2nd June, 1992

At night, I was suffering from the ‘flu’ when Holy Mary visited me.

I had started praying and then thought ‘why am I so sick?’

At the same time as I complained to myself Holy Mary appeared with a gentle smile.

She spoke, ‘We are very sorry you are so sick but this sickness and suffering My Son gives to you. Would you like to know the reason for this suffering?’

‘It is for Medjugorje so that the plans My Son and I have will be fulfilled. The devil tries to destroy it. Please accept with love all the suffering we give you.’

‘You yourself and the messages we give you are united with Medjugorje. We know how much you love Medjugorje.’

The Blessed Mother then blessed me and with a gentle smile, She left me.

I was very happy to accept what Mary had told me and to offer the sacrifices for this.

28th May, 1992

At night, I was kneeling by my bedside. An Angel appeared in a glorious light. He appeared to be no more than 14 years of age. He had blonde hair reaching down to his shoulders and was clothed in a long white robe.

After a while, a beautiful young girl walked into my room. She also was surrounded by this golden aura.

Smiling, she said, ‘I am St Philomena. Our Lord sent me to come personally to thank you for your prayers to me’

‘I am constantly kneeling before God and interceding for people who ask me to pray on their behalf. My prayers are very powerful.’

‘As you can see, my Angel is always with me and guards and leads me everywhere I go. He makes the way for me, preceding me and making sure all is well.’

St Philomena is very beautiful, filled with goodness and love. She was clothed in a full length white robe without a cincture. Her dark hair fell past her shoulders in waves and on her head was a coronet of white flowers. In her hand was a long stemmed white lily, similar to the St Joseph lily.

5th April

7:00am at home. Jesus was, wearing a white robe, red cloak and pressing a letter to his breast, and said, “My child, look at my heart. I want to tell everyone to consecrate themselves everyday to my Sacred Heart so that they can come very close to me. Never before have I wished that everyone come so near to me as now.” He was silent, then He said, “You live in a most disastrous time. You don’t realise yourselves in what a serious and dark time you live.”

Then He pointed to the letter held to His breast and said, “Look at this letter that I hold to my Sacred Heart. It is a letter such as you write to your very dear ones whom you love and hold in your heart. This is the way in which I wish that everyone would deliver all their dear and loved ones to me. That is the only way that I can protect you all.” He opened up his arms to encompass us all. He continued, “Please, I beg of you, obey me, all of you. I give now, great grace and mercy. So please obey me and come to me, all of you.”

I replied, “Lord Jesus, I understand that we haven’t much time.” Jesus looked concerned for people who don’t believe. He wishes to protect us all before the coming of a great chastisement, now very near.

11:30pm at home. Our Lady appeared with a male angel and said, “Listen, My children, be ready. A very big sign from God will be seen and experienced by you and it is very near. The sign that you will witness is a sign, which never before has been seen or experienced. I beg you, don’t let yourselves doubt or disbelieve because the evil one deceives you and tells you lies. Believe. Believe.”

The angel then said, “All over the world God gives signs and messages, and graces to all kinds of people so as to gather them together. Believe! Believe! Be prepared. Pray! Pray! Pray! There is not much time. Please don’t be deceived or disbelieve one against the other. I am telling you a true word, a holy word from God. All heaven is open, we are among you, trying to help you on earth. Open your eyes! Believe!”

30th March

A message from Our Virgin Mary, as dictated by a holy angel.

“A good recipe for our daily lives:
Live in love today.
Live humbly – today.
Live in holiness – today.
Help or do some good to someone, if you can, today.
Give glory to God and LIVE ONLY FOR TODAY.”

I replied, “Glory and honour to God and to the holy Virgin Mary and to the Angel.”


Between the evening of August 13 and 14, about 5 o’ clock in the morning, I had a vision of the Blessed Mother Mary who gave me a message, that she heard of slander and malice about our church of St. Rafael. She said, “In your church is darkness, I know you are very sad when people do not listen to you.” They hold a smirk on their faces when you tell them of the holy word and blessed happenings. You are giving them a good example of holiness and they should look upon you as a holy light. She said, “my son Jesus and I are very sad.”

People come to mass, however they do not pray and as they go out of church they are ready to stab each other in the back. They should not judge each other, they will be judged by God. So politely I answered, “People do pray and ask for your help.”

Mother Mary with tears running down her cheeks said “You can count on your fingers how many of these people with true devotion in their hearts for me and my son Jesus. Tell people to convert and clean their hearts. Now is the time to receive graces, to be good to each other and not wait till it is too late. Then I saw Jesus raising His arms to Heaven and then it will be too late. My son is ready for a new period, a new time.

