22 March 2018

Souls released from deep and dark Purgatory


This morning during my prayers I offered to our Blessed Mother a decade of the Rosary for her intentions.

During the prayers, Blessed Mother appeared as the Rosa Mystica. In her right hand she was holding a sceptre. Beside her, our Lord Jesus appeared, standing, wearing a long deep purple-red robe. During this vision our Lord Jesus did not speak to me but allowed His Blessed Mother to do so.

Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, I will show you something that you have not experienced before.”

She then turned her head gazed towards the ground. Suddenly a large aluminium grate, as you would find in a street gutter used for drainage, appeared in front of us. It was about a metre in width and length.

As Blessed Mother was pointing at the grate with her sceptre, I was thinking to myself, “What is Blessed Mother doing?”

Suddenly, I could see many hands popping up through the grates. I began to hear many desperate voices, lamenting and crying, “Get us out of here! Get us out of here!” They were begging for help.

As I was observing all of this, I watched Blessed Mother move her sceptre towards the desperate hands coming out from the grates, then very gently, with the sceptre, started pushing the hands back in.

I sensed that the souls trapped under this grate, were in a very deep, dark place. The gutter grate represents the prison these souls were in. They were completely closed inside, like being in a dungeon, where there was no way out.

Blessed Mother said, “We are showing you this vision so that you can help these souls. They have been in deep darkness for centuries. Now is the time.  We are showing them to you so that you can help them to be released. They have served their penance.”

I sensed in my heart, that these souls had done their penance, and the time had come for their release. Blessed Mother explained that during their life on earth, they committed the most terrible offences against God. Since their offences were so great, no prayer could touch them or help them. They had to be purified through their own suffering.

Many times our Lord revealed to me that when souls are in such a deep, dark Purgatory, they were very close to Hell. It is only through God’s mercy that they were saved from eternal damnation.

Later on that morning, I went to church to attend Holy Mass, which also happened to be the funeral mass for a lady who was a friend of mine.

As soon as I knelt down, I said, “Lord, I bring You all the souls that were shown to me this morning, all the souls that were kept in deep, deep, darkness for centuries. Now I open the grates and I release all of the souls to freedom. Lord, have mercy on all these souls that offended You during their life on earth. I ask You for pardon and mercy. Please Lord, wash them with your Precious Blood, so that they are pure and clean, so that they will be worthy of your Heavenly Kingdom.”

As I was saying this pray to our Lord, and pleading for mercy for these souls, I could see myself, with such a powerful force and authority, which only comes from God, lift open the grates and release the souls.

Many times our Lord said to me, “Whatever you offer Me and ask Me, I can never refuse and say no. I accept it.”

After the grates were opened and the souls released, I could see them standing in front of the Altar. They looked very confused and frightened, because suddenly they found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, after being imprisoned for so long. Most of them were men and were very poorly dressed.

The funeral Mass was very simple and very beautiful. As the Mass proceeded, during the offering of the bread and wine, in the sacrifice of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist which becomes the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the souls standing at the foot of the Altar were sprinkled with the Precious Blood. They were purified and raised up to our Lord, and in an instant they just vanished.

Later, our Lord thanked me for offering these souls to Him.

He said, “Thank you My child for what you have done and for obeying Me. I give you authority and today was the day that their liberation had come.”

The souls could not see our Lord, until they reached Heaven. As much as their desire is so powerful and so strong to see our Lord, until they are completely purified, they cannot see our Lord. They only see our Blessed Mother.

We have to try to live a decent and good life while here on earth, so that we can avoid the suffering in a deep and dark Purgatory. This message was given to me by our Lord on 15 February 2018.

21 March 2018

Pray for our Holy Father Pope Francis


While I was praying the Holy Rosary our Blessed Mother came and said to me, “My daughter, I come to tell you how sad I am and how sad my Son Jesus is for the Holy Father, Pope Francis.”

She said, “People condemn him so awfully and talk about him with their sharp tongues, which are like poison. They judge him badly. People should pray for him for he works very hard right now. He tries to lead all of you through these difficult times which you are all experiencing.”

