Sunday morning. Our Blessed Mother appeared to me and said, “Come, My child, with Me and I will show you all the suffering souls, and you will see how much they need your prayers.”

Suddenly, we find ourselves in a very ugly place, a remote area, comprising of slopes, slippery, muddy and grey, with ditches flowing between them. There were a lot of people, mainly men, their ankles manacled by a thick chain, which was attached to a pipe, which seemed to me like a sewer. Their clothing was filthy. The chain was only a metre long and they struggled to climb the slopes only to have the chain pull them back again.

I said to Holy Mary, “Blessed Mother, why do they have to suffer so much?” “What have they done?”

She answered, “See, My child, these people are still tied to their worldly possessions. They don’t want to give them up. That is why they have to suffer so much. These were wealthy people and still, after they die, they don’t want to give up their worldly possessions. That is why they keep sinking into the mud. Above all, you must not be attached to worldly goods, because in God’s eyes they are worthless. You should not accumulate goods and don’t be greedy, wanting to possess everything. Be free of attachments and help others. That way you will be free and easy coming to the Lord and He will reward you in Heaven.”

I asked Holy Mary, “Blessed Mother, what am I to do for all these people, they seem so sad?”

She answered, “That is why I brought you here so you can pray and help them and tell others to pray for the Holy Souls to release them from suffering.”

We stood there watching them, and I said, “Blessed Mother, I feel so depressed seeing these people in such a horrible state. What is the point of living if we have to suffer so much after we die?”

She hugged me and replied, “Yes, My child, it does make you depressed.
Come, I will take you quickly to the Heavenly Father. This depression will be taken from you.”

Suddenly, we were walking through a beautiful place, like a rainforest filled with trees and ferns. I could hear birds singing and sunlight was shining through, leaving me with a happy, peaceful sensation.

Holy Mary said, “There, My child, you are feeling better now, aren’t you?”

I answered, “Yes, Blessed Mother, but I will never forget and I feel very sorry for those people.”

“People of earth, please take note of what I have said. These souls cannot pray for themselves. They need our prayers to release them.”

Lord, be merciful to all the Holy Souls.

31st December

While I was praying the Blessed Mother appeared and said, “My daughter, all the prophesies and messages We give to you and to others will come to fulfilment and Our plans will be fulfilled. The world shall pass, but Our word from Heaven shall remain. Pray, my children, pray more. I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit. Amen.”

12th October

It was about 6:45pm and I was saying The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, when the Blessed Mother appeared. She said, “My daughter, the times are very difficult. Your are living in very difficult times. It is getting worse every day throughout the world. People do not realise that they must pray to overcome all problems. The war is about to begin in Kosovo. Just think My children how many innocent lives will be lost. My little innocent children, so much blood will be shed, what a terrible waste. All because of the leaders who will not agree to the peace negotiations. Their hearts are very hard, like stone. You see My daughter, Satan is their leader and he tells them what to do, and they listen to him.”

She said again, “I tell you, this is a very dangerous situation. The war is about to begin and it can also spread everywhere. Russia is secretly supporting the Serbian leaders and this will bring another danger to this conflict. So you see My child My Heart is bleeding because of the sadness that I see. That is why I come to plead with you My children, to pray a lot for this intention so that I can intercede to the most Blessed Trinity for mercy and help. So that God the Father, God my Son and God the Holy Spirit will stop this catastrophical situation that will come upon humanity. Pray! Pray! Pray! My children so that God will hear your prayers and put an end to this terrible situation.

Blessed Mother was crying when she was telling me this and I was crying with Her and I said, “Blessed Mother, please protect and help us and please ask your Son Jesus to help his people and have mercy on us.”

30th September

Today when I was praying the Angel of the Lord appeared to me and he said, “The Lord sent me to remind you and to refresh your memory about the chastisement. You must tell people what is coming. Don’t lie, Our Lord instructed you and told you to speak openly to people about the truth. You must obey Him. When you speak to people you only tell them the nice things and you hide the most important. People must know the truth about what is coming.” “I know”, I said to the Angel and continued, “I admit, I don’t tell people about the chastisement because they are afraid. I myself am scared.”

Then the Angel said, “You should not be afraid about anything, because wherever you go or run to, you will be protected and so also will be the people who believe in the Lord and pray. Tell people the chastisement is around the comer. They must listen and prepare by changing their lives, by reconciling with God, by asking for forgiveness and mercy and they must stop offending Him. The time is very short and very near, it will happen soon.”