Your reports are all tied together with Medugorje and the secrets of mystery revealed to the children at Medugorje, such as dates, and hours. Only to them, were these secrets given. Mother Mary cries for her children who are wicked, and together we cried as we prayed the rosary. After this she mentioned my homeland, Slovenia. My dear Son holds his arms over your homeland. There will be suffering and scarcity for a short time. People will suffer because they forgot to pray.

You see, my daughter, when times are bad and critical they turn to prayers, but when things get better they forget all about God and prayers. I want to plead with you and others, not to forget the Almighty God, give thanks to Him. Read the Holy Bible which holds the holy word of truth from the beginning of time.

Almighty God selected you to be the guiding light with hope that people will listen to you instead of ignoring you. My Son, Jesus, and I are not happy. I am with you every step of the way when you see the bright light; I will further instruct you when you see me in person.

Mary gave mw her blessing in the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

23 November 1991

Preparation for the Sign to come from Heaven
(not previously published)

At eight o’clock this morning, when I said my prayers Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy and young Lord Jesus appeared to me.

They said, “We come to give you a message and to tell you that soon God will be giving a Sign to the whole world.”

Blessed Mother said, “This is the first Sign that we foretold in Medjugorje, for the whole world to see, and no one can deny it and say that it is not from God. No Science nor astronomers, no one can say that it is a planet or a star. It will be visible for the whole world to see it.”

She said, “Those who will come back to God, they will be very privileged to see Me and My Beloved Son, but I tell you also, for the ones who will not return to God, they will not see Me nor My Beloved Son. We will both stand beneath the Cross. Tell people to wake up from their sleep. There is not much time to sleep, only time to pray and pray.”

“Be prepared for when the Sign comes. This is a secret and is not to be revealed, only when Heaven decides to reveal it. Be ready and prepare,” Blessed Mother said.

Blessed Mother Mary and our Lord Jesus were both very sad when they were telling me this. Our Blessed Mother wants people to be ready, to go to confession, to be in a state of Grace before the Sign is revealed and appears.


This morning at Sam, I was wide awake and I started to pray the Holy Rosary. My niece was beside me asleep.

All of a sudden, someone shook me by my shoulder and I could hear them saying to me, “Lift Me up, lift Me up.”

I turned around and saw a little Boy standing beside my bed next to me.

I turned to Him and I said, “But I don’t know You.” I thought, He may be a little soul that needs my help and prayers.

This little Boy said, with a very sad expression on His face, “How come you don’t know Me. Everyday you tell Me how much you love Me and you praise Me, yet you say you don’t know Me?”

I had a shock as I then recognised our Lord as the Infant Jesus. I felt very sad because I had denied knowing Him.

Again He repeated, “Lift Me up, lift Me up.” He said, “I am like a child that wants to be lifted into the arms of adults. I’m consistently begging for people to lift Me up but people remain indifferent, they find excuses not to lift Me up.”

“You praise Me every day, you lift Me up every day. 1 want you to lift Me up to the Most High above all. No one can harm you I am always with you. Lift Me up and don’t be afraid.”

Jesus loves when we praise Him. In this way we console Him. He begs us to talk about Him and not to deny Him. When we do this we lift Him up to the Most High. Lifting Him up is to glorify Him.
I said, “Glory to You Lord Jesus that You may be praised forever and

2nd NOVEMBER, 1991

Today when I was praying our Lord appeared to me. He said, “Be at peace, My child, don’t worry about people. I put the sign on the forehead with the Holy Cross and nobody can harm them. I know who belongs to Me.”

I saw thousands and thousands of people who had a glowing golden cross on their forehead only visible to God. It was under the skin.

Our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, the crosses are not visible to people.”

The crosses will probably be visible when we go through the time of
suffering. The Angel will guide those who have the Sign of the Cross. It will be luminous and glowing.

7th July, 1991

I was very depressed for a week when Our Lord revealed to me that our chastisement is upon us, but then on a Sunday morning Our Lord revealed something beautiful. It was about 7am when I was reciting the Holy Rosary, the Glorious Mysteries, when a vision came to me.

An opaque light appeared like an oval in front of me. I saw what looked like an Angel or possibly a Saint in the light. A person started talking to me, he said, “I have been requested that you have to obey me and come with me.”

While kneeling down, I sat back and asked, “Who are you?” Very seriously, he answered, “You have no right to know and to ask, but only to obey me.”