“Pray for the Pope, but do not condemn him and judge him, for you will be severely judged by God, who sees and hears all of your criticisms.”

“How principled, the people are becoming today in the world. They think they have the right to criticise.”

Blessed Mother said, “No, my children. Humble yourselves and pray. Let God be the judge, for He is the only One and True, and I tell you, His judgements are severe. Pray and do not criticise the Pope and the priests. They all need your prayers.”

Blessed Mother was crying when she was giving me this message. This message was given to me by Blessed Mother on 10 February 2018.

20 March 2018

Always kneel in the presence of God the Creator


One day our Lord was dictating a message to me and my home phone rang. I put my pen down and went to answer the phone. I told the person calling that I could not speak to them at that moment and that I would call them back later.  I put the phone down and immediately went back to our Lord.

Our Lord looked very sad. He said, “Do you know My child, you should not go and answer the phone without My permission. I did not dismiss you. That telephone call was not important. You were in My presence and you disobeyed Me.”

I apologised to our Lord, but I felt a terrible pain in my Heart for having offended God. To this day, I can still feel that physical pain in my heart, when I think about this.

Many times Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, when you write the messages that we give you, you must always kneel down, because you must always remember that you are in the Holy Presence of God, the Creator.”

I must always be on my knees while I am receiving and writing down messages from our Lord and His Holy Mother.

19 March 2018

Suffering for Holy Souls


The daily experiences I have with the Holy Souls involves me enduring much physical suffering, so as to help and guide them through their purification and to ultimately lead them to their Heavenly Home.

In the evenings after I finish my prayers, I say to the Lord, “Bless me Lord, so that I can have a good night’s sleep.” But it is not meant to be. My room is always filled with Holy Souls. They are there waiting and watching. They call me by my name, but I try to ignore them, as this is never ending, and it has been this way for many, many years.

Usually the next day when I attend Mass, I offer all the Holy Souls that were in my room, at the Holy Mass, and I tell them to stay there and not come back. The next day, again my room is full of Holy Souls.

Now, during Lent, I asked our Lord, “Are these the same souls that were here yesterday?”

Our Lord answered, “No, they are different ones. They come to your refuge and they seek your help. Especially now that we are approaching Easter, they all wish to go to Heaven. That is why I increase your suffering during this time of the year. Also, you must realise that people die every day. They all need help and guidance.”

Jesus always guides me and encourages me during my suffering and consoles me. He says, “Do not decide to do anything on your own, because you will then have trouble, but offer to Me and I will guide you and decide what is right and what is wrong for you to do.” Jesus decides for me, who I am to pray and to suffer for in order to protect me from any attacks from the evil one.

When I go through the physical pain in my body, which is so intense that I keep tossing and turning in bed, our Lord would come and say, “Keep still, so that I can work better on you.”

I said, “Lord, it is so painful, that I cannot take it anymore.”

He would allow me to suffer most of the night and then He would take the pain away and give me a few hours of restful sleep in the early morning. Even though, most of the night I had endured all that pain and suffering, with very little sleep, when I am about to get up in the morning, I would usually have energy and be able to go about my daily routine and complete my chores, because our Lord gives me His Grace and Strength.

Blessed Mother showed me how all this suffering I go through is used to cleanse the Holy Souls and help them to go to Heaven.

She usually takes me to see the souls in Purgatory and to show me how they suffer. She would then take me to the side, to a little kitchenette and show me many, many dirty dishes that need washing. These dirty dishes represent the sins of the Holy Souls; the sins they did not repent of before they died. Through all my sufferings, prayers and Holy Mass offerings for them, these dirty dishes are then washed and become spotless.

After washing them, Blessed Mother and I step back, and we look at all the spotless dishes and she says, “Are they not all beautiful, all spotless and clean.”

I asked, “Blessed Mother, there were so many souls here and now they are gone. Where are they now?”

She answers, “Now they are all happy, raised to their Heavenly Home. See, with all your suffering you produce good fruits and at the same time you console my Son Jesus.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for your Grace.

18th March 2018

Very Important message: We must beg for God’s Forgiveness and Mercy


I had a difficult night of sleeping due to suffering for the Holy Souls, so I decided to pray the Holy Rosary and other prayers that I would usually say in the morning.


