Precious Blood, ‘Corpus Christi!’ My children this feast is very special. It is to remind you that at the Last Supper I gave myself to my disciples to share, first with them, and then through them to all of you. At each Mass that is celebrated, I give my Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity over and over to you when you receive Me in the Eucharist. Please my child speak of my Holy Presence in the Eucharist and tell Priests not to be afraid to tell people to confess before they receive Me in Holy Communion.

How offended I am when I come to your soul which is dark, like black mud. Why My children, why do you do this to Me? Do not listen to these modem Bishops and Priests who tell you not to confess any more. They are, very wrong. My children go to the good shepherds and faithful priests. They will help you. Make a good confession, it will free you from all the guilt you carry in yourselves. My children please obey Me. A good confession is a healing process for your souls. This is the first step towards your healing. I speak in regard to sick people, very sick people. The first step is a good confession, then the healing proceeds slowly when these souls are free from all the dirt and darkness. Please obey Me. I am waiting to free you from all your sins. Your loving Lord Jesus.”

Our Lord Jesus very often laments to me about how people receive Him unworthily, without first going to confession. If we only knew the sorrow we cause Our Lord Jesus, we would do anything rather than offend Him.

25th April

Lord Jesus appeared very sad. He said, “My child how sad I am today for the many offences and blasphemies I receive throughout the world. Then He said, “Look at my Sacred Heart, it is bleeding, full of thorns that pierce Me constantly. The world today is full of hate and corruption, there is no peace, and no love among mankind. Everywhere I look there is no peace, but crime, corruption, killing, abortion of little innocent lives, murder, impurity, greed and pride. They do not live my Commandments any more. There is no more remorse for sin. Even in the Church it is full of pride. Everybody is handling Me in the Eucharist as if I am some kind of sweet or a lolly. The people receive Me unworthily, full of unconfessed sins. They read the Word of God but they do not live the Word and they do not run away from sin. They continue to offend Me.”

My child how sad I am. Please help Me. Speak these true holy words of mine to Priests. Tell them to speak openly to people and to teach them my Commandments. For all the things that are wrong in the churches today, they shall suffer and be judged severely. Tell them to genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament. Teach my little children to give Me, reverence for I am offended in front of all Heaven. All Heaven is crying for Me, your Lord and your Saviour Jesus Christ. Please I beg you my children do not handle Me in the Eucharist, but receive Me worthily and reverently on your tongues, for I am full of mercy and love, waiting for you to change. Ask Me. I will help you, for I know your weaknesses.

Ladies, please do not handle Me and run around the Altar. You think you please Me. No my children, you offend Me gravely. For I did not choose women. I chose men to be Priests from the very beginning. I chose the apostles. They were my first Priests. Pray my children and be humble. I love you without your running around the Sacred Table, for this is not for you. I love you all and bless you, please console Me my children for I am gravely offended.”

When Lord Jesus was speaking to me I started to cry because He was so sad and His Heart was bleeding because of the many offences He receives. Please console Our Lord by changing the way we live.

18th April

Lord Jesus appeared to me when I was very sad and He said to me, “Why are you so sad my child? Do not let the things you see on the television frighten or worry you. Stay close to Me.” Then I said to Him, “My Lord and my God, everything I see and hear depresses me very much. Can’t You stop all this horrible suffering.” Then Our Lord said, “My child this was foretold a long time ago, that towards the end of this century these things will come. It can only be mitigated and stopped with your prayers my children.”

Then I said, “My Lord I cannot even pray when I see all this killing and suffering going on.” Our Lord replied, “Trust only in Me. There is more to come, more to experience each day, but you will easily overcome all these trials, if you only call on Me and trust Me. Never stay too long away from Me, because you will soon find yourselves lost. Run to my Sacred Heart. There is your refuge, there you will be safe. Courageously say, who can go against me when my Lord is with me. This will give you fall trust and love and protection from Me.”

I said, “My Lord in your presence I already feel better.” He smiled at me and then I said, “Thank you my beautiful Lord Jesus, full of mercy and love. I love You.”

11th April

Feast of the Divine Mercy

Our Lord Jesus appeared to me during the prayer of Divine Mercy. He was smiling gently and He said, “My children, you were called here today to celebrate my Divine Mercy.” Then He added, “My daughter, I want you to immerse everyone in my Divine Mercy and beg on their behalf. Especially for those who offend Me greatly and who refuse my mercy and love.” He repeated, “Beg my child, so they can return to the Father, for they live but they are dead, because they refuse my love and mercy.”