At that moment it came to me that Our Blessed Mother had told me that many visitors would come to me from Heaven and that I would know they were from Heaven as I would feel very peaceful.

I would also have the opposite feeling, very restless and nervous when visited by Her adversary. This is so I could tell right from wrong. I felt very peaceful at that moment. When he held his hand out to me, I didn’t hesitate, but took his hand and went with him.

We walked very fast through countryside on a very narrow road side by side. I kept looking at my footsteps and tried to keep up with him. It seemed to me that we were being controlled by another force of great speed. (Similar to being lifted up suddenly, leaving an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach). Then I gathered up courage thinking I would like to know the name of my companion, so I asked, “Where are we going?”

He turned to me, saying very seriously, “This is not for you to know.”

I still asked, “What is your name?” He turned and gave me a stem look. He said, “I am Saint Eugene.” I replied, “That is a nice name.”

He continued, “My name is written in all the books.” And I said, “Oh, you are an historian.”

We walked over a hill, on the crest I noticed a beautiful palace of a soft pink colour the square openings in the walls showed a golden light shining through. The Saint told me to stop there, in front of a black line drawn across the ground in front of a large square opening, filled with the opaque golden light. St. Eugene told me not to touch the black line.

He said, “In a moment you will step over this black line.” He kept reminding me not to touch the line.

Before entering he stood sideways with arms outstretched, pointing with his left hand I could see earth far away and with his right hand towards the brilliant light. He said, “It ends here,” indicating earth with his left hand, “and begins here,” pointing to the light.

He said, “Not everyone is worthy of all this.” Then he continued, “When I touch you and hold your right hand we both have to move over the line simultaneously together.”

In a split second we were across, passing through the beautiful light. I felt a peaceful ecstasy enfolding me. I can’t describe the experience of what T felt and saw. There were many gardens filled with flowers, all types and colours, waterfalls, lawns, benches and birds, everything in such perfection and beauty.

I was admiring, looking in all directions and could only say ‘Oh!’ over and over. Above all I felt so peaceful and of holiness enfolding me. I stopped and said to myself, ‘I’m not going back, I want to stay here.’ I saw some people strolling, nodding and smiling to me as they passed by.

There were trellises and pergolas covered with climbers in flower, people seated beneath them. What had originally appeared to me as a palace turned out to be a high wall round this beautiful garden.

I walked on a carpet of red, velvety flowers when suddenly I was tapped on my right shoulder, I looked round to sec two Angels who told me to walk to my right. Ahead of me I saw Our Lord Jesus waiting. There was a low stone fence behind Him, His hands were clasped in front of Him. When I noticed Him, I was practically flying to Him. As I drew closer, He started walking toward me, smiling gently.

He outstretched His holy hands to greet me. I placed my hands in His, and He said, “Welcome home. My daughter, this is your home.” This overwhelmed me, feeling I could stay there. I felt so secure with Him, filled to overflowing with so much peace and love, I wanted to pour it out over the whole world.

Our Lord then said, “This is your home, one day soon, but not yet.” At that moment I felt a great disappointment, and then He put His arm around me and started guiding me back towards the entrance.

He stopped and said, “Now, I want you to be happy, not sad. Today you were worthy to see this beauty of your home. I will give you a message for My children on earth. Whatever you saw and experienced, tell them that I, the Lord, prepare for them their homes in My heavenly habitation for My children. Tell people when they will praise Me and love Me sincerely, with a purity of heart, the way you do it, everyone will be worthy of this heavenly kingdom.”

“The homes you prepare for yourselves on earth are only for a very short time, but the one I prepare for you is forever. Don’t be sad, be happy, because one day soon you will be with Me.”

I listened to all He had to say with tears in my eyes. He then took me by the arm and escorted me through the brilliant gold opaque light filling the gate of Heaven. Once I was through, I was standing on a grey, dismal soil.

St. Eugene, who had brought me, was waiting for me. He took my hand and led me downhill some distance. Suddenly he stopped in front of me, turning to the way we had come. He indicated the Heavenly gate and said, “See this gate of Heaven, not many pass through this gate, only very few, but you yourself were worthy to walk through before your time. Be happy. God loves you.”

We continued on down and as we walked he placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “I believe you are a widow.” I answered, “Yes, I am.”