Suddenly, our Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus. They were accompanied by an angel. Blessed Mother was wearing a tunic that was of a burgundy and purplish colour. I could see her beautiful, long, dark brown hair, as she was not wearing a veil.

She then said, “We come to invite you to come with us, so that we can show you, and explain to you something you did not know before.”


Suddenly, I was taken to a very holy place. I could see that it was Heaven. We were in what looked like a building, and the room that we were in, was quite spacious. In the centre of the room was a table that looked like an Altar.


Blessed Mother said, “I am placing my little Divine Baby Jesus into your hands, because I know that you love to nurse Him.”


She then gently gave me Baby Jesus to hold in my arms. He looked like He was about four to five months old. He had curly, blonde hair and was wearing a nightie of a soft blue colour.


Blessed Mother said, “Now you can place Baby Jesus in the centre of the table.”


As I sat Him in the centre of the table, I put my arms on either side of Him, in case He might fall. As I looked to my right I could see a group of holy people. They were reciting the Holy Rosary. Blessed Mother said to me, “Go to the washroom and get a bar of soap and bring it here.”


I said, “But Baby Jesus will fall down, I have to look after Him.”


Blessed Mother replied, “Don’t worry, He’ll be fine.”


I obeyed her and went to the washroom which was located to my left. As I looked in, I was amazed at how beautiful the room was. The washroom had a most brilliant sparkle and shine. All the walls were made of glass, shining like crystal, and the floor was made from a glowing light-coloured marble. For a moment I hesitated to step in, because of its beauty. Around the walls were rows of shelves, all made of glass, and on these shelves I saw many bars of soap. I walked in and took one of the bars of soap, and holding it in my hand, was about to go back to Blessed Mother when suddenly, God the Father appeared.


In a very serious tone He asked me, “Where did you get that?”


I answered, “Just here in the washroom!”


“Who told you to go there?” He asked.


“Blessed Mother” I answered.


Since it was Blessed Mother who gave me permission to go into the washroom, I could see from God the Father’s expression that it was okay.


He then said, “That soap is no good!”


Looking at the bar of soap in my hand, which looked like normal, homemade soap, I said, “It looks good to me.”


But then God the Father explained to me, “What I mean is that it needs two more powerful ingredients to make it stronger.”


I was thinking to myself, “Maybe He means it needs caustic soda.”


Hearing my thoughts, God the Father smiled and said, “No, not that strong! That will kill everyone!”


“My daughter, I will explain to you what that soap in your hand represents. See that group over there, they are praying the Holy Rosary and that is very good. They pray and intercede for the people. However, people also need a good soap to wash away their sins. Now that you are in Lent, approaching Easter, you have to tell people that they need to wash away all their sins by making a good Confession. They need to really clean themselves. The world really needs to be washed with a good soap and to be repentant. It is so sinful.”


Pointing towards the washroom and waving His index Finger, as if scolding, and in a much angrier tone of voice, God the Father gave a stern warning, “See that washroom where you got that soap from. Tell the people in the world that I will be closing it very soon. There will be no more soap to wash away their sins. I really mean it! There is still a little time left, but not much time, for them to repent.”


I immediately understood that once He closes the washroom, even though there would be calls from people begging for His Mercy, He will not answer them, because He gave the world time to repent. He begged and begged and warned but they took no notice.


Then Baby Jesus came towards us. He came like a little angel in his little blue nightie and stood between God the Father and myself. I was listening to God the Father and when I looked down a second time, Baby Jesus had just vanished. I understood that He entered into the Spirit of God the Father and they became One.


I felt such a peace and calmness, unlike anything here on earth.


The reason Blessed Mother asked me to place Baby Jesus on the table is because He is the Eucharist. God the Father explained that the prayers that were being said by the Saints in Heaven are good, but they are not enough. People living on earth need a good soap to clean their soul by repentance and Confession. God the Father then gives them His Grace and Blessings.


Later, as I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, God the Father spoke to me and explained, “The two most powerful ingredients are My Forgiveness and My Mercy, and they work together. Without these two ingredients the soap is useless!


