22 April 1994

This morning whilst I was praying my morning offerings, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me.

He said, “I am the Angel of the Lord.”

“I came to refresh your memory about the catastrophes that you already know about and that our Lord had revealed to you.”

The Angel said, “The time is very near. The prophecies that were foretold are coming true and will be fulfilled. The Chastisement is meant for the whole world.”

The Angel showed me how the earth and the heavenly sky will tremble. Severe weather, earthquakes so powerful that the earth will be thrown out of orbit. “People will think that it is doomsday, that it is the end of the world,” said the angel.

I asked the Angel, “What is the meaning of doomsday?” It didn’t sound good. He explained to me that it will not be the end of the world but that it will be severe.

The Angel said, “All will go to dust and to ruins.”

He showed me how the earth will open up and fires will spit out. Whatever will be in the path of the fires will be destroyed. There will be destruction everywhere. Darkness and despair will spread all over the world.

The Angel then said, “Those that survive will lose all hope and be full of despair.”

I witnessed all that the Angel was showing me. I was shown that when the earthquake struck, it was so powerful, that all the houses were instantly flattened to the ground. All I could see before me were mountains of dirt.

I saw my house sliding forward about one hundred metres. It was ripped from its foundations but was intact the whole time.

At that moment, I said to the Angel, “I can see death at my door.”

The Angel then raised his hand and said, “No, you will not die in this.”

All of a sudden I saw my house pulled back to its original foundations. It was as though it was sitting on a huge rug and then supernaturally the house slid back to its original position.

At the same time, I could see people coming out from where they had been seeking refuge. I saw two ladies coming out of a kitchen cabinet. The house had all gone, apart from the kitchen cabinet. They appeared very shaken and frightened, still holding on to each other. They both survived.

I saw people crying and panicking in desperation. I saw my house, all the doors wide open and inside I could see the statue of the Blessed Mother surrounded by many lit candles.

I was very courageous at that moment telling people to kneel down and pray the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The Angel told me, “Your house will be a refuge for people. Tell people only through prayer and begging God for mercy that they will be protected. You will console people.”

I felt that I had a great strength coming from God. I did not feel any fear and I had no sadness but amazing strength to console people around me.

The Angel said, “When you pray, say to the Lord, ‘May Your will be done my Lord’. Repeat this, because this must come to purify the world. It cannot be stopped.”

“Tell people that after the Purification there will be a new beginning, a new spring of peace, love and joy in the world.”

“You have no idea how beautiful it will be.”

The Purification must happen for the world to come back to God.

I asked the Lord many times, “Can you avoid punishing and chastising the world?”

He said, “Valentina, my child, how can I purify the world unless I chastise it.”

Our Lord said, “Tell people there is always hope after the Chastisement. There is always hope for a beautiful future if they trust in Me.”

15th April

An angel appeared and spoke, “I am the angel of the Lord, sent to tell you that the Lord will soon give a mini-judgement to the world. In a moment, people will feel a spinning in their heads. They will not understand what is happening to them. They will feel they have lost control of their minds. Then, they will see, like in a flame, their entire life pass before them. At first they will not realise but they then will know that it comes from God. They will panic, they will try to adjust their lives, this will come as a great surprise and very soon.”

Our Lord appeared, sitting on a throne, and spoke, “You must pray with love. Your prayers are not wasted. My children. Tell my children that My coming is very soon. Tell My children to call me to come. Praise Me. Pray and praise!

4th March

The Angel of the Lord appeared to me today while I was praying the Holy Rosary and said, “I was sent to you by the Lord to tell you that very soon, in the near future, you people will be deceived by the anti-Christ. He will proclaim he is the son of God the Lord Jesus Christ. He will perform a lot of miracles, consoling people and He will promise them peace. Many people will follow him, even Christians and Catholics. He will speak to people through television and make all kinds of empty promises. You must tell people not to watch because He will hypnotise them if they look at him or speak to him.”

The Angel pointed with His finger up to heaven and He said, “You know that Lord Jesus is in heaven. He will come, but not yet. Tell people to always look up to heaven and trust only in the Lord Jesus and call on Him for help. When all this confusion comes, tell people to follow the anti-christ and not to believe in him, because he will deceive you.”

In the vision the angel showed me everything that will happen. I saw this person, the anti-christ. He was very friendly. A big crowd was following him on the street and he was touching people and consoling them and promising them all good things and he was blessing them.

He looks very much like our Lord Jesus. He was wearing a long white robe and his hair was shoulder length. He was comforting people by telling them that everything would be all right and to trust in him and not to worry because he was now among hem.