He went on, “and you suffered a lot from your childhood in your life. I understand you are a very sincere person and you always pray for others. You are very compassionate toward other people. The most beautiful thing you do for Our Lord, which pleases Him, is when you console others, like yesterday, when you consoled the lady you met at the bus stop and she told you about her niece dying of cancer and you interceded for her so sincerely.”

Then I said to him, “How do you know all this?” He said, “We know everything. Your prayers and petitions usually go to us Saints, but you are so sincere, they go directly to Our Lord and Our Lord can never say no to you. Us Saints are specially placed to pray for you people on earth. Each Saint prays for a specific part of the body.”

Then standing before me, he held out both hands closed. He opened them and said, “Choose.”

In his left hand was a gold cross, decorated with lines. Attached was a gold chain. On the end of the chain was a gold square with lines radiating from the centre.

In his right hand was a similar cross, beautifully decorated with red rubies also with a gold chain. On the end was a heart, richly decorated also with the rubies.

He asked me, when I chose the one in his left hand, “Are you sure?”

I said, “Yes, it is from my Lord.” But then he said, “Give it back!”

I gave it back thinking it is not mine anyway, then he held out his right hand and said, “This is yours.” I replied, “Oh, no, no, no. This is too expensive.’

St. Eugene smiled and said, “Today, you are worthy of this heart, because your heart and His have today become one. Be happy, in the world you didn’t gain a heart but this day you received a heart from God.” I wept and praised Our Lord, feeling I was not worthy of so great a gift.

St. Eugene warned me, “Be careful of the evil one, for he wants to possess all humanity. Defend yourself the way you were doing until now, making the sign of the cross. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

The Saint brought me back in time to attend Sunday Mass.

A description of how Our Lord appeared to me in Heaven. He wore a beautiful white garment, rich and brilliant in appearance. Over His shoulder was a wide sash, deep red in colour, gathered in perfect pleats on His opposite hip, right to left with the ends draped down.

Our Lord Jesus had an Aura of compassion and love, which I felt strongly as I approached Him. He loves us very much, and desires that we all come to Him. His Sacred Heart is our way to Heaven.

I praise you. Lord Jesus. I will love and praise you forever and ever.

After experiencing the Heavenly vision, my sudden change and attitude towards all around me, also material things, took on an artificial appearance. Everything seemed false to me after being in Heaven with Our Lord. My heart constantly raised to Heaven, for I longed to be with Our Lord.

I felt His strong love which He gives to me, and also felt so secure being with Him, like a little child. Everything is entrusted to Him, and all worries disappeared.

Today, in my daily life with all its ups and downs, this experience, gives me hope to carry on that one day Our Lord will be merciful, that we will gain entry into Heaven. If we have faith and trust, God will definitely lead us there.

Jesus spoke during Holy Communion that same day, “Valentina, you carry My cross. Bear all your trials that I send you.”

4th July

When I was praying the Rosary Mary appeared to me, she was very happy and with a gentle smile. She softly spoke to me, “Today you received a special grace and you are worthy that I show you my beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers. Then Mary stretched out her hand and said come My Chid.”

Mary then turned sideways then raised Her Holy hand and pointed to the beautiful garden. I saw a very low stone wall shaped in a round form around the very large area inside the wall was filled with a lot of large daisies, not too tall, medium size. She then stretched out her hand for me to come in the garden, I was hesitant, and afraid I would trample the flowers. She again said, “Come in the garden and see for yourself, these flowers are real.” With much persuasion I went in and touched the beautiful flowers. she assured me that nothing would happen to them even though they were fresh.

She said, “See for your self they are real and alive.” They felt very real and fresh. “See they are fresh and real and you my child are one of them” she said, I wondered what she meant. Then the Blessed Mother continued, “These are My children those that are praying the Holy Rosary. I look after them and protect them, for My son Jesus.” She asked me to tell the people what I saw and experienced. Mary said, “Those who will sincerely from their hearts pray the Holy Rosary will be worthy of a place in Heaven.”

There were thousands and thousands of these beautiful daisies. Then I noticed that in the centre of this beautiful garden was Jesus smiling. He stretched out His Holy hand to invite me closer and at the same time pointed to the beautiful garden.

The meaning of all this is when we pray the Holy Rosary, spiritually we are already in the heavenly garden, like those flowers, and we make our Lord and the Blessed Mary very, very happy and joyous. I concluded, “Thank you dear Jesus and beautiful Mother for loving us like those flowers.”