Then He spoke about the faithful ones, those who love Him by saying, “My faithful little remnant, my devoted children who console Me and love Me, you are in the midst of all this evil. You are my consolation and through you, I pour my mercy on all. Your prayers shine all the way to heaven. My little children, pray, pray for others so that my mercy will reach out to all, I tell you my children, I pour abundant mercy to all on earth and I am waiting for my poor unfortunate children to return to the Father who is full of mercy and love and who expects you to turn away from your sins and the evil which deceives you. My children the day is near, very near when I will judge you in the miniature. Swiftly my just hand will reach all humanity. I will give you a last chance to return to Me. But for those of you who refuse my mercy and infinite love my just hand will soon fall on you in the chastisement.”

He continued, “I love you my children and I suffered for all to save you and to redeem you. How sad I am when you offend Me and you turn your back on Me, your loving and merciful Lord. Please do not wait, just think and decide now my children before my just hand reaches you. Amen.” I answered, “Jesus we love you and beg You to have mercy on us. Merciful Jesus we trust in You.”

3rd March

Lord Jesus said, “Come to Me, my child, and unite your prayers to Me and all that you do. There is so much to tell you. Things in the world are worsening day by day as you come close to happening events.” He smiled and continued, “There is very short time for all of you here on earth.”

I asked Him, “You mean that we will all die?”

Our Lord Jesus smiled and answered, “Considering what you have just asked Me, you do have a very short time in your life, even if you live to be 100, that is short, compared to Eternity. No, my child, you won’t die, not yet, but what I want all My children to understand is to prepare spiritually. Make your faith grow stronger, for there are many trials to go through and suffering ahead of you. Pray more. Pray that you will be able to endure and overcome all these trials. This is the hard test I give you for your faith. Never lose your courage but stay close, united to Me and My Beloved and Holy Mother. We will protect you and help you. I love you all. My children, Go in Peace.”


During the Holy Rosary Our Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy, came and said. “It is so nice to see you my children, gathered together in prayer in such a big number. You console Us greatly.

Then she continued. “My daughter it is through Me and my Son that you were called here so that We could give you this message. I want to tell you my child that the third world war is ever so near. They are preparing and it is not far away. I spoke to you in previous messages about this war, but now it is close at hand, it is almost at the door. No more years away, but ever so close.

This war is not a normal war, but a horrific war. I am speaking through you to warn all my children, and I want to tell you that millions and millions of lives will perish and there will be terrible suffering.

I want you to tell people that nothing is important any more except prayer. You must pray more. You are taken away with other daily chores and you neglect the most important thing – your prayers. Prayer is your salvation my children. The devil is raging through the world. He wants to destroy all humanity. One good thing is that God in His mercy will give a sign to the world before this horrific war starts.

Many countries are linked together with Iraq and are planning for this disaster to happen.” “My dear Mother,” I said. “I would rather die than go through this horrible time. What will happen to all of us? To our families?

She was looking at me and crying and She said. “You must be courageous my daughter. You will receive consolation and strength from heaven and so will all Our children who love Us and pray to Us. Tell people to convert, to go to confession frequently and to pray. I will never leave you, this I promise you.”

When the Blessed Mother was telling me this, She was crying very much. I too cried when I heard this horrible news, but we must not despair. She has given us Her word of hope. She will never leave us, and if we continue to pray, then maybe in God’s mercy all this can still be stopped.

Thank you, Our Mother Mary, Most Holy. Please protect us.

10th February

Our Lord Jesus said, “My children, how I suffered for all of you in My Passion and Crucifixion. Just stop and think step by step and stop and think again. My suffering was so great and unbearable. I did all of this out of love to save you and redeem you, but how sad is your Lord in the world today. Not many think of Me or remember Me. The worldly goods and material things take you away from Me. More and more they push Me away. They don’t need their God any more, but I want to remind you again of My Passion and Suffering. Look around the world and see the signs that I give you. They are here and there and they will increase until humanity will bend their knees and ask for forgiveness and mercy. I suffer myself so you all must suffer. Only then they will recognise Me as their Lord and King.”

I replied, “Lord have mercy on all humanity.”