Then the Angel continued, “I also warn you people that you will all be persecuted by the Muslims. They too hate Catholics and Christians. They will be very cunning and friendly. They will invite you into their houses and try to give you good hospitality by offering something to eat or drink then they will ask you what religion you believe. As soon as you tell them that you are Catholic or Christian, you will not walk out of the house alive. They will torture you and cut you up into pieces.”

I asked the Angel why Our Lord would permit such a horrible thing to happen to us. The Angel answered me, “you will be all put to the test for your faith. Tell people to pray that Our Lord will give you the grace to go though all this when the time comes.


Holy Mary appeared to me and said, “My child listen to me, that I see everything with My Holy Eye and I know everything. Be more careful, don’t tell people everything. Don’t trust every person. You think that when you see people coming to church and they pray a lot, don’t think they are all sincere and honest. In the end they carry a lot of evil and jealousy. Learn to offer everything to me and my Son Jesus Christ.

Trust only completely in Us. I know you will suffer a lot. The evil spirit is very cunning and he is going to look at every little thing and will try to destroy the messages that me and my Son are giving you. She said, “Be courageous and pray a lot and trust only in me and my Son who will give you the courage and strength to continue.”

“Receive the Hold Sacrament of Reconciliation very often, that way he cannot destroy and has no power over you.”

Thank you Blessed Mother, my Beloved Mother.


This morning while I was praying, Blessed Mary Most Holy came to visit. She told me that we will visit some Souls in Purgatory today. She does this often.

We saw many suffering Souls in a huge place like a park. Each time Our Blessed Mother takes me to places like that, one thing always surprises me. With permission from Our Blessed Mother, I can ask them questions. They are very happy to see us. They touch me and call me by name.

“They all want something from you,” the Holy Mother said. “My child, you can pray for them and offer Holy Masses for them. This will ease their suffering.” I asked the Blessed Mother, “My beautiful Mother of Grace how can I offer a mass for all these people? There are thousands. I would have to sell my house and that would probably not be enough.”

Holy Mary smiled and hugged me, saying, “No need to sell your house and pay for their Masses. When you go to church to attend Mass, you yourself offer these people and it will atone for their sins and will help to ease their pain. Continue to do this and they will progress spiritually and slowly they will be purified and will go to Heaven.”

I said “Thankyou, Holy Mother, for explaining this to me. I love you, my Mother.”

December 1993

Do not Dwell on the Past
(not previously published)

Today our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, do not dwell on the past, but always in the present time. Tell all other people too. I also want you to tell people never to despair in their lives, even if things are not good, and there is no way out.”

“Observe these Times; they are changing. These are the Times that I am preparing. Do you know that I Am Almighty God, and I can change things, even the most stubborn heart of a person?” He said.

With a gentle smile, our Lord continued, “Of course, with your help and your prayers, I can change nature that you all admire, and that is so beautiful. In the same way, humanity can experience inner beauty, joy and peace, and they can rejoice in My Love.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, I too, see the beauty in nature. This divine nature, so green, and full of flowers of all varieties. Oh, how I admire all this wonderful nature of Your creation.”

Jesus was smiling and listening to me, and then He responded, “Yes, this is the living nature of My Life. See how happy you are in My Presence and My Love.”

He proceeds to make the Sign of the Cross over me. He said, “Now I will bless you + in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

I said, “Thank you, Lord, for teaching and revealing to all of us Your true Love and Mercy.”

Our Lord is teaching us not to lose hope when we are in despair when things go wrong in our lives, we must turn to Him and ask Him to help us, and He will help us.

19 August

Lord Jesus said, “My child, today I will teach you of My intimate Presence and Love, I am like a child who wants constant attention and love from its parents and those who love it. My child, when you think of Me and you tell Me that you love Me, I follow you everywhere you go and We are One.”

“There are times you think I am far away from you and do not hear you but My child, I am right next to you. When you decide to do things without Me I am sad and watch you at a distance. When you turn away from Me I am very sad and I wait for you to turn to me and ask Me again to be with you because you miss Me. Even when you have a cup of tea and you do not think of inviting Me to be present, I am standing beside you and watching you sadly.”

“Remember, My child, learn to invite me every moment of your life to be present with you. Let Me console you. Let Me give you joy. Let Me guide you. Let Me love you. Let Me give you peace. Let Me live in you. Together We are One. You can do nothing without Me because everything you do comes from Me and everything you receive comes with My love and blessings.”