7th June

Our Lord Jesus came to me and said, “My daughter, write down what I am about to tell you. Before the chastisement comes, humanity will suffer much. There will be less and less water. There will be very changeable weather. It will get hotter and hotter. There will droughts. The land will be all parched and brown. A lot of people will even die because of this. But the worst will be when the famine will spread throughout the world. People will suffer greatly before the chastisement. Pray, pray, pray to My Divine Mercy, so that I will be merciful towards all humanity.

My daughter, why are you afraid of people. Speak about what I am telling you. Do not be afraid. I put you together like a jigsaw puzzle. I know every part of your body. I am your God and Your Creator and I am always with you to protect you. Do not be afraid of people. You must speak and tell them the truth.”

4th June

It was morning around 8am while I was praying the Holy Rosary. All of a sudden I had a vision and the Blessed Holy Mother Mary appeared to me. She was looking at me very sadly. I did not understand and she did not say anything, she just stood there. I quickly made the sign of the Cross. When I did this Our Lord Jesus appeared as well, with a red mantle and He stood next to His Blessed Mother. All of a sudden I noticed that her face was becoming sadder and sadder. They were both looking sad. They both kept looking at me. Then at that moment Our Lord Jesus disappeared but Our Blessed Mother remained.

Our Lord Jesus then came back again but without the red mantle. He was wearing just a white tunic. Then He stepped towards me. He raised His right Holy hand. He placed it on His Chest and said, “Look at my Sacred Heart. It is surrounded with thorns and pierced right through with a sword, it is so sorrowful my child.” (Our Lord lamented because of mankind) I felt so sad I started to cry. I felt so sorry seeing the Sacred Heart so sorrowful and gravely wounded by humanity.

Our Lord continued, “I give you all my entire self, what else do you want Me to give you. I give you My Body and My Precious Blood every day and still the world does not recognise Me. They push Me aside”. Then again He repeated. “I give myself every day in the Holy Eucharist, even there they receive me unworthily, full of sin. I cannot watch this any longer. I am so sorrowful even unto death. I can no longer tolerate this.”

Our Lord became more and more sad and angry. I cried and cried. I felt so sad for Him and scared as well. Our Lord Jesus then said, “A very big chastisement is on the way. It is almost here at the door, such as has never been seen before since the world began or has ever been recorded by humanity. Oh yes, my child, it is almost here. It will come as a surprise. Everything will be normal, people will go about their lives as they usually do every day. It will start with the rain and people will say, it is good soaking rain, but with the rain the wind will start then the hurricanes, then the earthquake, everything will go to dust and will be destroyed.”

Our Lord showed me all the horrifying things that will happen. I saw all this and I cried and I cried and I said to the Lord, “How can you permit such a thing to happen, haven’t You got a heart? I know there are a lot of people in the world who love You very much. I myself love You with all my heart.”

At that moment Our Lord was silent and very sad. He looked down and took a few more steps towards me and He said, “I know about those who love Me. They are My consolation, but they are only very few. I can put them all in the palm of My hand.”

Our Lord then explained to me why such a catastrophic chastisement would come, “Because of the sin of mankind I will send this chastisement. Their pride is ruling the world. They go above Me they live without their God and Creator. I am put under their feet. The scientists, the technicians, they continue with their pride and because of their pride the whole world will suffer.”

Our Lord then told me to pray, “Tell people to pray, pray to My Divine Mercy. Pray now, pray every day. Pray when the horror comes over all of you. Above all pray to My Sacred Body and Precious Blood. In the end keep repeating: Holy, Holy God, Holy Almighty, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and the whole world.”

I replied, “My Lord and My God have mercy on us all”. For weeks after this vision I felt very sad and depressed. There is nothing to do but pray and convert and ask God for mercy and maybe in His goodness and kindness all this may be averted.

12th April

At 2:30am in the morning I felt Our Lord Jesus gently shake my shoulder saying, “Wake up, wake up!” When she awoke she got up and knelt down, in front of Him and glorified Him and started to recite the rosary, our Lord Jesus said, “How proud I am My child of you and I love you, continue to do what you have done in the past.” He was referring to my prayers and spreading off His Messages. He then touched my cheek with His first two fingers and then blessed me by placing His Holy hands on my head and said, “from now on, I want you to open the door for Me and bring me all the young people. Till now all the doors were closed because the youth are My biggest worry, I love them the most.”

I said, “Our Lord would you prefer young people to pray the Holy Rosary in this group that I am attending instead of old people?” Our Lord smiled and looked at me with gentle understanding and replied, “You do not understand Me yet, your group is good and makes Me very happy and is dear to Me, but from now on I want you to open the door for me and lead the young people to Me.”

