21st May

This message was given to me by Our Lord Jesus when I was praying the Creed before commencing the Holy Rosary. Our Lord Jesus came in a vision and stood there sadly looking at me and then He said, “Look around my child, what do you see today in the world that makes you so sad? You see and hear every day of corruption and violence and evil. The world is full of sin that spreads so quickly like poison from one end to another. This offends me gravely. My child, I your Lord do not sleep through all this, I act quickly. In many parts of the world I have already struck to let people know that I am sending them My justice. But do not think My children, that you are free from My just hand in this country of Australia Oh No! My children, you are mistaken if you think like this. This country offends Me very much too. It is so full of sin, corruption, pride, greed and evil.”

At this moment I noticed that Our Lord was holding a sword in His holy hand and said, “I will plunge My sword of justice right now into this ground, and I will bring My divine Justice to this sinful city of Sydney. This city will crumble and tremble before Me”.

At this point Our Lord raised me up high on a hill. I stood there with Him and an Angel. Our Lord Jesus showed me the centre of the City of Sydney. What I saw was a horrifying sight, the buildings were shaking and crumbling down to the ground. I was feeling very upset and distressed at seeing this terrible sight. Our Lord and the Angel said that a large area of the city will be demolished. I also saw people screaming and running everywhere in a panic. Those in city buildings had no chance to run. I turned to Our Lord and cried, asking Him what I could do to help with all this. Our Lord replied, “My child, you cannot do anything by yourself but constantly pray and say, Your will be done My Lord, Your will be done My Lord.” Then Our Lord continued, “This will effect your country economically and there will be a lot of suffering.”

I said, “Lord, have mercy on this city. Lord have mercy on this country.” I felt in my heart that we must beg God for mercy and pray continuously. Now I understood what Our Blessed Mother meant in other messages, when she was talking to me and telling me “Pray unceasingly my children. You do not know what suffering is awaiting you.” I concluded by saying, “Dear Lord, please have mercy on us, and on this land of ours.”

5th May

This message was given to me by the almighty Father and creator. He began by saying, “My daughter, write down what I am going to tell you. I wish that you would obey My Holy commandments before I send a punishment on the whole of humanity because of the great blasphemy even with fashion, the way you all dress today offends Me greatly. The evil Spirit leads you into terrible sin because of the way you dress, especially when you enter My Holy House, (the Church) you think I do not see the way you dress and behave. You offend Me greatly. The whole of Heaven is very upset. I beg of you My children to be decent and humble. Do not look at the fashion with which Satan is tempting you. Obey Me, your Father and creator, who sees and judges everything.

Ladies, you must know that you are the spouses of My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Please cover your bodies and do not expose your flesh. He bought you all with great suffering, with His precious blood, and you must know that you all belong to Him. I wish that you would all dress like ladies and wear long dresses that cover your bodies and long sleeves when you enter into My Holy Church. This applies also to the men. Please dress in a modest way with long trousers and a long sleeve shirt or jacket. You all belong to Jesus Christ and you must take example from my Son and the way He dresses.

My daughter, please speak about this message to everyone and spread it widely – I beg you. I also wish that you give this message to my priests; My shepherds. They must speak of this message to the people in the Churches. This is how I, your Father, wish you to dress today. My devoted shepherds, I your Father am speaking. Listen to me because you will be responsible for all these things. You do not teach My Holy Commandments any more”.

I said, “My Father, can I ask you something concerning this message, about the way you want us to dress, because in the summer it is very hot and not comfortable to wear long sleeves?” Then Almighty Father turned and looked seriously at me, I thought in my heart that He would say that we must suffer for Him, but instead He very gently suggested, “That we must look for material which is suitable for the climate we live in and the sleeves should be made wider so that the air can penetrate”. He again begged me to spread this message, “Do not be afraid if people ridicule you”.

Almighty Father concluded, “I, your Father Almighty, am always with you and I protect you and see everything. Tell my children that I love them all very much. Please obey the Holy Commandments everyday and I bless you all in My name, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen”.

Thankyou my beloved Father for the beautiful Holy words that you gave to us and I also ask you to have mercy on us and forgive us.

14th December

This message was received on a pilgrimage to Rome, visiting Pope John Paul 2nd.