God the Father is so Holy, and as we are sinners, we need to beg for His Forgiveness and His Mercy, before it is too late and the doors of Mercy are closed.


11th March 2018

Visit to home of Holy Family in Nazareth


One day, while I was reciting the Holy Rosary, blessed Mother appeared to me, with a holy angel accompanying her.


She said, “Today, you receive the grace to be taken to our home in Nazareth, where we used to live while we were on earth.”


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a little house in Nazareth. The house was very small, bright, with a kitchen and small living area. From the kitchen it led directly to a bedroom.


I did not notice our Lord Jesus straight away because I stood there observing Blessed Mother and waiting for her instructions. Right away, Blessed Mother started to get busy. I saw her get a bowl and pour water into it and place it on the stove. The stove was made of what looked like stone or clay with a fire burning beneath.


I saw a neighbour come by to say hello to Blessed Mother. She was talking to her while Blessed Mother was busy in the kitchen. The neighbour was a lady dressed in a long tunic with a scarf covering her head. There were printed flowers on the edges of the scarf. She looked nice. After a short while the neighbour left.


Blessed Mother then took the liquid from the stove and poured it into a pewter mug. The liquid was a deep green colour, which looked like an herbal tea. She then turned around, smiled and came towards me, carrying the herbal drink. I smiled and turned around to follow her. I followed her through to the adjacent room which was the bedroom. There was no door, just a wide opening.


As I stood at the foot of the bed I suddenly noticed our Lord Jesus in bed. Overjoyed, I immediately fell to my knees, bowing my head, and making the Sign of the Cross. I said, “Glory to You, my Lord Jesus Christ.”


I asked, “Lord, are you sick?”


He replied, “Yes, even the Son of Man gets sick.”


At the same time I observed Blessed Mother who moved to the side of the bed and placed the herbal drink on a wooden stand next to our Lord. She then turned towards our Lord and gently pulled up the quilt to cover Him right up to His Neck.


Our Lord then said, “Come closer My child!”


Obeying Him, I stood up and moved to the side of the bed, opposite to where our Blessed Mother was standing. As I stood there, our Lord then lifted Himself up and sat up in bed and reached for the cup and slowly sipped the herbal mixture made by His Mother.


He said, “See, My child, what My mother just made for Me and brought to Me, this is an antibiotic!”


I exclaimed, “What! Antibiotic in your time my Lord! Antibiotics were invented not long ago, not in your time?”


Jesus laughed and then said, “My child, antibiotics existed since the creation of the world, only they were made from a different substance. It was a natural substance. But the antibiotics that you have now, they are not natural. They are made from synthetics, which is not the same.”


He continued, “What I want to tell you is that when people ask you to pray for them, when they are sick, they need both the doctor and prayer. The medication and the prayers work together.” Pointing up to Heaven, He continued, “And then Grace comes, and the healing proceeds.”


The bed in which our Lord was lying was very simple. The bed posts were very thick and square in shape. The quilt cover was made up of many small pieces of fabric sewn together. Each one was different with tiny prints of flowers, little yellow flowers, little blue flowers, and little white flowers. All were very tiny and delicate.


The top sheet was embroidered with little pink flowers, and little green leaves on the stems. I could see how the sides of the sheet, hanging over the bed, were already very well worn. In my heart I understood that they had only the one bedding which was washed and re-used.


I looked for St Joseph but he was not there. I felt St Joseph had already died.


Thank you Blessed Mother and Lord Jesus for the Grace that you revealed to us so that we can learn to live humbly, just like you lived on earth.





11th March 2018

God the Father is offended by Modern Fashion


Our Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, I come to you to tell you I cry for my children all over the world. They allow themselves to be guided by the ugly spirits, the devil, who with his cunning ways, he tricks them and guides them wherever he wants.”


“Just look at the fashion that people follow and wear these days, especially the ladies. So short are the dresses. The fashion exposes their flesh and nakedness, and because of this fashion, the ladies deceive many men. They cause them to sin terribly.”


“The same fashion that the young people wear in public these days, they also wear to church and everything is accepted. The priests do not say anything. My children, our Almighty God and Father, is very offended, to see all of this.”