I answered Him, “My Lord, I do not know how!” Our Lord replied, “You have to wake them up and give them courage, talk to them about My infinite love and Mercy. They are very precious to My Sacred Heart and I love them all. Their ideas are My ideas, that is why I love them so much, I love them all. I love each one of them so bring them all to Me. I Beg of you, open the door and lead them all to Me I bless you my child in the name of The Father and of The Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

I replied, “Thank you My Lord Jesus Christ, I love you for all the graces and blessings you give us.”

21st March 1991

This morning, 7.15am, our Blessed Mother appeared while I was praying, while kneeling.

She smiled and said, “Live only for today. Today is your most beautiful day. I come to you with My Baby Jesus, the Holy Child.”

Again She repeated, “Today is your most beautiful day. Never before, as now, have you been so close to My Most Beloved Son. As you are now, because of this, I will place Him in your arms. Stretch out your arms.”

She bent down and placed the Baby Jesus in my arms. He was very young, about 2 months. My heart filled to overflowing with love and emotion. I praised Him and adored Him, tears filled my eyes with sheer happiness.

Holy Mary spoke, “Look at My Son. He is God alive, My child. Tell everyone about this happening. I will place Him in everyone’s arms when they will come close to Him as you are now. I am the Mother of My Beloved Son and I am the Mother of all My children.”(spiritually)

Again She repeated, “Live for today only. Today is your most beautiful day. Don’t think of tomorrow, don’t think of the past, and don’t think of the future. Think only of today. Live only for today because today is your most beautiful day.”

(This is how our Beloved Mother teaches us, to love Her and Jesus with all our heart and with all our strength.)

While our Holy Mother was telling me all this wonderful true happening, I was looking at the Baby Jesus in my arms, I couldn’t take my eyes off Him but still paid full attention to what our Holy Mother was saying.

The Baby was so alert, gazing around the room in all directions. All around Him was a bright, glowing aura. Even my arms and hands had a bright golden glow.

Looking over Him, I noticed the pulse of His Sacred Heart beneath His white nightie. With each pulse, a bright ray issued forward and then back to His Heart.

I kept saying, “How Holy You are, my God. I will love and praise You for ever and ever. My You be blessed and glorified by all.”

Thankyou, Blessed Mother. Thankyou, Baby Jesus, for this is a truly special day of my life.

Many times before this, Blessed Mother appeared with the Holy Child, but She didn’t place Him in my arms. I felt that I wasn’t ready to receive Him, it was not my time. At times, as a little baby, He would speak to me. I was surprised and asked Mary, “How can Baby Jesus speak? He is so little.”

She answered, “My daughter, you must remember that He is God. He can do anything.”

5th August

At Medjugorje on Our Lady’s Birthday Late at night I was praying the Rosary when Our Lady appeared in the bedroom at Citluk where our group was staying. She spoke, “I come to introduce Myself as the Queen of the most Holy Rosary. It has been a long time since you have seen Me in this way, yet you don’t understand why.”

Again she repeated, “I am the Queen of the most Holy Rosary. I wish everyone to pray the most Holy Rosary. That is why I want you to help me, in my name, to spread this message, to the whole world which has fallen so much into sin, offends constantly My Son. Everyday, more and more, he is offended tell them to beg Him for forgiveness, His Mercy.”

Holy Mother’s face changed. She began to cry, begging us to convert our lives and to stop offending her Son. On her right side I saw a heart, pierced and surrounded with thorns and bleeding, there was also a Crucifix and a Host. Our Lady explained, “The Lord Jesus sacrifices Himself everyday in every Mass, His Blessed Sacrament. He wishes that we received Him pure and clean and that we ask Him for His forgiveness. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is pierced and bleeding with the thorns of many offences every day”.

She spoke of the Crucifix, “My Son freely accepted death on the Cross for our Salvation. Still people think little of His Sacrifice and do not honour Him. Daily they crucify Him.”

Holy Mother was crying, begging me to tell people to change their lives and to stop offending Her beloved Son. “Pray, Pray, Pray, all fifteen mysteries, of the rosary. Tell them to pray this with their families, their groups, and their churches, tell this to my disobedient children.”

Holy Mother blessed me in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN. Our Lady wore a royal Blue dress, covered with pearls that shone. On her head was a spectacular crown with a diamond star in the middle and a large M on each side of the crown. It was made with a shining silver material with brilliant diamonds all over it. She was also framed by a Large Rosary under which was the word … IMMACULATA.