21st April 1990

I woke up early in the morning, about 5.30am, and went on my knees and started praying the rosary.

Whilst I was praying I was looking at the early morning sky. Up in the sky I could see a rock. Around this rock I could see two people moving and talking to each other. One was a Roman soldier holding a spear and the other I recognised as our Lord Jesus wearing a white tunic.

All of a sudden, I could see our Lord Jesus quickly approaching me. He appeared in front of me in a most beautiful white garment. He came very close and showed me His Holy Side Wound.

He said, “See this Holy Wound that I received during My agony and suffering, the people in the world today honour it very little, they don’t even think of this Wound.”

He showed on His left side, through an opening in His tunic, there were silvery golden pigments surrounding Hs Holy Wound. The Wound was open and quite large with a jagged edge but not bleeding. “Very little do people honour and pray to this Holy Wounds.”

“These Holy Wounds I received unexpectedly, I was near death, semi conscious, but not dead when the soldier put the lance through My side.

Tell people of all My Holy Wounds that I received on the way to Calvary this Holy Side Wound was the most painful of all. Please honour My Holy Side Wound that washes away all the sins of the world. Let them venerate and pray to the Holy Side Wound for the forgiveness of their sins.”

Whilst I was kneeling down, I was so sad seeing His Holy Wound that I started to cry and stretched my hands towards the Holy Wound as if to touch it (but I didn’t), to console our Lord.

Our Lord showed me the soldier who lanced Him. Then He blessed me with the sign of the cross and He departed.

I didn’t get to ask, due to my immense sadness in seeing the Holy Wound and trying to console our Lord, whether He had forgiven the Roman centurion.

March 1990

Lord Jesus came to me and said, “I came to give you a message. Tell people, not to offend me anymore with their sins. Tell, people, to praise and love me. I give them enough grace but still they keep offending me.”

“Tell people, how much more grace they would receive if they asked for forgiveness with all their heart. My grace and strong love for you all it is so powerful that in an instant it is visible as I give it to you all and its spreads so quickly even when its invisible.”

“It’s like the roots of a tree, its spreads on top of the earth and deep under the earth. That’s how far my grace spreads. I give Holy grace and goodness to those who pray to me. Not only to those, but to all their families and generations. That why, tell people to pray, to love one another and to stop offending me. Tell them to love me, to pray to me and to praise me. Because I am Holy grace, goodness and love.”

Lord Jesus was standing so close to me and with his finger he drew three circles and wrote in them:

Then he explained to me how the Holy grace works. He showed me a beautiful green tree and nature surrounding it. Calmly, with patience he explained to me the secrets of how his grace works.

All three circles were connected into one, which was how the Holy grace works. When Jesus came to me I couldn’t describe how beautiful he looked. He wore a beautiful white gown. On his chest he bared a golden heart with rays of gold shining out from it. It was so beautiful and bright it almost blinded me to look at it – the Holy light. He came so close to me that I could reach out and touch him. The three circles that Jesus drew were made from grey marble.

(This vision was received during the night of 22nd of March to the 23rd of March 1990.)


The Blessed Mother constantly speaks to me and shows me the Holy Rosary. On many occasions she speaks to me about how coldly She is received in peoples homes. She also speaks to me that in many houses they venerate Her very little, and in other houses with a lukewarm reception. On this occasion She appeared to me and She compared this with the example of being put in to a cold stable, where it is cold and not welcoming as compare to a warm loving home. She said, “On some occasions they do not even think about me being welcomed into their homes. They give little value to my presence. That is the way I compare people of today.” She went on to say, “You see my child even though, I still love all my children and am very concerned for them always. Every day I am begging my Beloved Son to be merciful and forgiving.”

Blessed Mary the Queen of the most Holy Rosary pleaded, “YOU must pray the Rosary every day, not only on the 13th of each month (Fatima Day) but every day.” She wishes that we pray all three mysteries of the Holy Rosary every day. She went on to say, “Satan has such power over everyone with his cunning ways he deceives people in such a way, you have no idea of how he does this, like with a snap of a finger you follow him so easily and are deceived. Me and My Son can not come to you unless you pray and think of us, that is how we break the barrier and are able to come to your aid. Again I plead with you my children to pray, pray the Holy Rosary. In this way you blind the devil, only then can we come to you. So every moment call for Our assistance so that we can protect you.”