“There is no dignity or shame anymore. Please speak to the people. We give you authority to tell ladies about the fashion they wear which is too short and indecent.”


I said, “Blessed Mother, my mother, how can I tell people all of this? I can offend them.”


She answered, “Not if you tell them gently, the way we tell you. It won’t offend anybody.”


Thank you Blessed Mother for giving us this message. Have mercy on us.


We should all ask for God to be merciful to us.





10 March 2018



While I was praying our Lord Jesus spoke to me and said, “Pray for America, My child, because America will be hit by a terrible disaster. It will be hit by a huge hurricane. As a nation, America offends Me greatly.”


Lord, have mercy on America. People, pray for America. Pray for the people to repent.



9th March 2018

Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary


While I was praying the Angelus our Blessed Mother appeared. She was very sad. She said, “My loving daughter, once more I come to warn people, to turn away from evil sin, which leads many to Hell. Today, I choose to come to you at seven o’clock in the evening, which represents the Seven Dolors, the Seven Sorrows which I endured with my Divine Son Jesus, your Lord and God.”


While you live on this planet earth, my Son Jesus wants you to contemplate the Seven Sorrows and pray often to console my Immaculate Heart which grieves for the world. How sad I am to see that many of my children go astray every day and are led to the terrible sins of the flesh, through seeking pleasure and entertainment.”


“They are led astray because there are not many who can teach these young people to take the right road and to live decent lives. Look at me how I cry. Please help me. Tell others to convert and come back to my Son Jesus before it is too late.”


Blessed Mother departed looking very sad. She was begging and begging, but not many people take notice. We should all pray more for the young people of the world and encourage them to turn to God.



5th March 2018

Nature obeys the Lord


Today, I learned something beautiful from our Lord Jesus.

I went to rake some leaves in the garden and surprisingly there were only a few leaves on the ground. I said to myself, “Gee, that is strange, usually the ground is covered full of fallen leaves. It usually takes me an hour to rake them.”


Within ten minutes I had finished raking all the leaves and I thought to myself, “This is the quickest it has ever taken me to rake the leaves.”


I came back in the house just in time to watch the six thirty evening news. As I sat down, our Lord suddenly appeared to me and with a gentle smile, He said, “Did you notice that there weren’t many leaves on the ground?”


I said, “Yes, my Lord, there were only a very few.”


Our Lord Jesus smiled and said, “I told the tree not to drop the leaves so that you will not have to rake them for too long.” As He said this I started to laugh.


I said, “Lord, really, you told the tree not to drop the leaves?”


He said, “Yes!”


I said, “And the tree obeyed You? It did whatever You told it to do?”


He said, “Yes. Everything obeys Me except humans.”


It made me think how disobedient we are towards God. I was completely surprised when our Lord said this to me. I had such a beautiful feeling and a joy in my heart. It uplifted my spirits. When we are united with our Lord He reveals many things and He teaches us about His Creation. That our Lord would talk to the tree and the tree would obey Him is something I never understood before.


The way our Lord came with such beautiful gentleness and patience to teach me, touched my heart deeply. I felt such a joy. It is something new I had learned today. I knew that our Lord God created nature but I never knew He talked to nature.


The angel said, “Our Lord would prefer that more churches be built on earth, so that people can go into them to pray, instead of cutting down so many trees to make way for more and more buildings. Concrete buildings bring more heat to the environment. More concrete means that the ground heats up more and then the heat rises into the atmosphere causing more hot weather.”

Thank you, Lord for your beautiful teaching.


3rd March 2018

First comes Mercy and Conversion, then Chastisement


Today, in Sydney is the gay mardi gras parade. In the morning while I was getting ready to attend my prayer group for First Saturday devotions, God the Father appeared to me and said, “My child, many of My children are praying to Me, that today, I will chastise these people by sending them bad weather with rain and hail, for this filthy and sinful parade and for their sinful behaviour.”


He smiled and then said, “I do not do that.


He explained, “As I receive your prayers, I do not chastise them but rather, I turn your prayers into Mercy for them and wait for their conversion.”