Amongst the audience of Pope John Paul 2nd, the Blessed Mother appeared to me. She said, “I am happy that you are here My child, this is through the grace of Me and of My Son. I tell you My child, you had a lot of hardships around you due to the evil spirit, he was trying to stop you from coming to this pilgrimage in Rome to fulfil your wishes. I took pity on you, everything was against you and you were surrounded by evil, but I am very happy that you called for My help in your heart because you defeat all evil with Our help. You see here, in the holy hall Father Pope John Paul 2nd, everything is not as it seems.

Here in the Vatican are his enemies, where they hate his and wish evil upon him. I watch over him always. I beg you to tell the people to pray for him. I need your help My children. I am pleased that you are not waiting your time and that you are reciting the rosary and offering it for the Holy Father.”

She continued, “Today, My Son and I especially bless people from Slovenia who have come to honour the Holy Father from all parts of Slovenia, also the Bishops, the Priests and especially all the leaders from your homeland Slovenia. My Son especially blessed your Homeland Slovenia, for this reason thank Him everyday and ask Him for His protection. Tell he people to pray and convert back to God. Pray also for your brother sand sisters in Christ who are distant to God, o that they will convert and be worthy of God’s grace, mercy and love. Thank you My daughter for your attention, do not be afraid, We are always with you, Spread the messages and My Son and I give to you.” I answered, Thank you my loving Mother Holy Virgin Mary Regina (Queen of Heaven), how I love you.”

14th November

A week before departing to visit my mother in Europe, I fell gravely ill with a serious sickness. We called a doctor but he couldn’t tell what was wrong with me. I was vomiting and had as unbearable pain behind my right ear (over the mastoid bone) which was making me ill. My whole body was in pain, I couldn’t walk and I had to remain in bed. It lasted 5 days. My family was very worried. My son wanted to take me to a specialist.

Monday morning, around 8 o’clock, I slowly got up to go to the specialist, but unexpectedly Our Lord appeared as the Infant Jesus of Prague and said, “Fear not, my child, you will not die. The sickness that you bear, it is I, Your Lord, who gives it to you. Bear it with love. Come with Me I will show you why you are suffering.”

In an instant, we were in what seemed to be a dark countryside, no buildings. It was filled with people, mostly men, who were suffering.
Their hands were raised, and their fingers were continually moving and they were begging for relief. Their continuous hum, reminded me of bees in a hive. They could not see us and they were standing in a dark shadow, like night. I realised that this is the suffering place of Purgatory.

Our Lord was standing on the edge of a circle of bright light with me on His right. He swung around three times, and then bent down, with His arms spread and His hands open and He raised His arms up, as if scooping. As His arms were raised. He looked up to Heaven and a beam of light appeared above the suffering people. In front of my eyes they were all lifted up into the light and disappeared before my eyes.

I said, “What a relief, there is no more begging,” and the place was empty. I turned to the Lord and He turned to me, smiling. I said, “Lord, who can go above You? You are a Mighty and Powerful God and I love you so much.”

Our Lord said, “See, my child, I need your suffering to do all this. With your suffering and My Mercy I quench their souls.” – TRUST

Then I was back in the kitchen as my son came in to take me to the doctor. I said to my son, “Frank, no need to go to the doctor. The sickness I had, Our Lord gave it to me and He will take it away.”

In a few days, I got better and better. At the end of the week I was on the plane, thanking Our God for all the marvellous deeds He does, on my way to visit my mama.

Our Lord permits all this to happen, so I can give testimony to others.

1st November, 1996


Jesus appeared to me and said, “My dear child, today is the feast of All Saints. They are rejoicing with Me in Heaven, they thank Me and praise Me and give Me glory. They are the happiest to be with Me in Heaven and they also pray for you, My earthly children. Also, they pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.”

He said, “Don’t be sad today for the next day is All Souls Day. They too will come with Me in Paradise, but in the meantime they must still be purified to meet Me face to face. They need much prayer and offerings of Masses because they cannot rely on themselves any more.”

“My child, you must wonder why this is happening because you miss your loved ones, and you ask yourselves why did they die and so on and so on. My child, you cannot find an answer for this, but I want you to trust Me, only in Me, your Lord. One day, My child, I will reveal all to you. All the knowledge will be given to you, not here on earth but in My Presence and in My Kingdom. You too will praise Me and glorify Me together with all the Saints.”

“I love you, My child, be at peace.”

“I love You too,” I said, “my Lord and my God.”