When I was given this message By the Holy Mother, she was crying so very much, tears pouring down her face, and I too cried with her. If only you could see her, you too would feel the sorrow and pain and would wish to console her.

15TH March, 1989

Today, I went to help the Altar Society in St. Raphael’s Church. While cleaning, near the side altar of the Sacred Heart with another lady, we were nearly finished when a nun approached us and asked us to change the altar cloths at the side altar of Our Lady. She asked us to lift down the statue in order to clean everything properly. I picked up the cloths and bucket and started walking across to do what we were asked. When I arrived at the place, I saw that the statue had already been lifted down by other ladies who had started cleaning. They were wiping the statue. I wanted to approach but could not move. It was as if I was fixed to the floor. Suddenly, the statue of our Lady appeared alive to me. She smiled and said, “My daughter, others are cleaning Me but I chose you.” She kept repeating this over and over. The other ladies looked at me and said, “Alright, you are just watching while we are doing the cleaning.” Out of embarrassment I picked up my cleaning gear and went over to wash windows. I didn’t want to tell anyone what I had experienced, so I kept working by myself. Later, that same day at home, I heard a beautiful gentle voice calling my name again. I searched, but I couldn’t find anyone. Again She repeated the same words, “My daughter, others are cleaning Me, but I chose you.” Immediately, I knew it was our Blessed Mother speaking. I felt such a beautiful joy in my heart at this. I began singing all different hymns and praises for our Lord and His Holy Mother while I attended to my housework. The telephone rang and I answered. There was a lady calling and she tried to pronounce my name and said, “Are you Valentina?” I understood then what she meant and answered, “I am Valentina.” She asked, “Will you pray one Hail Mary for me?” She introduced herself, “I am Sister … from St Patrick’s Guilford.” I answered, “Yes I will pray at home.”

Sister said, “No, no, you will come and pray in our church on the 16th of March at night. We are having a mission. We chose many people to pray in their own language.” I tried to excuse myself from going, but she wouldn’t listen. Instead she said, “Wear something blue like our Lady, Mother of God.”

The next day … 16th March, St Patrick’s Church, Guilford. When I arrived at the church, I was overwhelmed by the way they welcomed me and others. They pinned my name onto me with a little white rose and then asked me to write the names of my parents on a card. They placed all these cards in a basket and took it to the statue of the Sacred Heart and pinned them to a cloth around its base with red and white flowers.

The nun who invited me took all who were invited to pray in their own language to a reserved place at the front of the church. I cannot describe the joy I felt that evening. We all sang songs in honour of Jesus and Mary. I noticed that the church was full of families. The children stood around the sides, all holding candles. Everyone was singing and praying. There were five priests, all giving beautiful homilies. I felt very much the Holy Spirit was present for the two hours duration of the Mission. The same night, I prayed the Rosary kneeling beside my bed. When I finished the Rosary it was after midnight and I was about to get into bed when suddenly something took hold of me, of which I had no control and I said to myself, ‘Oh, no, not again.’ In a split second a voice said to me, “We have come to thank you for your obedience and response to Our call so quickly for what We asked you.”

In myself I said, ‘It’s not such a great deal for what I have done, it was only one Hail Mary.’ When I turned around I saw standing behind me both Jesus and Mary. The Blessed Mother touched me gently on the shoulder and said, “My child, come with Us.” Immediately, we were all standing in the church of St Patrick’s, Guildford. First was our Lord, then the Blessed Mother and then myself. Holy Mary spoke, “Did you see, in this church, everyone loves Us. You yourself experienced such a true devotion to Us. You really see how people love Us. You see, My daughter, this church that you visited today is to Me and My Son one of the most lovable churches of all churches.” Mary was so joyous as She said these words. Jesus smiled with joy and I felt in my heart the joy they had. Blessed Mother said, “See, My child, I want you to experience and see for yourself how others worship and honour Us in this church.”

She turned again toward me and holding Her hand out, She said, “I know, to you, St Raphael’ s church where you always go is very dear to you, but for Me and My Son it is one of the most saddest churches of all.” This came as a shock to me, and I started crying. She took my hand and said, “Come. I will show you why.” In a split second, I found myself with Jesus and Mary on top of St. Raphael’s church. What I saw was a most thick, black cloud right down to the ground. It was spread all over the church, so thick it could be cut with a knife. I was so sorrowful and shocked, I started crying again. I noticed at the base of the wall I could see some white bricks that were not covered by the cloud. Holy Mary held my hand and said to me, “See this thick, black cloud does not allow Me or My Son to come to this church. This is the sin of the people that pushes Us away.” She said, “Come, I will show you and explain to you,” and then took me into the church. I tried to tell Jesus and Mary that these people really love them and try to honour them, but the Blessed Mother said to me, “Not from their hearts. They come to the church out of habit but not with true devotion.”