Very gently and very lovingly God the Father continued, “There is plenty of time to chastise them. First is mercy and conversion. Leaders of this nation give encouragement to these people by attending these parades. This is not good. These people desecrate this city by parading and exposing their sinful deeds. Blessings cannot fall on this city because of this filth.”


“Tell the Bishops and priests to pray and consecrate this sinful city of Sydney that offends Me so much.”


At the same time as God the Father was speaking to me, I could see an image of Archbishop Anthony Fisher. I felt a joy in my heart, as I felt that God the Father will choose him to perform an Act of Reparation.


Lord, have mercy on us and on our cities.



14th February 2018

Ash Wednesday


Lord Jesus spoke to me during Mass. He said, “Today, when you commence Lent, you all receive the Holy Cross of Ashes on your forehead.”


“That is a sign for all of you that from dust you came and to dust you shall return. That represents that you shall all die, so then I can raise you into Eternal Life. Try, during this Lent to be repentant. Go often to Confession, so that the devil will have no power over you. Do some self-denial and good deeds. That will please Me very much and you will receive My special Blessing,” He said.


Thank you Lord Jesus. Have mercy on us.

3 February 2018

Attendance at Cenacle Rosary Prayer Group


Today, I was with my prayer group praying the Cenacle Rosary, for the First Saturday devotions. We first prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, we then consecrated ourselves, our families and the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This was followed by the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary I remained on my knees while most the others present decided to say the Consecration prayer sitting down.

As we started to pray the Consecration prayer, immediately Blessed Mother appeared. She was smiling and said, “I am sorry my children, but I must remind you, and tell your friends this, that you must all kneel down, always, because I am present with my open Heart, and so is my Son.

Blessed Mother looked so beautiful, dressed in a white tunic and covered with a blue mantle. Our Lord Jesus was also standing there beside His Mother, and was dressed in a white robe with a beautiful red sash draped over His shoulder.

Blessed Mother said, “With an open heart we receive your Consecration. That means that you promise that you belong to Us. It is an act of humility that you kneel in the presence of my Son and me.”

As she was saying this, she opened her arms to reveal her Immaculate Heart and to accept and receive our Act of Consecration. Our Lord, standing beside His Mother, with open arms was revealing His Sacred Heart.

She said, “Your Act of Consecration goes through My Immaculate Heart and into the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus. My Son receives you so beautifully and He is so overjoyed watching you promise yourselves to Him. He is very joyful and happy, and He blesses you all in a very special way.”

Blessed Mother desires that we always kneel during the act of Consecration prayers. I then told my friends at the prayer group, what Blessed Mother had just said to me.

I said, “I am sorry but Blessed Mother said that we must all kneel because she is truly present.”

Suddenly they all went down on their knees and were very joyful to hear this message from our Blessed Mother.


Below is the prayer of the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

Act of Consecration -To the Immaculate Heart of Mary – For Religious & Laity

Virgin of Fatima, Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Refuge of Sinners, we who belong to the Marian Movement consecrate ourselves in a very special way to your Immaculate Heart.

By this act of consecration we intend to live, with you and through you, all the obligations assumed by our baptismal consecration. We further pledge to bring about in ourselves that interior conversion so urgently demanded by the Gospel, a conversion that will free us of every attachment to ourselves and to easy compromises with the world so that, like you, we may be available only to do always the Will of the Father.

And as we resolve to entrust to you, O Mother most sweet and merciful, our life and vocation as Christians, that you may dispose of it according to your designs of salvation in this hour of decision that weighs upon the world, we pledge to live it according to your desires, especially as it pertains to a renewed spirit of prayer and penance, the fervent participation in the celebration of the Eucharist and in the works of the apostolate, the daily recitation of the holy rosary, and an austere manner of life in keeping with the Gospel, that shall be to all a good example of the observance of the Law of God and the practice of the Christian virtues, especially that of purity.

We further promise you to be united with the Holy Father, with the hierarchy and with our priests, in order thus to set up a barrier to the growing confrontation directed against the Magisterium, that threatens the very foundation of the Church.
Under your protection, we want moreover to be apostles of this sorely needed unity of prayer and love for the Pope, on whom we invoke your special protection. And lastly, insofar as is possible, we promise to lead those souls with whom we come in contact to a renewed devotion to you.