Later on in the day when I was praying for the Holy Souls, Our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was smiling and He said, “Thank you my child for offering prayers for the Holy Souls. I thank all My children who offer up prayers for the Souls in Purgatory.” Then He said, “Valentina my child, now you know and understand why souls suffer so much when they die, because while living on earth they don’t obey my commandments. They offend Me terribly. They don’t love Me and they don’t offer Me anything. They don’t want to know Me But when they die they are so sorry for what they have done. They wish they could come back again and repair it all, but it’s too late. I only give one chance to each soul. For this reason their suffering is longer in Purgatory. Tell people to pray for souls and to offer Me all their sacrifices for them.”

I replied, “Oh my Jesus have mercy on all souls.”

27th August

This morning when I was praying. Almighty Father appeared to me and He spoke, “My daughter, I come to tell you that all the prophecies are being fulfilled now. You are living in them.” Then He said, “Things will get worse day by day. Economy falling, recession, poverty, which has already hit many places in the world and natural disasters which will completely devastate places and ruin them with fire and too much water. Earthquakes and other disasters will devastate many countries. Humanity will suffer so much. There will be no stability in the world, but people do not want to know and do not want to believe and recognise that this all comes from God. Pray my children, pray for your salvation and also pray for others to be forgiven through your prayers. Always have hope and trust in Your Eternal Farther. Call out every day to Me Abba, Father, have pity and mercy on us and on the whole world.”

He then continued, “My daughter I will come to you and instruct you before the Final Event. I love you my child, be courageous, proclaim My Word to people. Do not be afraid, I am always with you. Tell all my children to pray unceasingly now. The time is short. I love you all children and I bless you in My name. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.”

I replied, “Thank you my Father, Abba, I too love You and pray that all your children on earth will love You too. Have mercy on us all.”

13th August, 1998

The Blessed Mother and an Angel came to me during prayer. Blessed Mother looked at me gently and said “My children I come to encourage you and to remind you to pray more in these days but, My children, you forget so easily and you get carried away by your daily duties. You sacrifice little for God. Concern for worldly goods takes you away as well. The Devil is very happy when you don’t pray. My Son wants to bring people to their knees, to bend down and to ask for forgiveness and mercy.

My daughter, tell people that the catastrophical weather with floods and too much water, that you all experienced, was a warning from God, but there is more to come. You will all experience and witness two more events that will happen for Sydney and coastal areas as well as this country in general. God is punishing His people for their sins. They offend God gravely. My daughter, the cup is overflowing in Heaven. God is now sending his Angels to pour bitterness on the earth for the sins of humanity. People must change their lives and turn to God.’

Then the Angel spoke “Don’t feel proud, people of this city. In Gods eyes it is very sinful and you are all part of it because you live in it. Pray, pray for Gods mercy.”

Thankyou Blessed Mother for your love and concern for us. Pray for us and help us to change and obey Gods will.

5th May, 1998

During Holy Mass, at the moment of consecration of the Holy Eucharist and Precious Blood. Our Lord Jesus spoke, ” My child, every time I change the bread and wine into my Precious Body and Blood it is for forgiveness of all your sins. Be grateful and thankful for all the precious gifts you all receive”.

Our Lord, Jesus has previously told me that the Mass is the most powerful of all offerings. Next comes prayer. He told me, “sometimes you yourself don’t feel like coming to the Mass. If you only knew what you miss. It is the greatest privilege to attend Mass, not only for yourself but for all the souls. Just think how many souls you could save if you would attend Mass”.

Our Lord Jesus says that we should always be grateful for every minute and thank Him.

Thankyou, Lord Jesus for so many precious gifts which you give us to nourish us. I love you.

EASTER SUNDAY, 12th April, 1998

St Raphael’s church.

During Mass, 7:30am. Our Lord Jesus said, “rejoice, My children, and be joyful in Me, your Lord the resurrected Christ, your King. Each year as you celebrate the paschal season brings new hope in your lives”.

“My suffering and crucifixion is beyond your human understanding. The suffering was for all of you but my children, how sad is your Lord today in Heaven. To see this humanity os Godless, turning away from your God with no hope (shaking His head) a very wicked generation to the point of hopelessness in this fast, confused and wicked world in which you live, full of evil”.

“there has never been a generation so full of wickedness compared to the generations living in the past”.

“Console Me, My child. Tell My children to pray an love Me and to turn away from sin. I want for all of you to change. I suffered for all of you.” He said again.