As we were standing in front of the Altar and as we approached the Sanctuary, I noticed before me a big arch of palm leaves meeting in the centre and intertwined with a creeper, these were very fresh and green, but further in there were some dead, crisp, brown leaves. I asked, “What does this represent? Why are some branches green and fresh and others are brown and dead?”

Jesus answered, “See, My child, the brown represents the soul that dries out and has become empty.”

Holy Mary said, “I compare this to people who come to this church.” Again I tried to protect my people. I said, “But they do honour You and praise You. The church fills up with people, especially during first Holy Communion and Confirmation and Feast days.” Blessed Mother answered, “Oh yes. Only by habit but not with true devotion. Come, We will show you how many people with true devotion really love My Son and Me.” We stood in the middle of the church all three of us. Blessed Mother then said, “Look, you can count on your fingers how many sincerely love Us by counting on your fingers.” I saw four people standing, then five and then three. These were men, women and children but a mist obscured their features. I started to cry again. On the other side, I saw our Parish Priest who was sitting on a low seat and was looking towards the main entrance. His face was very sad. Again, Holy Mary said, “Look at Our Hearts, pierced with a sharp knife.” I saw Their Hearts pierced through and blood was streaming down over Their robes. They were both clothed in red robes with blue mantles and were weeping. I wept with sorrow with them. Holy Mary told me, “Tell people not to criticise others when they step out of the church. Only God can judge. They stab one another on the back. That offends My Son very much.” I asked, “What can I do for all this in reparation?”

Holy Mary said, “Prayer. Pray, pray, pray that humanity must repent and convert. This has to come to you, My child, the wound of Our Hearts. You have to carry it with you and feel the pain of My Son and Me and understand how much We suffer for sinners.” With Her right hand, She indicated our Parish Priest and said, “You must tell him all that We have shown you. Do not keep it for yourself.” Again Mary repeated, “Conversion must come to this church. Don’t delay. Hurry, hurry don’t delay for the conversion of sinners must come. Pray, pray, pray the Holy Rosary.” Then They departed. Oh, people, if only you could experience and see what I have seen. How much it hurts Jesus and His beloved Mother, seeing Them so sorrowful, your hearts would be touched and moved even if they were made of rock. At 2.30am, I found myself back in my room. I cried so much, my eyes were all swollen. Our Blessed Mother had instructed me to write down right away all that I had experienced so that I won’t forget. She also asked that this message be given as soon as possible to our Parish Priest. The pain in my heart I experienced immediately, and I carry it with me to this day, sometimes more, sometimes less. We established some time later a Rosary group and pray that we will remain faithful.

Thankyou to our Lord Jesus and His Holy Mother for revealing all this to us.

July 1988

I was praying at home, and a beautiful vision came to me. A beautiful garden containing a large crystal building. Suddenly inside the building, I saw a door open and a little boy with ginger hair appeared. He approached a chalk board and pinned on it a beautiful bird that he had painted, red, yellow and grey. I wondered, what is this vision, what does it mean? Then I felt very happy and peaceful, and Our Lord Jesus appeared, dressed in sackcloth, smiling. He came very close and sat next to me on the floor.

He said, smiling, “I bless everything. I love children. Clever aren’t they?” He continued, “I lovechildren, I bless them all, even their lollies. I bless everything, I bless everyone.” I gathered courage and said, “What about the bread?” He replied, “The bread too, when it is baked. I bless it all over the world. I bless everyone and everything. With a blink of my eye I can change
everything.” Again I wanted to ask Our Lord, What about me? , but I was thinking, who am I to ask Our Lord for blessings. I am not worthy of His blessings. Our Lord turned to me, smiling, and pointed His finger at me and said, “And I can read the minds and thoughts and hearts of all people, and I bless you too!” Then I was surprised that without asking Him, He knew what I was

Thankyou, Our Lord Jesus, for all Your blessings You give us every day and every moment of our lives.