14th November

At 2.45am, our Lord Jesus woke me and said, “Valentina, My child, look at Me. Look how sad I am in the world today. Nobody loves Me.”

Our Lord was standing near the rock where He sweats blood and suffered in the garden of Gethsemane. The garden surrounding Him was dark. Jesus was surrounded by an aura of brilliant golden light, I could make out of the olive trees, which were very big but old and gnarled.

My Lord was very sad and said, “look this is the rock where I suffered and sweated blood for all sinners in the world.”

“You know when I suffered, it was unbearable pain. Everything around Me was mourning for Me.
Even this rock where I knelt and prayed was sorry for Me. The nature, the birds, the trees, the moon and stars mourned with Me and were sorry for Me, except the people. The rock where I sweated was sorry for Me and permitted Me to inscribe these words – “Jesus, I love You,” but humanity had no remorse in them and it is the same today. No one thinks of Me, only a few who really call to Me and say “Jesus, I love You! How sad I am.”

Jesus always laments because humanity offends Him too much and they are ungrateful to Him.
I was so sorry and sad and I cried when I saw how much our Lord suffered.

25th September

Today whilst I was praying Our Lord Jesus said to me, “How sad I am to see all what is happening in the world. So much evil and corruption, pride, impurity and sin that leads the World to destruction. I warn you that you live in a very critical time of war. A horrible war that the whole World can enter into. Not a normal war but a war of deadly and poisonous weapons against humanity. I tell you my child how sad I am for all this.

Right through history men build his weapons. Weapons against one another to kill and destroy. They don’t turn to their God and Creator and ask Him to give them peace. The devil tells them and confuses the nations and the leaders of the world to hate and to kill and to prepare for the worst. Peace in the world cannot come unless I permit it. For this, I want the world to return to Me to their God and Creator before it is too late because humanity leads the way of self destruction. Pray! Pray! Pray for peace, for My intervention so I can stop all this horrible destruction.”

People often ask me what Our Lord is giving me in the messages I receive. So I asked Our Lord, “My Lord, what am I going to say to people when they ask me?”

Then Our Lord said to me, “Valentina, when people ask you what is new. What Our Lord is saying? Tell them I Am very sad for all that is happening and My Sacred Heart bleeds with sorrow. Tell them also to console Me and to do some penance so I can be merciful to all humanity. Be at peace I bless you all in the Name of the Father, and Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Our Lord Jesus was in tears as He was giving me this message and so sad. I was also crying and I was touched and worried for all that was happening in the world today. I said, “Thankyou my Lord Jesus for warning us and loving us. Have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

18th September

I was telling the Lord, “People phone me and ask me, “What is happening? “What is new?” and to help them to understand and console them with all kinds of problems and to pray for them.”
Our Lord said, “Give, give, give and serve for I am the one who refills and supplies all.”

14th September

Feast of the Holy Cross

Today Our Lord Jesus said, “Only through my cross you can come to me. The way of the cross is the road to Heaven, my children. When your last hour has come for you here on earth, my children, I shall raise you to me in the Most High.” We must have Faith and Trust and follow the way of the cross, and not to despair but always hope in the Lord.

13th September

In the church before Holy Communion. Our Lord said, “When you come to receive me pray;

My Jesus and my Lord. Now that I receive you in the Holy Eucharist nourish me with your Holy Body and purify me with your Precious Blood. Purify me, a poor sinner and I thank you.

Be always grateful and thankful, my children, for I love you.”

6th September

Before receiving Holy Communion, Our Lord Jesus said, “Each time you come to receive Me, Pray;

Lord Jesus, nourish me with Your Holy Body
and purify me with Your Precious Blood. Amen.

This will please Me very much and thank Me always. Be grateful, my children.” He speaks for everyone.


After Mass, I was still kneeling and thanking Our Lord for the Holy grace that we receive during Holy Communion.

Our Lord, as the Divine Infant of Prague, dressed in His red dalmatic and mantle, with white lace collar and cuffs, wearing a gold crown appeared at the Tabernacle and moved to the font at the doorway. There He stopped, and looking very serious.

He turned to me and said, “I want to tell you to tell the Priests that I want to be honoured here in this church and would also like My image to be in a visible place. Where everybody can honour Me and pray to Me. I promise that I will give many graces to the sick and needy. Also, it will be a protection for this place. The more you honour Me, the more I will bless you.”

