2nd September

The holy Mother spoke. “Oh My child, you can see the suffering becoming every day more and more. It will become more intense. There will be more crime on the street and your societies will not be able to control the crime. The little children will be the target. People do not wake up to see all this is happening. Pray, My children, unceasingly.

My Son is sad for you My children, but He wants people to bend down to repent for so many offences and blasphemies that He receives everyday. His justice is to come to all humanity. I cry for you My children, but you must speak to people. Don’t be afraid. They must stop offending God and repent before it is too late. I love all My children so don’t be afraid to speak the truths that come from My Son and Me. I love you and will always protect you.”

I replied, “Thank you Blessed Mother, I love you.”

24th August

An angel appeared to me and said, “Do you know that there is now an election taking place over the whole world from Heaven?” He opened up a Book and looked into it, saying, “People must decide to say Yes or No for God or not.”

I looked worried when the angel spoke to me but he smiled and said, “Don’t worry or be sad, I will tell you good news. Who will be the winner? There will be more Yes than No.” The angel was very happy and smiling. He closed the book and was gone.

12th August

This morning when I had almost finished my morning prayers. Our Lord came in a vision, very cheerful and happy. He smiled and said, “Valentina, my child, I come to explain to you about the Blessed Sacrament so you will understand better and tell others, so that they too will understand. The reason I asked you yesterday to offer everything to Me – before the Priest raised Me up – is because it is necessary for all of you to know the meaning and the power and blessing you all receive at that moment from Me. When mere is My Precious Body on Exposition, I wish and desire that you all ask Me for whatever you need and you can also offer everything to Me, before the Priest raises Me to bless you. When the Priest or Bishop lifts Me up, at that very moment I come to you from heaven to bless you all. I do not come alone but with Me comes the whole Heavenly Court with all the Angels and Saints.”

He extended His Holy Hand and said, “Now I will show you.” I cannot explain the beauty I experienced at that moment and I said: “My Lord, You are a living God, with all the Angels and Saints accompanying You, praising You and glorifying You.” I also saw the Blessed Sacrament. It was magnificent all gleaming and shining with holiness. The brilliant colours I saw were beyond description. I said. “My Lord and My God, how happy I am to see and experience all this. I love You my Lord. I thank You for the many graces you have given me.”

Jesus replied, “You know my child, if people could see and experience all that I have shown you, they would fall on their faces and cry with happiness. They would also praise and honour Me in a much deeper way and give Me thanks. They would be entranced and surprised. But because this gift is not given to people to see Me in this way, they accept Me only in a very cold manner. Valentina, my child, do you know that I am very Holy? Do you believe that I am Holy?” I said, “Oh yes my Lord and my God. I do believe You are Holy. You are the holiest above all. No one is holier than you are my Lord and my God. For all this I praise You and glorify You and thank You constantly, because You are worthy of all praise.”

Our Lord then said, “Please tell everyone about Me and what I have shown you and explained to you about my Blessed Sacrament. Tell them to honour and praise Me more and to love Me in the most Holy and Blessed Sacrament. I give you a promise; Everyone who sincerely from their hearts, humbly asks Me, I will fulfil their wishes and their desires and grant all their petition.”

When Our Lord explained all this to me. He came so close to me and embraced me. He put his Holy Face next to mine and pressed tightly to my cheek and asked me again: “Valentina do you really believe that I am Holy?” I was so joyous and I said to Him, “Oh yes my Lord, You are the Holiest of all Holiness. None can go above you!” Our Lord knew all this but He still wanted to hear it from me, so I can tell you all about His holiness. After all He likes to be told and to be praised by all His children. This makes Our Lord very happy. I beg you all, please love and praise Our Lord and honour Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. He loves us all very much.

I concluded by saying, “Thank you my Lord and my God, how I love You.”

11th August

During a conference, while the Blessed Mother’s statue came in the Hall she passed right next to me. I said, “Welcome my beautiful Mother and Queen.” She smiled and said, “Thank you my children for welcoming Me so warmly. I have brought you many graces and blessings. Among you are some very sick people, but today they will receive the grace of healing from my Son Jesus.” She was very joyful and smiling. I replied, “Thank you my Queen and Mother. I love you.”