Then I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all.”

HOLY SATURDAY, 11th April, 1998

St. Raphael’s church Merrylands.

Our Lord Jesus spoke to me while I was praying and meditating on His suffering. He said, “My child, unite your suffering with mine. Suffer with me these last few hours on earth. Offer Me every soul who lives on this planet earth. Immerse them in My Mercy. Lead then under My Cross. They must come to the foot of the cross and beg Me for forgiveness of their sin.”

I replied, “Lord, by your cross and suffering have mercy on us, poor sinners.”

GOOD FRIDAY, 10th April, 1998

In St. Raphael’s Church during the Passion of Christ I had a vision of Jesus’ suffering. He had been divested of His clothes. The Roman soldiers were with Jesus. They were being so cruel to our Lord. Beating suing whips and spitting on Him. I saw them throw Him to the ground and continued beating and spitting on Him. The ground was dry and dusty.

They treated Him like an animal. I saw a cross lying on the ground and the executioners pushed Him onto it. His body was torn and covered with cores totally reddened by His Precious Blood.

He allowed them to do whatever they wanted with Him. His face was so full of an expression of love, His compassionate eyes were turned toward me. I felt He was thinking, ‘look what they are doing to me!’ I wept torrents of tears and could hardly bear to watch this pitiful sight.

Then I saw the executioner come closer and rudely put Him on the cross. They nailed one hand to the cross and then using ropes they stretched His arm, not caring how they hurt Him, until the hand reached the point which they wanted to affix Him using huge blunt nails.

Then they crossed over His feet, and again the sound of the hammer on the nails. Everyone around was watching. I saw our Blessed Mother. She was so sorrowful watching all the suffering Her son was enduring. Her face and even Her lips were very pale.

Then they raised up the cross and I could hear it drop into a pit, striking the bottom with a loud thud.

Our Lord was covered in blood. All I could see was blood and bruising. Also, purple coloured sores, oozing liquid. His suffering was beyond our human understanding.

His beautiful mother was looking at Him constantly. There were other ladies and St. John beside Her near the cross. They tried to comfort Her.

Suddenly, a luminous bright light appeared above the cross and I saw God the Father appear in a beautiful aura surrounded by a host of angels to comfort our Lord and give Him strength.

The next vision which came to me was seeing our Lord placed in the tomb. Our Blessed Mother was standing beside Him, watching Him peacefully sleeping. Our Lord was now clean. All the people who were around Him were preparing Him for the burial with herbal ointment. They covered Him with white linen.

Then they tried to help Holy Mary as they left the tomb, but she just wanted to stay with Her Son. She loved Him so very much. Eventually they persuaded Her to leave but she kept looking back. The tomb was now empty except for our Lord.

The next vision I saw was the tomb filled with a golden light and many angels. This brought me much happiness. Our Lord was sleeping peacefully. His face was so beautiful, radiant with light and his eyes were closed.

When this vision ended, I cried and cried because of what I had seen.

3rd May, 1998

In Church, Sunday. Most of the time Jesus comes to me during the Mass, especially when I receive Him in the Holy Eucharist as I am offering thanksgiving.

On this day, our Lord Jesus told me, “you have a very short time. The events are almost here. They will come suddenly and unexpectedly, It ill be a miniature judgement for all humanity”.

“The Holy Spirit will come and each one of you will have a chance to choose for God or against God. It will also bring chaos in the world. People will never be the same again.”

“Tell people not to wait till then. Tell them to pray and to reconcile with God, to adjust their lives and change.:

Then I said, “have mercy on us, O Lord and on the whole world.”

30th January

Blessed Mother came to me while I was praying. She said, “My Son gives each a different teaching and different gifts. For instance, you Valentina are very compassionate towards people and your prayers are very sincere and this pleases my Son very much. When you talk to people you open yourself so beautifully, you explain the word of God so clearly and when you praise my Son, you make Him so happy.” The Blessed Mother was looking at me and she too was very joyful.