I replied, “Thankyou Lord, Little Infant King.”

28th August

Today when I received Holy Communion I was thanking the Lord. He replied, “My child, if people of this Church ask you if you hate them because of the way that they are to me say these words to them: I don’t hate anybody but I’m very sad for my Lord, Jesus.” He then added, “People offend Me in this Church very much especially in the Holy Eucharist. My child be compassionate to everyone, love everyone for my sake”

I concluded, “Thankyou my Lord Jesus.”

22nd August

In the church of St Patrick’s Parramatta.

Our Lord Jesus said, “My child, honour My Mother very much and tell others to do the same. She constantly intercedes for them and prays for all of Her children. She also loves you so much. She protects you and guides you and guards you, teaches you and leads you to the right road that leads
to your salvation, the true and only road that leads to God.”

“Yes”, he said, “The pure and beautiful dove, the purest lily that I chose to be My Mother and Queen. She was Queen and crowned before Her creation. How can a King be without a Queen? She belongs to royalty. Her Queenship was designed and made by the Most Holy Trinity. For this reason, she was chosen to be the most pure and holy in everything. She is Queen of Angels, Queen of Saints, Queen of Heaven and earth and everyone and everything.” For this reason. She is so highly honoured, and yet so humble and loving. Her humility and pure love makes Her so highly raised above all creatures.”

Our Lord continued, “For this reason, I ask you to love My Mother very much and thank Her every day for all She does for you to save you from all danger that is around you all.” He said, touching His Heart, “I could have kept Her all to myself, but that would be selfish, wouldn’t it, for you don’t deserve Her. She suffered in all My suffering and we are one-one in all. For this reason, She knows your suffering to and She keeps begging Me for My mercy and forgiveness. Valentina, Love My Mother very much and tell everyone to Love Her too!

I replied, “Thankyou, my Lord, for giving us Your beautiful Mother and Queen. Have mercy on all of us sinners.”

7th July 201

This morning when I prayed, the Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy came to me. She smiled, she came with baby Jesus. He looked so beautiful. She said, “We came to thank you for speaking to people so tenderly and consoling many – especially the sick. Please continue to do this work, you help people and you make us very happy. Bring them to the road of trust to know us better. Today in the world, so many need help because they live in darkness.”

The Blessed and beautiful Mother said, “I place the baby in your arms because you love Him so much.” The baby Jesus was smiling. I noticed, his eyes were so blue – like a shining pearl. He was wearing white and soft blue. Blessed Mary, our Mother was also wearing those colours.

She said, “Help me to put this little vest on Him over the white one.” He opened His arms out, as a grown person would do. The Blessed Mother smiled and said, “You dress Him”. So I put the vest on Him and then Our Lord baby spoke like a grown person. He said, “Each time you speak to people or convert somebody, you put the vest on me. By doing this Glory comes to me and you make me happy and joyful.”

“Valentina, don’t be like other who pray and call my name but still see fault in others. I call them hypocrites.” I was astonished that baby Jesus, as little as He was, knew how to talk. This had happened before, that he had done the same, but this surprised ne very much, how He knew everything.

When He finished speaking he said to me, “I want my Mama!” The blessed Mother and I just smiled. Holy Mary said to me, “It seems a surprise to you each time you see baby Jesus speak to you, but you must realise that He is God, very Holy – He knows everything.”

Thankyou Blessed Mother. I love you and little baby Jesus.

29th June

Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

On the bus to Church I noticed people looking at my medals so I hid them under my jumper. The Lord stopped me instantly and said, “Don’t hide Me my child but expose Me in public so others can see Me. Do not ever be ashamed of me. Remember I your Lord suffered for you and bought you with my previous blood. The cross will remind you of My suffering and the picture of My Divine mercy, that I’m the merciful and loving God.. To all of you be happy that you belong to me. Thank me and praise me my child. Thank Me for others who never hank me.”

I concluded by saying, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on me and on us all.”

19th June

The Holy Virgin Mary spoke to me today and said, “Tell people to repent, not to postpone. What is the point of coming to Church for Holy Mass, if they don’t repent and live in sin, which stains their soul so that it is not clean before God? Your life is short here on earth and you are never ready, when God calls you and judges you within a minute and shows you your life. How embarrassed you are for all the faults you have committed and for the long purgatory and sufferings you prepared for yourselves.”