I replied, “Thank you, My Lord Jesus, for all your graces and blessings.
I love you.”

12th August

During my morning prayers, Our Lord Jesus appeared. He looked extremely sad as he held His Hand to His chest and asked, “Why do I always point to My Heart?”

Two rays of light were coming out of each side of His Sacred Heart. He continued, “My Child, I want you to tell people to take the picture of My Divine Mercy from their drawers and place It on the wall where I’m well known and visible in their homes, tell them to pray and to ask for my mercy and forgiveness of sin every day. Time is running out, so is My Mercy. Tell them to beg for forgiveness and mercy, for themselves and the world. It is such a sinful world today that has never in the history of mankind been before. Tell people My justice is at hand.”

He concluded by saying, “I beg you. My Child, spread this message to all the people you come in contact with. I bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. I replied, “Thank you. My Lord Jesus!”

12th May

This morning as I was praying the Holy Rosary, the Holy Mother appeared very sad her head was bowed down. She was silent for quite some time and I felt her sadness. I couldn’t understand why she appeared this way. So I asked Blessed Mother, “Why are you so sad?” She lifted up her head and smiled. Then she spoke saying, “I was waiting for you to ask me this.”

She continued, “See my child, all over the world I am appearing sad and I am crying. This is the only way I can get your attention so that all my children will come close to Me so that you are all with me so that I can lead you to God. How quickly you forget my messages. In your daily lives you are so preoccupied that you are distant from me. This is not as I wish. The evil spirit is very quick to lead you and how easily you are led away by him. He leads you far away from Me and from God. Tell My children that with all My sorrow, underneath that sadness there is a great happiness in My heart how much I love you My children, My wish is that you would stay close to me.”

She then went on to explain why She appears under Her different titles, “I remain only the one Mother of God and I wish my children to pray, honouring these different titles. It pleases Me that they not only pray themselves but that they spread devotion, honouring these various titles. That is the way I lead them to my beloved Son, Jesus.”

The Holy Mother said to me personally, “I am so happy that you silently honour Me and talk to Me, trusting in Me and sharing My concerns for all the world. Even when you don’t see me, I am with you, leading you. Be happy and courageous that I am blessing you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and that I am leading you to My Son.”

I replied, “Thank you beloved Holy Mother, Mother of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ.”

16th April

During my morning prayer Jesus spoke, saying, “Soon it will be the first sign as I told you long ago.” I saw complete darkness around the world. A huge circle of brilliant light opened up in the sky and a cross appeared in the middle.

Jesus continued, “This is the sign I will give to people on earth that I exist.” I then said, because I was sad, “Jesus, can’t You change the hearts and minds of people so that they will love You and recognise You?” Jesus replied, “My child, I give enough signs and warnings but they are blind and deaf. They don’t want to know.”

I cried and cried and I begged Jesus for mercy. He thanked me for stepping into His passion when I prayed. He said this to console Me. Jesus said: “Yes My child, how I suffered. I would do it all over again, I love you so much. But souls don’t realise what awaits them, loss or gain. Now you understand why only few enter heaven they make no effort to go there.”

In conclusion He said, “I bless you all in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

9 January 1993

The Water of Life
(not previously published)

When I prayed this morning, the angel of the Lord came. The angel was so beautiful and young looking, with the most beautiful eyes.

He said, “I was sent by our Lord Jesus, and I have a message for you to tell you that you must come with me.”

In a split moment, accompanied by the angel, I found myself in a most beautiful place with lush green grass and lovely trees. I had a strong feeling that I was in a heavenly Garden and that I had been here before. In the middle of the Garden, on the green grass, I saw a beautiful, elegant chair, that looked like a Throne Chair.

The angel said, “Today, you are worthy that you are to sit on this High Chair.” I obeyed the angel and sat on the chair. In an instant, I felt such inner joy and happiness.

The angel then said, “Now, you will drink the Living Water that our Lord is giving you.”
Next to the High Chair was a softly running stream of crystal clear water. In his hand, the angel held a dish made of grey pewter material. With the dish, he scooped up the water from the stream and gave it to me to drink. He said, “Now you are drinking the Water of Life, and today you are worthy of drinking this Water of Life, our Lord Jesus is cleansing you and giving you life.”

The Water was so tasty and refreshing. The angel gave Me three scoops of the Water to drink. I felt so blissfully happy and joyful, like a little girl, of about seven to eight years of age. At that moment, I did not understand; I only gave praise and thanks to our Lord for the beautiful gift and love that He shared with all of us. Everyone can share in this when you love Jesus. The Water of Life is a purification of our soul, and as our soul is purified, it comes closer and closer to God.