The I asked, “Blessed Mother, when is your Son Lord Jesus coming? Look at the suffering of the people here on earth. They are pleading and calling to Him. When will He do something about all this suffering?” She replied, “My Son hears your calls and knows all about your suffering, but God allows all these things to happen, like sickness and different suffering, for the sins committed. Every house and family on tis planet is living in sin. Pray my children, pray everyday, pray in-groups, go to Mass, pray together in the Churches. Pray for priests, they need so much prayer everyday. Join together and pray for the world. Encourage one another to go to Mass. Mass is the most powerful above everything and the atonement for sin against God. For instance if you offer a Mass for a person’s conversion, or for a different intention like healing etc, at the moment that my Son is truly present on the alter during the Mass, the sins just fall off that person, both on the left and the right side. You my children do not know the value of the Mass. Try to encourage one another to go to Mass, if you can, on a daily basis. In is dirt that stains your soul, I compare it to when you wash your dishes and when you finish you let the water out. But the stain remains all around until you wash I with soap. Sin is the same. Until you confess the stain is there in your soul.”

Then she said, “My Son is coming very soon to heal you all. He will come to heal your bodies and your souls.” I answered, “Thank you Blessed Mother for explaining these things and teaching us.”

22nd January

Our Lord Jesus came to me while I was praying and said, “I come to tell you my child about things that are happening and things that will happen soon. All over the world in many countries soldiers are preparing, performing manoeuvres and training daily for the battle that they will fight soon. They are obeying their leaders who follow satan. He tells them to be ready for the battle. The soldiers don’t understand. They are very confused. Oh yes, My children satan their leader are preparing them to do the dirty work for him through the leaders of the various countries in the world and it will happen soon. While the battle is on in many countries, worst things are happening everywhere.

In some places in the world there will be devastating disasters with heavy rain and the rising of the sea level and there will be too much water which will cover many cities and countries which will vanish completely. While in other parts of the world there will be no water at all. There will be tremendous suffering but My children you are not ready for all this.

You think so little about prayer. I am talking to my prophets throughout the world, but so little notice has been given to them. People do not want to believe. I have been preparing for you for a long time for these events, but now they are here My children. Do not be afraid to speak about my messages Valentina. The time is very short, people must build up a strong faith. I am with you and I will help you. But you must do your part. Your Lord Jesus.”

Blessed Mother then spoke, “My children listen to my Son, He loves you and We do care for you, but you do not listen. I cry for all of you. People do not realise that events will take place soon, pray My children, pray unceasingly. I love you very much and I will protect you, come to Me, come to My refuge, come to My Immaculate Heart. I love you.

I answered, “Thankyou my Lord Jesus. Thankyou Holy Mother. Please help us and protect us.”

9th January

The Angel of the Lord came to me when I was praying. He was holding a book in his hands. He said to me, “See this book? This is the Book of Truth. What is written in this book will happen. I come to remind you about the chastisement. You are very near. It is here, and it will happen all around the world. You people are not ready for it. You must prepare yourselves spiritually”, Then the Angel raised up his right hand and with his finger made circles in the air and kept repeating. “It will happen soon around the globe. You people are already living in 1998 and you do not realise that this year a great event will also take place for all of you. Pray, pray, you have so little time left”.


While I was praying, an Angel of the Lord appeared. He said, “I am the Angel of the Lord, He sends me to reveal things to you.” Then he said, “Come with me, I will show you what will happen in the very near future.”

He took me to several different catholic churches (in the spirit). What I saw was the ladies all dressed in white. They were all circled around the Altar. 1 asked the Angel, “Who are these ladies?” He said, “I was waiting for you to ask me. These ladies, they call themselves Eucharistic ministers. See these changes in the churches. They are no good in God’s eye. The devil opened the door for these ministers to enter the temple of God, and slowly they push themselves in to become priests. In some churches, the priests will give way to the ladies, who are very eager to accept the position, but when these things happen. God will no longer be present in the Tabernacle.”

These women spoke, “People as you can see, we live in a modem age and we carry Jesus in our hearts. What we are going to do today, we will have a small service with a reading and you don’t have to feel bad.” I looked around and I saw people crying and confused. Some were leaving the church. I myself was crying and I said to the Angel, “How can God permit such a thing to happen?”

The Angel said, “See the earth is dry and so are your hearts. God permits this because people are disobeying His laws. Fear not, go and receive Jesus as often as you can, while you can. These things are approaching very fast and they will happen. Trust in the Lord. He will provide and you will still find a good faithful Priest and who secretly will celebrate the Mass and will nourish you with the Body of Jesus to give you strength to go through the Purification. Never lose hope. Pray for Priests and Bishops.”

The Angel revealed the Precious Blood of Jesus. The women were making a mockery of it. They said, “Why should we give this to people to drink when we can drink all ourselves.” The Angel continued, “See, this is another blasphemy to God.”

I replied, “My Lord God, have mercy on us”.