Mindful that atheism has caused shipwreck in the faith to a great number of the faithful, that desecration has entered into the holy temple of God, and that evil and sin are spreading more and more throughout the world, we make so bold as to lift our eyes trustingly to you, O Mother of Jesus and our merciful and powerful Mother, and we invoke again today and await from you the salvation of all your children, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.
(with ecclesiastical approval)

28 January 2018

The Cenacle Rosary


Blessed Mother explained to me how important and powerful is the Cenacle Rosary. She has gathered all her priests together with the laity in a powerful Cenacle of prayer which is lead entirely by Her Immaculate Heart. I could see how, in the presence of the Cenacle prayer group, Blessed Mother reveals to us her Immaculate Heart, which opens up and completely envelops the cenacle prayer groups in the world and Her Immaculate Heart becomes one with them.

She said, “By attending the Cenacle Rosary, think of how many souls you could have saved and how many graces you could have received for the many different intentions, even for the conversion of sinners and for non-believers.”

Blessed Mother, pray for us. Jesus, have mercy on us.





28 January 2018

Blessed Mother with Baby Jesus

This morning while I was praying Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus in her arms.

She smiled and said, “I have brought you to my Son Jesus. I want to place Him in your arms. I know how much you love My Son. He wants to come to you to be loved.”

As she said this, she came towards me and gently placed Baby Jesus in my arms. As I held Him, I could see His beautiful Eyes. They were glowing from a beautiful light. As He gently moved His Holy Head I could see a golden glow radiating from His Eyes and encircling them. So much golden light was flowing from His Eyes. The glow also radiated from around His Holy Head. He was dressed in a little blue top, which itself was reflecting so much light. He was so peaceful and serene.

Suddenly a beautiful pillow appeared before me, burgundy in colour with golden tassels around the edges.

I gently placed Baby Jesus on this pillow. I was adoring Him and praising Him and telling Blessed Mother how beautiful He looks.

This heavenly experience was so uplifting and gave me much consolation.

She said, “When people read your messages, tell them that I want to place my Son Jesus in everyone’s arms. He loves to be nursed and to be told how much you love Him. That is why He comes to you as Baby Jesus, because you give Him tender love just like you would give to any baby.”

“Tell people, all they need to do is open their hearts to Him with sincerity, and talk to Him. He then comes to each one’s heart and each one’s arms, and each of you will feel peace and happiness in your hearts because Jesus gives you that peace. It is peace that the world cannot give you. It is peace that only God can give you.”

Blessed Mother then said, “I have to tell you that I am very saddened at the cancellation last week of the Cenacle Rosary that you attend each Friday. Because of the National Australia Day celebrations they cancelled the Sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist, the Mass and then the Rosary prayers that follow. Just think my children, how many souls can be saved through all of that.”

She then said how relaxed the priests are because they do not understand the meaning and the power of the Holy Mass and the power of the Cenacle Rosary.

“The devil is really enjoying himself now, after the prayers and Holy Mass have been cancelled due to the National Day celebrations. Everybody is relaxed in prayer, but my children I try very hard to tell you, to pray and not to be relaxed.”

“Sadly, I have to tell you, that you are on the verge of many catastrophes and disasters. They are happening now and many will happen this year. Many people will die in these disasters.”

“By praying you can save souls. My Son Jesus is very offended by the world, the way it is now. It is so very sinful. Not enough prayer is reaching Heaven to obtain mercy from God for the world, the way it is now. People are too relaxed in prayer. Encourage people to pray and pray.”

Blessed Mother showed me how we are on the verge of disasters and catastrophes. I was shown a huge rocky cliff. From the top of the cliff, I could see a rope hanging down the ravine below. On the edge of the cliff  I could see a large rock. The rope was so thin that it was ready to snap. That is how close the world is to disaster now.

Too many people are looking for entertainment and enjoyment. This year alone there will be many disasters in the world.

To obtain mercy from God, our Blessed Mother needs our prayers.