Just before the blessing was given to people with the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord Jesus came and asked me to offer all the sick people to Him. He said, “Quick, my child offer everyone here to Me, the sick, the oppressed, the dying, the needy, the Holy Souls, whoever you can think of, give them all to Me.” Then again He said, “My child, turn to your right.” I said, “Yes my Lord. There is a Hospital across the street. He answered, “Right this moment there are some dying, very ill, depressed and suffering people. Offer them to Me and pray for them.” I responded, “Sorry my Lord Jesus for being so selfish not to think of those poor and suffering people in the next building. Please have mercy on them My Lord and receive them, I love you.”

8th August, 1996

Today, our Lord came to me while I was praying. He showed me the Stations of the Cross and said, “Look, My child, the suffering I, your Lord, bear for My Priests to show them too that they have to suffer for Me. They are My chosen ones.”

“But today, they don’t look at the Stations of the Cross to remind them that they must suffer for Me and follow in My footsteps. Instead, they run away from Me. They like to have a good and easy life, not suffering. How sad I am to see all this and being offended by many.”

“Please pray for them and accept the suffering I will give you, My child.”

” I love You, Lord Jesus,” I said. “Thankyou, my Lord.”

Our Lord Jesus laments Himself because the Priests don’t accept the crosses He has given them today. Instead, they are running away from them. They don’t understand the value of suffering which is so precious in Heaven. Lord, please have mercy on them. Amen.

22nd July, 1996

Lord Jesus gave me a message for Marian Stariha.

“Marian, My child, you were blessed with a baby, a joy to you and your husband, bringing much happiness to your life. She is a special child.”

“Marian, would you please do something for Me? My child, will you help Me?”

“I wish that you establish a group for prayer in this church of Saint Raphael, a group of young people – yourself sacrifice for Me to console Me as I am so offended even among your people. You will also console
My dear Mother. She too is offended so much.”

“I asked many times through My daughter, Valentina, to establish a group of young people to pray the Most Holy Rosary but she was ignored completely. That offended Me so much but I will give another option so
that young people can come to Me. They are so dear to My heart. I love them all.”

“I give you the promise that I will bless the families, convert sinners, heal the sick, give grace necessary for life. Many graces will be given through your prayers.”

“Marian, Marian, My child, don’t be afraid. Ask Me and My dear Mother to help you. Say often, ‘Jesus, I trust in You and Your infinite Mercy’.”

“I love you My children and I bless you all.”

“I am Your Lord Jesus.”

21st July, 1996

Blessed Mother appeared at the edge of a high cliff. She said, “I come to warn you My children, your life is in danger every minute. You have no idea how the evil spirit tries to destroy. He is doing all possible to destroy you. I come to warn you again that you must pray, my children.”

“Your protection is through prayer that blinds the evil spirit and he has no power over you.”

“You, My children, don’t listen to my messages. You take then so casually. I am speaking earnestly, listen to me. I am holding you as on the edge of a cliff over which you could fall at any moment but I need your help, My children.”

“Pray the Holy Rosary, that is your weapon against Satan. His plan is to destroy everything.”

“Look how sad I am, crying constantly. You live in very difficult times of great danger. Open your eyes, My children, and look around the global situation and think that there is no other way to protect and save you but by your prayers.”

“I will you good as your Mother and I love you all, My children.”

Thankyou blessed Mother for warning, helping and protecting us.

7TH JULY, 1996

Our Lord Jesus said, “My child, when you are sad and lonely and you feel sorrow and you have problems, you save many, many souls everyday. Your crown is building in glory for you.”

“When you are sick, offer Me your suffering. If you could only see how many souls go to Heaven through your suffering you would be happy. Everyday you receive Graces and Blessings.”

I was shown a vision how many souls went to Heaven, then I felt so happy to suffer, it was all worth it.

“Learn to offer everything to Me. I love you My child.”

“Peace be with you, My child. Be at peace, do not fear, I am with you and I love you. My dear child, did I not say to the disciples, ‘Be at peace, peace be with you, I am with you till the end of time. ‘”

Thank you my Lord Jesus.

This is what our Lord showed me but this is for everyone. We should offer all our sufferings and chores daily. Then our Lord will bless you and give you many Graces.

10th May

When I was praying the Holy Rosary I saw a beautiful white dove coming from very high up towards me. After awhile the Blessed Mother appeared. She was very happy and joyous and she was smiling. She was dressed all in white. She said to me. “Oh, my child, it is here! It is here! The first sign that was foretold and prophesied along time ago all through my children. It is here!”