Thank you, My Lord and My God, that I was worthy to drink the Water of Life.

13th November

Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “My child, it is time for Me to give you a message of My coming. My coming is very near, tell people. I am coming before I’m expected to, My coming is very near.

I answered sadly, “Lord Jesus, not all the people are yet ready for your arrival.”

He replied, “don’t worry, not all the people will be ever ready for My coming. What ever I promised will be done, time has passed but My word will and has remained. Tell people to be happy and to rejoice every day about My coming and tell them to pray, LORD JESUS COME, LORD JESUS COME, LORD JESUS TO YOUR KINGDOM. Tell them to repeat this constantly throughout the day.”

I answered, “thankyou my God and my Lord.” At this time when I received this message, Lord Jesus was sitting on a throne very happily, He wore the most unusual but beautiful outfit, that consisted of a wine red and purple colouring trimmed with gold. Whilst speaking to me He seamed extremely joyous about His nearing arrival.

4th November

Holy Mother from Heaven said, “My child, I am so sad at the things that people ask you to pray for on their behalf. They ask you to pray for the grace to see me as you do. How little faith in God they have when they ask such a thing. How superficial is their reception of my message. They take my messages as a game, they don’t take them seriously. Don’t they realise what is going on in the world. The world is in complete darkness, full of sin. Look at Me, how I cry constantly for My children. Take My messages Seriously, I beg of you and live them so that you can help Me.

People think that praying one Our Father, one Hail Mary they should see Me straight away. My children, don’t live out of curiosity, take prayer Seriously. I don’t decide who can see Me or not, it is God Who decides this. It is a special grace that God chooses such a soul for His purposes and every day God gives suffering to that soul in sacrificing itself to God. Tell people that when they pray sincerely from their hearts, I am near them. They have no need to see me, I am present.

Here in this homeland of Australia, people sacrifice very little for God, they like a life of ease. For the little they pray they expect instant answers and to be rewarded straight away. Look at Me, how sad I am, I cry for all these. Tell them to receive whatever God gives them, even sufferings. Tell them to pray and to sacrifice themselves for the world so that My Immaculate Heart will triumph over the sins of the world.”

I beg of you, let us all take seriously her messages and help her. God bless you.

20TH OCTOBER, 1992

I asked our Lord Jesus, “Why are you sending me to Greek people?”

He responded, “They do not pray the Holy Rosary and to renew their faith, and because of your sincere, purely open prayers you offered for the niece of a lady you met and consoled, you asked Me to heal the child. Remember, that is mainly why I send you to them, so that they can know Me and love Me more.”

Lord Jesus, please hear their petition and help them.

Our Lord answered, “Tell them to come closer to Me and to know Me. I am extending the blessing to all of them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all the blessings and love we receive every day and every moment of our lives.

9th JULY, 1992

Message given the morning after prayer meeting and talk about messages and Heavenly experiences.

Between 3am and 5am while reciting The Holy Rosary, Blessed Mother appeared to me and She was very happy. She greeted me and said, “My child, today I come to you most joyful and thankful that you praised My Beloved Son Jesus so beautifully when you spoke to that group of women and their enthusiastic response to every Holy word you spoke.”

“My children, if you could only see and experience how happy this makes My Son and I, you would praise Him non stop, night and day and love Him with all your heart. See My child, when you all praise Him, He forgets about His suffering and the agony He went through for all of you. Praise and love My Beloved Son, praise Him every minute and give Him thanks and glory. At this moment He will pour many graces upon you and will forget our offences and also the bad things that are happening in the world. Valentina, when you see a glowing golden light, it means that My Son and I are with you. Other children, who don’t see and experience what you do, still tell that we are present with them and to watch out for any sign of Our presence around them and that We are always near.”

“My children, when you pray remember that My Son listens to all your prayers and petitions. He covers you and embraces you with His special graces that come from Heaven. The grace of joy and happiness.”

“Again, I repeat. My child, I greet you with The Three Tears of Joy and Happiness. These tears are not of sorrow but of joy and gratitude for your love.” At that moment I saw three tears that looked like pearls coming down from Our Blessed Mothers right eye, on to Her cheek.

Then Blessed Mother said, “From 3am to 5am is a special time of grace when you pray. I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of The Holy Spirit.” She then departed very joyfully.

Our Beautiful Mother from Heaven we love You and praise You and Your Son Jesus forever.