29 October 1996

The Love of our Lord Jesus
(not previously published)

This morning while I was praying our Lord Jesus came. I was praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

He said, “When you are meditating and praying the Sorrowful Mysteries, and when you step into My Passion, and you become very upset, and you even cry, because you see your Lord how He suffers for everyone, it is I Who places in you this feeling of sadness. Everything comes from Me.”

My child, I want you to be happy in My Suffering and even joyful, because I have done all of this out of love for all of you. I suffer so much because I want to redeem you all because I love you. I want to save you all,” He said.

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.


An Angel said to me “ I come to tell you what prayer does for you people on earth. Through prayer many catastrophical things have been averted, for instance, I saw a great comet coming very fast towards the earth,” But the Angel explained to me and showed me Gods right hand push it aside and it dissolved into nothing. The Angel then said, “The comet would have made a big disaster, many thousands would have died, but your prayers saved all that. Continue to pray, do not stop because only through prayer God is merciful to you people.”

10th September

Our Lord Jesus spoke to me while I was reciting the Holy Rosary. “Listen, My child, stop praying while I speak to you. As summer approaches you will experience a lot of changes in the weather in this country. Cold, heat, winds, catastrophical storms and mini cyclones. These are the signs to tell the people to prepare and wake up to change and repent Before it is too late. Tell My children those who do not wish to accept My love, goodness and mercy, that I will Be forced to give them my judgement.” I said, “Have mercy My Lord Jesus.”

6th September

As I prayed the rosary in my Bedroom, I could see a little boy in a cradle covered in a blanket. I asked the little Boy, “Who are you little boy?” He sadly answered me But in the voice of a man, not an infant, “Don’t you know Me, I am your Lord. Uncover Me and allow Me to come near you. My Wish is that you uncover Me and introduce Me to people so that I come near them. I am sad, like a little infant, who is unloved and abandoned, I desire your love, My children. I wish to return a lot of love and graces, come close to Me and allow Me to love you.” I said, “Thank You My Lord for your infinite love for us. Forgive us Lord.”

In this vision our little Lord Jesus was very sad, people love Him too little. They reject Him and don’t allow Him to come close to them. Please love the Lord for He has so much to give you in return, everlasting joy, peace and happiness.

2nd September

The holy Mother spoke. “Oh My child, you can see the suffering becoming every day more and more. It will become more intense. There will be more crime on the street and your societies will not be able to control the crime. The little children will be the target. People do not wake up to see all this is happening. Pray, My children, unceasingly.

My Son is sad for you My children, but He wants people to bend down to repent for so many offences and blasphemies that He receives everyday. His justice is to come to all humanity. I cry for you My children, but you must speak to people. Don’t be afraid. They must stop offending God and repent before it is too late. I love all My children so don’t be afraid to speak the truths that come from My Son and Me. I love you and will always protect you.”

I replied, “Thank you Blessed Mother, I love you.”

24th August

An angel appeared to me and said, “Do you know that there is now an election taking place over the whole world from Heaven?” He opened up a Book and looked into it, saying, “People must decide to say Yes or No for God or not.”

I looked worried when the angel spoke to me but he smiled and said, “Don’t worry or be sad, I will tell you good news. Who will be the winner? There will be more Yes than No.” The angel was very happy and smiling. He closed the book and was gone.

12th August

This morning when I had almost finished my morning prayers. Our Lord came in a vision, very cheerful and happy. He smiled and said, “Valentina, my child, I come to explain to you about the Blessed Sacrament so you will understand better and tell others, so that they too will understand. The reason I asked you yesterday to offer everything to Me – before the Priest raised Me up – is because it is necessary for all of you to know the meaning and the power and blessing you all receive at that moment from Me. When mere is My Precious Body on Exposition, I wish and desire that you all ask Me for whatever you need and you can also offer everything to Me, before the Priest raises Me to bless you. When the Priest or Bishop lifts Me up, at that very moment I come to you from heaven to bless you all. I do not come alone but with Me comes the whole Heavenly Court with all the Angels and Saints.”

He extended His Holy Hand and said, “Now I will show you.” I cannot explain the beauty I experienced at that moment and I said: “My Lord, You are a living God, with all the Angels and Saints accompanying You, praising You and glorifying You.” I also saw the Blessed Sacrament. It was magnificent all gleaming and shining with holiness. The brilliant colours I saw were beyond description. I said. “My Lord and My God, how happy I am to see and experience all this. I love You my Lord. I thank You for the many graces you have given me.”