“How sad I am my children, when you don’t decide rightly and prefer to go the wrong way when temptations lead you, rather than along the road of life, which leads to God. My little daughter, tell people to make sacrifices, do penance and be converted. You don’t have much time. Great events will soon take place and terrible things are to come. Let people get ready and think more about their souls, not only about their bodies.”

“This is my warning, and tell them that I wish them to be converted as soon as possible. These are my Holy words: penance, penance, penance! (Three times she repeated this word: ‘pokora’ – penance). I am your Mother and I want to save you. Take notice, listen to me, don’t laugh. Why are you already preparing your own judgement here on Earth!”

In this vision I saw a lot of water, which was flowing fast and covered all the lands and the trees were all milled under and the mud was moving fast and there was a storm. The sun also was shown to me, red like blood. Around the sun was a big circle, black, something horrible. I understood that these were not good omens.

The Holy Mary, our dear Mother, continuously warns us about the future that people may make peace with God and live according to God’s law. And if we live injustice, there is always hope for all of us.

I replied, “Thank you our dear Mother Holy Virgin Mary, our Mediatrix. Pray for us!”

15th June

Message 1:

During the Cenacle, I always ask our Blessed Mother to be united in prayer with us and to lead us to her Son, Jesus. Blessed Mother, Mary said, “Oh, my children, if only you could see the fruit that comes from you prayers. You would recite them more often. And if you knew how much fruit they bear, you would be joyful. My Son distributes to all who need, an how blessed are you for prying. You will receive many special graces from us (Mary and Jesus)” and smiled.

Message 2:

Today our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, my child, I want you to write this message for My loving child and son, Peter Cosgrove.”

“Peter, I your Lord Jesus, speak to you. I want to tell you that I love you very much for all that you have done during the battle in Indonesia and for helping many poor people. You are a very compassionate person and good hearted. I want you to know and realise that it was I, your Lord and God, who guided you through al this bloody battle. I stood by your side to defeat the enemy. I made you victorious. There were moments that crossed your mind and you knew that I was there to help you. Peter, My son, I want you to know that I have guided you through all your life, and have made you what you are. I only would like you to think of Me in your life and praise me for all, because I bless you and your family and all those who are around you. I choose to speak through My loving little souls and prophet, Valentina. I am beyond your usual reach, so think of Me. I give you lots of courage and strength.”

3rd June

A Holy Soul appeared to me, dressed in a religious habit, white veil and black robe and spoke to me with an Irish accent. She called me by my name, “Valentina, I was sent to you to tell you that before anything happens in the world. We of Heaven know already weeks ahead of happenings before you on earth. God is good, that He allows us to see so we can pray for you. We feel sorry for you people. Tell people to pray and always be united with God in Heaven. Through that, a lot of things in danger can be prevented. God in His goodness and Mercy can stop all these catastrophes that are to come upon you.” She then smiled and departed.

24th May

Today while I was praying and recommending everyone to our Lord Jesus and to our Holy Virgin Mary, the Holy Virgin spoke to me, “I am pleased, My little daughter, that during this month of May you recommend all to Us and that you always think of others. This pleases us greatly, Me and My dear Son. Here, I am honoured today honoured as Help of Christians. I am very pleased that people have confidence in me and I pray for you all, because I love you, My children.

This year priests and bishops of all the churches have handed over to Me in a special way all their people. Thank God for all. Give thanks to God for all, my little children, that you have been spared from the horrors of war and other disorders, which are going on in other places of this world. Pray for your families, and for the leaders of this country, that they might decide wisely for the people, for the churches, for the clergy and the laity, who are teaching you about Christian faith. Pray especially for the bishops who have the responsibility for all of you, and don’t forget the Holy Father, who suffers and tries to bring peace to the world and among the people.

Only with prayers can evil be overcome. I am your Mother and I love you all. Help me, my children, so that soon peace and love will shine on earth, where now it is so dark, so much sin. Pray that soon my Son will renovate the world that your hearts will begin to live the beauty and happiness that is promised to you. My little daughter, write down these holy words which I give you and tell everybody, that they be converted. I am always with you. I bless you all and I give you God’s peace. I am your Mother and Help of Christians.”

I said, “Thank you dear Mother and Holy Virgin Mary. Pray for us and for all nations of the world.”