With a great joy, Mary the Mother of our Lord, was saying to me, “Look my child, I will show you a secret before the whole world sees and experiences it. This grace is given to you from the Most High and the Most Holy Trinity.” Then she said, “Look my child!” And she raised her right Holy hand up and the vision came:

When I saw this vision it took my breath away. It was magnificent, the beauty and the colours. I was ecstatic with joy and said, “Oh, my beautiful and Beloved Mother, I have never experienced such beauty.” The blessed Mother was so joyful she pulled me towards her and hugged and she said, “See my child, when this sign appears in the sky, everyone will be amazed. They will see and they will know that it came from God and that God does exist. This sign was designed by the most Holy Trinity in Heaven and it will be visible for the whole world and for all humanity to see.

People will stare at the sky and they will run out of the buildings to see the sign, and where ever they are they will throw themselves on their knees and they will beg God for mercy.

She said, “See my child, now the Churches are all closed through the day and only very few people go into them after the experience of the visible sign, the Churches will be too small too hold all the people. They will queue outside the footpath in large numbers waiting for people to come out so that they can go in.”

She said, “One more secret that I want to reveal to you, the most Holy Trinity decided that know is the time to give the world this sign. It is here! My children, pray a lot now, offer everyone to the most Blessed Trinity so that God will give the grace of conversion. Especially pray for all the priests because they are going to be so busy with Masses and confessions. There will be a great shortage of priests.”

He looked at me and hugged me again and said, “you to will be very busy, people will need you and they will pull you on each side to help them. Be courageous My child, God will give you strength and support so you could help others.”

I said, “Oh, my beloved mother I would love to come home with you now, especially after experiencing such beauty that comes from heaven. I miss you so much when you leave me.” She again hugged me and kissed me and she smiled and said, “I know My child that you desire to come with me. Be happy My child you will soon, but not yet. My Son still needs your help here on earth.” She smiled, hugged me and blessed me and then she departed.

I concluded by saying, “thank you a million times my beloved mother for loving us so much. Please thank the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I will praise and glorify them forever.”

31st March

I asked the Blessed Mother from heaven, “My Beautiful Mother, do you know that I don’t always understand the will of God? I am afraid that I am not doing the will of God.”

The Blessed Mother smiled and answered, “My child, when you consecrate yourself to My Immaculate Heart and you give your heart to Me with the promise that it is mine, you did that with love because you love Me as your own mother, entrusting everything to Me. I am guiding you like a little child talking to you and you are listening to Me and obeying Me. I am protecting you and feeding you like a little baby. When you are sad and you cry, I console you. When you are in danger, I hide you in My Immaculate Heart so that the enemy doesn’t touch you or Harm you. When you pray you give glory to God and when you pray for others I teach you to be compassionate towards all your brothers and sisters, showing your love to everyone.”

I replied, “Thank you, Blessed Mother, I understand better now.”


In St. Patrick’s Cathedral while praying the fifth decade of the glorious mysteries in the Rosary before Mass.

A most beautiful vision appeared in the Sanctuary. A bright light lighted the whole area. There were white stairs leading down to a highly polished circular wooden floor. The whole area was filled with Angels, dressed in all soft colours.

I could see, very high up, the Most Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit, in the form of a very big dove, white in colour, the head pointing down with a little red beak. Around Him were bright golden rays shining down.

The Eternal Father stood on the left of a white throne, Jesus to His right on the other side. Holy Mary was seated on the throne. The Father and the Son held a crown above the head of Our Blessed Mother, each with both hands on the crown.

The crown seemed of silver, encrusted with diamonds and sapphires. In the centre was set a large sapphire in the middle point of the letter M, also made of sapphires and diamonds The centre of the crown had blue fabric.

The crown was held above Our Lady’s head but not placed upon Her. The Angels gathered together, and flew down, forming a flower in a circle in front of the throne, singing praises in a most beautiful melody. Then they flew out, and rose up again and made the same patterns over and over again.

As Holy Mary was seated there. She kept looking first to the Father, then to the Son and lifted Her eyes to the Holy Spirit. I could feel the love and joy flowing from Her as She praised and thanked the Holy Trinity for the honour given to Her.

Her hair was long and dark, falling softly on Her shoulders. Mary Most Holy was dressed in pure white. Her gown was straight, made of silken brocade, gathered in softly at the waist, long loose sleeves and a high neck.

Her mantle was voluminous, made of the same fabric, filling the whole of the sanctuary. The Angels held Her train as she walked.

When the ceremony was over, Mary stood up and walked gracefully to the steps. She descended halfway and spoke to me,

“See, My child, you are given the grace to see My Coronation the way it happened in Heaven by the Most Holy Trinity. The title I have received is Queen of Heaven and Earth.”