Jesus replied, “You know my child, if people could see and experience all that I have shown you, they would fall on their faces and cry with happiness. They would also praise and honour Me in a much deeper way and give Me thanks. They would be entranced and surprised. But because this gift is not given to people to see Me in this way, they accept Me only in a very cold manner. Valentina, my child, do you know that I am very Holy? Do you believe that I am Holy?” I said, “Oh yes my Lord and my God. I do believe You are Holy. You are the holiest above all. No one is holier than you are my Lord and my God. For all this I praise You and glorify You and thank You constantly, because You are worthy of all praise.”

Our Lord then said, “Please tell everyone about Me and what I have shown you and explained to you about my Blessed Sacrament. Tell them to honour and praise Me more and to love Me in the most Holy and Blessed Sacrament. I give you a promise; Everyone who sincerely from their hearts, humbly asks Me, I will fulfil their wishes and their desires and grant all their petition.”

When Our Lord explained all this to me. He came so close to me and embraced me. He put his Holy Face next to mine and pressed tightly to my cheek and asked me again: “Valentina do you really believe that I am Holy?” I was so joyous and I said to Him, “Oh yes my Lord, You are the Holiest of all Holiness. None can go above you!” Our Lord knew all this but He still wanted to hear it from me, so I can tell you all about His holiness. After all He likes to be told and to be praised by all His children. This makes Our Lord very happy. I beg you all, please love and praise Our Lord and honour Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. He loves us all very much.

I concluded by saying, “Thank you my Lord and my God, how I love You.”

11th August

During a conference, while the Blessed Mother’s statue came in the Hall she passed right next to me. I said, “Welcome my beautiful Mother and Queen.” She smiled and said, “Thank you my children for welcoming Me so warmly. I have brought you many graces and blessings. Among you are some very sick people, but today they will receive the grace of healing from my Son Jesus.” She was very joyful and smiling. I replied, “Thank you my Queen and Mother. I love you.”

Just before the blessing was given to people with the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord Jesus came and asked me to offer all the sick people to Him. He said, “Quick, my child offer everyone here to Me, the sick, the oppressed, the dying, the needy, the Holy Souls, whoever you can think of, give them all to Me.” Then again He said, “My child, turn to your right.” I said, “Yes my Lord. There is a Hospital across the street. He answered, “Right this moment there are some dying, very ill, depressed and suffering people. Offer them to Me and pray for them.” I responded, “Sorry my Lord Jesus for being so selfish not to think of those poor and suffering people in the next building. Please have mercy on them My Lord and receive them, I love you.”

8th August, 1996

Today, our Lord came to me while I was praying. He showed me the Stations of the Cross and said, “Look, My child, the suffering I, your Lord, bear for My Priests to show them too that they have to suffer for Me. They are My chosen ones.”

“But today, they don’t look at the Stations of the Cross to remind them that they must suffer for Me and follow in My footsteps. Instead, they run away from Me. They like to have a good and easy life, not suffering. How sad I am to see all this and being offended by many.”

“Please pray for them and accept the suffering I will give you, My child.”

” I love You, Lord Jesus,” I said. “Thankyou, my Lord.”

Our Lord Jesus laments Himself because the Priests don’t accept the crosses He has given them today. Instead, they are running away from them. They don’t understand the value of suffering which is so precious in Heaven. Lord, please have mercy on them. Amen.

22nd July, 1996

Lord Jesus gave me a message for Marian Stariha.

“Marian, My child, you were blessed with a baby, a joy to you and your husband, bringing much happiness to your life. She is a special child.”

“Marian, would you please do something for Me? My child, will you help Me?”

“I wish that you establish a group for prayer in this church of Saint Raphael, a group of young people – yourself sacrifice for Me to console Me as I am so offended even among your people. You will also console
My dear Mother. She too is offended so much.”

“I asked many times through My daughter, Valentina, to establish a group of young people to pray the Most Holy Rosary but she was ignored completely. That offended Me so much but I will give another option so
that young people can come to Me. They are so dear to My heart. I love them all.”

“I give you the promise that I will bless the families, convert sinners, heal the sick, give grace necessary for life. Many graces will be given through your prayers.”

“Marian, Marian, My child, don’t be afraid. Ask Me and My dear Mother to help you. Say often, ‘Jesus, I trust in You and Your infinite Mercy’.”

“I love you My children and I bless you all.”

“I am Your Lord Jesus.”