Holy Mary is the perfect model for all of us, full of grace.


The Talking Dog
(Not previously published)

I was walking on my way to church when suddenly an angel appeared. He had short blonde hair. He said, “I am an angel of the Lord and I will accompany you to wherever you are going.”

All of a sudden, a dog appeared; he looked like a beagle. The angel was holding the dog on a leash. The dog barked as if ready to attack me.

I said to the angel, “I have always been afraid of dogs.”

I scolded the dog, “Don’t you dare attack me!”

When I said these words, the dog stopped barking. The angel assured me that he would not attack me. The dog then spoke and asked me, “Where are you going?”

I responded, “I am going to church.”

The dog said, “Good on you, kiddo!”

I exclaimed, “You talk!”

He said, “Yes, I am talking.”

The angel explained, “You see, you are surprised the dog speaks to you, but God gives them the knowledge to understand humans. They talk in their own language amongst themselves.”

MID 1995


At 2am I started to receive suffering all over my body.

The Holy Angel came and told me, “Tonight you will not sleep. Our Lord Jesus gives you very deep suffering for the people. Don’t worry I will stay with you.”

The suffering was excruciating, I was screaming from the pain all over my body. My body was cut all in pieces. The Holy Angel explained the reason behind the suffering of each part of my body.

The right arm was cut in three parts. He said, “This is for the people who died without being baptised.” But still he said, “God tried to save them.”

The left arm equally cut in many pieces. It was more painful. The Angel said, “This is for the people who were cursing God and swearing. They offend Him terribly.”

The right leg, the suffering I was received was for those who were murderers and robbers and disobeyed God’s Holy Commandments.

The left leg, the suffering was for those who did not know God and who were swearing.

The rest of the body, the suffering was for Bosnia and Hercegovina where the war was happening.

I then said to the Angel, “Wouldn’t it be better to cover up my bleeding and chopped up body? It looks horrible.” The Angel replied, “It doesn’t bother me.”

It was about S.30am and the Angel said to me, “Now our Lord Jesus will come and He will put you back together and everything will be back to normal.”

Then our Lord did appear. He stood next to me. He then placed His Holy Hand on my face and moved His hand gradually right down to my legs and feet and everything came back to normal. My body became one.

Our Lord smiled and said, “Now you can rest and sleep My child.”

I was very drawn from the experience. I was left like someone who was anemic. Our Lord and the Angel then went away and let me rest.

13th November, 1995

When I was praying and I consecrated my heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary came to me, she was very joyous and happy and them she said: “In some of my previous messages you saw my Immaculate Heart and I explained it to you, but today you are honoured with a great grace – that you will experience the interior of my Immaculate Heart.”

I felt so privileged, as though I was the only blessed child in the world loved by our Blessed Mother for that moment.

Then Our Lady said, “Look, I am feeding you and nurturing you as a little infant and protecting you an so many graces are pouring out of my Immaculate Heart into yours. I want you to tell all my children what you experienced today. I receive each individual with a pure heart, everyone will be worthy of this grace.”

I was in an aura of light and we were so united, when the Blessed Mother spoke to me, and she spoke to me I could hear the most beautiful angelic singing I had ever heard, although I could not see them, I could hear and was overwhelmed with joy as the angels glorified Our Lord and the Holy Virgin Mary.

The holy Virgin Mary was dressed all in white with a blue sash tired around her waist.

I wanted to stay with her forever in the glorious state of joy that I felt in our intimate unity. She said, “Do not be afraid of what comes into your life because you know where to come for my protection – to My Immaculate Heart which is your refuge. My wish is that you sincerely consecrate your heart to mine every day. That means that you belong to me, My children.”

She smiled with great love and said, “My wish is that My children’s hearts are united with mine and through me, to My Son, Jesus’ Sacred Heart, which are one heart.”

Thankyou Blessed Mother for loving us so intimately, we love you too.

19th September

Today when Our Lord appeared to me He was very cheerful and happy. He said, “My child today I came to embrace you. I embrace all my children. Tell my children that I love them all. I want you all to be tolerant and patient. Soon I will open the Gate and release you all out of prison.” When Jesus mentioned “prison” I thought to myself, what prison? but then suddenly I could understand, yes, we are in prison under the influence of sin and evil. Jesus continued, “I will give you freedom, joy and happiness and you will all rejoice in My infinite Love. I love you My children and I bless you all.” I answered, “Thank you my Lord Jesus, how I love you and I thank you for all the hope that you give us and for Your infinite Love.”